Astro-Notes on September 2, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Mercury ingress to Libra at 1:37 am EDT (until Sept. 27)
– First Quarter Moon at 9:55 Sag/Virgo at 7:11 am EDT
– Venus in Leo sesqui Pluto Rx in Capricorn

Early this morning we started a period during which our focus will be on relationships, contracts, interactions with others, negotiations and the terms of engagement; when we seek to accommodate, cooperate or reach agreements with our contacts and to be fair, smooth, conciliatory and civil in the way we communicate. Therefore, it is critical that we keep our temper in check and stay away from drama when things don’t go our way or just don’t work out. It might feel like another setback, but it’s not the end of the world and we cannot take it personally if we want to be able to manage this situation. We just need to stand back from the issue and look at it from a different perspective and then roll up our sleeves and reorganize our affairs. Thus, at this phase in the Virgo lunation cycle, ‘the crisis in action’ tests our resolve by challenging our tolerance level and ultimately, our self-control. While some healthy criticism might be appropriate in a few instances, we also have to be understanding, even when others’ decisions don’t please us.

Tarot card of the day is The Hierophant”, representing traditional values and moral development. This card is suggesting that we stay within conventional bounds and follow established social structures and traditions. There is a need to conform to rules or fixed situations and to go along with the program. We are working as part of a team and are doing the right thing. This concerns especially the bridging of the earthly and divine, which can be achieved by using our situation or particular circumstances to transcend as yet unevolved aspects of ourselves. A gateway to higher consciousness is open for us today that allows us to access the sacred as we try to understand the inner world.

Yep, back to school or back to work. :)

Astro-Notes on September 1, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Sun in Virgo semi-sextile Pallas in Libra
– Moon ingress to Sagittarius at 1:16 pm EDT

We’re making a personal adjustment today that serves our relationship politics and this means we work

out strategies, which help us in this regard. Personally, I’m trying to find a few places here in town, which provide the services I need. So, I’m busy googling and getting directions.
After the Moon’s ingress to Sagittarius in the early afternoon will we feel more enthusiastic and optimistic as well as enterprising and could be venturing out, looking for a place ‘where the grass is greener’.

Tarot card of the day , which is also the card for the month, is the Page of Wands”, suggesting news related to business or otherwise and a positive awareness of the future or ‘to expect the unexpected’. There are new possibilities, which demand from us to be courageous and daring as we rediscover purpose. This card represents ‘a new dawn’ that is a new beginning of a phase in which the creative spark must be developed and given a new lease on life, calling upon us to express ourselves from our heart. It’s a day to be positive and spontaneous as well as lively and energetic, when we should pursue our creative vision with enthusiasm.

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Astro-Notes on August 31, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Sun in Virgo sextile Ceres in Scorpio and sesqui Eris Rx in Aries
– Venus in Leo semi-square Pallas in Libra
– Mercury in Virgo semi-square Vesta in Scorpio

Today we can take advantage of opportunities for better self-promotion by sharing what we nourished and grew and supporting each other in such a way that it improves our personal situation. However, it is important to remain fair and considerate and to keep things in balance and perspective, while also being conscious of the give-and-take process, especially when we draw from shared resources. Therefore, instead of trying to enforce our agenda or insist on our priorities and preferences should we seek to reconcile and reciprocate. Per example, yesterday did I sent out invites to like my Facebook page “Shifting Realities” and reached more people who read my blog post. I also work on a fall schedule for astrology workshops and have been discussing this with a few friends. One of them shared her garden harvest with me for which I offered a Tarot reading in return. :)

Tarot card of the day is The Devil”, a card that comes with the message “I can untie the binds and set myself free”. We may in some way feel controlled by our environment or by our attitude and may therefore have a fear of taking our power back or of having to succumb to unwanted circumstances. It’s a day when we’re overly concerned with material security and when therefore money and material wellbeing are very important to us. The material world is highlighted and with it our darker emotions. A tendency toward negativity and pessimism could keep us addicted and enslaved to whatever issue we give control over us. Therefore, temptations of all kinds will abound.

Astro-Notes on August 30, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Moon ingress to Scorpio at 4:52 am EDT
– Venus in Leo trine Eris Rx in Aries

The mood shifted in the early morning and as a consequence, we either deal with intensified impulses or

desires or seek to replenish and regenerate from within. In any case, we succeeded with the promotion or pursuit of our self-interests or put ourselves or our personal enjoyment first and this allows us to bring forth a more authentic side of our nature. However, strong self-love can take many forms and for some this means showing their narcissism, sense of entitlement or egoism, while others may display competitiveness and sportsmanship and demonstrate their talents and creativity.

Tarot card of the day is the Ace of Pentacles”, indicating a new beginning that involves the material aspect of our life. New investments and business ventures are becoming available. We can proceed with trust and take advantage of what works for us, while focusing on concrete results and on the manifestation of our goals. We can make a real-world impact; we’re experiencing growth, a feeling of prosperity and abundance, we flourish and draw to us what we need. Moreover, we operate from a known position, have a support system and can achieve tangible results.

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Astro-Notes on August 29, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Mars in Scorpio semi-sextile NN in Libra/quincunx SN in Aries
– Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Juno in Cancer opposite Pluto Rx in Capricorn
– Mercury in Virgo semi-square Jupiter in Leo

We have to face it. Some of our expectations and hopes haven’t been met and a few relationship dynamics

haven’t worked out. This means we have to try again or try a different approach or come up with an alternative or plan B. Whatever it takes, the initiative has to come from us, because there has been ‘silence’ on the other end or a lack of commitment and follow through, which left us in this state of confusion and uncertainty, wondering what’s going on and why this is happening. Therefore, we have to confront these unresolved issues and get some answers or figure out how to deal with the situation, which options we have or what can be done about it or what our personal outlook is in this regard. In any case, some amends or even sacrifices might have to be made.

Tarot card of the day is the 4 of Cups”, suggesting that we’re consumed with our emotions and thus with life’s twists and turns. Consequently, we could be ignoring the outer world due to being intensely focused on these personal matters. The more important is it to re-evaluate our situation and to look deep within to find the truth or path we’re searching. It is essential that we examine our feelings and thoughts to gain clarity. An offer has been presented to us and we are asked to consider all options carefully before making a decision. Moreover, we’re reminded that we cannot take everything for granted and need to count our blessings. We are the only limiting factor to our endless gain. Awareness of the natural flow of abundance and enhancement is critical.

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Astro-Notes on August 28, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Sun in Virgo semi-square NN in Libra/sesqui SN in Aries
– Venus in Leo sextile NN in Libra/trine SN in Aries
– Mercury in Virgo quincunx Eris Rx in Aries
– Mars in Scorpio semi-sextile NN in Libra/quincunx SN in Aries

At this point is it really important to make preparations and plans for the near future, to tidy up where necessary, sort out things and work out arrangements so that we can finalize what we started in the recent past. This requires that we shift our focus to our self-interests and also to those matters, which need our attention or to be addressed. Therefore, if we take advantage of good relations and contractual offers or agreements we might receive responses that validate our self-worth and feel better about ourselves as well as more confident in regard to our future prospects.

Tarot card of the day is the Queen of Cups”, symbolizing a seeker of inner transformation who possesses a strong perspective and perceptive nature. Suggested is furthermore that we are acknowledging our emotions and feelings. We trust our intuition and listen to our inner voice as well as to the sensations and impressions we’re getting from our environment. In our interactions with others we need to empathize and show true compassion, helping people along their chosen pathway. This is a day when we’ll be following the lead of our heart.