February 1st: Mercury stations direct at 21:45 Capricorn at 02:10 am EST, Pallas in Gemini semi-square Eris in Aries (05+/20+), Moon ingress into Taurus at 05:08 pm EST
Right at the beginning of the new month will Mercury station direct in Capricorn at a degree he last visited on December 26, 2008. Thus, the celestial messenger has led us back all the way to something we might have started with the event of the Capricorn New Moon, which can be taken as the seed impulse or base chart for the year 2009 and can therefore have relevancy for the entire year. As this particular lunation cycle unfolded, we might have felt that this project somehow went off on the wrong foot. Therefore, during Mercury’s retrograde we were given the opportunity to retrace our steps and to experiment with our ideas. Fresh inspiration together with bright visions of the future was most likely conceived with the inferior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury prior to the latter’s regress into Capricorn. From there on, we might have followed systematically a concrete plan we’ve outlined with firm determination and as the outcome of some serious thinking, whereby we focused on what is feasible momentarily. Listening to the voice of reason, a few realizations might have been sobering, but fortefied our will until we’ve reached another turning point together with the shifting of the energy that permits us to pursue a strongly self-propagating course. Pallas’ semi-square to Eris pushes our true identity to the foreground and in the arena amidst competitive bidding and maybe even outright animosity. Let’s just remember that words can only hurt if we let them get to us. This is a cross-quarter day; one of the fire festivals in the wheel of the year, named Imbolc or Candlemas and dedicated to the figure of Brigid, the Light-Bringer. Appropriately, our light can shine with renewed vigor. Prior to her Taurus ingress will the Moon sesqui-quadrate Ceres Rx in Virgo and square Mars in Capricorn from the sign Aries, which could ignite a few fires. To make this energy formidable we need to work it with skill and resoluteness. Thus, when the Moon enters Taurus we could’ve ensured that those flames will warm and comfort us.

February 2nd: First Quarter Moon at 14:15 Taurus/Aquarius at 06:13 pm EST, Venus ingress into Aries at 10:40 pm EST
The Moon’s waxing squares to the North Node and the Sun in Aquarius at the time of the First Quarter phase refer to a “crisis in action” that calls for perserverance and persistency against the odds for the blossoming of our creative gifts and individual talents. Sustaining our hopes, wishes and vision is a conscious choice and builds character, while we’re striving to fulfill our destiny and to find happiness and contentment in the process. In synch with the steadily growing daylight can our light ascend and climb to new heights. Our project or mission, “the child born out of an egg” and theme of the Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse, is still in its infant stage and in need of tender care and protection from the ‘elements’, as we navigate through a stormy, alien and unpredictable climate. Late in the night will Venus ingress the sign Aries and cross over the Aries Point, which will poke our fire, setting our smithery ablaze for crafting endeavors and stirring up our desires. Daring us to rejoice in the surge of life, Venus demands that we pay our tribute to the emerging lightforces. That’s how “the personal becomes political”. Due to her approaching retrogradation will Venus’ transit through Aries be slow and prolonged; a conquest through art and relating that facilitates a more upfront, courageous style, but also impatience, impulsiveness and competitiveness.

February 3rd: Saturn Rx in Virgo quincunx Eris in Aries (20+/20+), Juno in Aquarius semi-square Uranus in Pisces (05+/20+), Moon ingress into Gemini at 09:14 pm EST
Our passions aroused, we’re set to make our mark on the world. To be effective, we need to Self-promote. If we were used to a moderate, self-contained approach in the past, keeping us at a safe distance, this trait won’t earn us success in the professional sphere. Unlocking our authority, we have to tap the strength within and actively participate in the shaping of events in order to further our advancement. This is the second time these two planetary bodies come together to form this aspect. On Nov. 29th, 2008, when they first made this quincunx, Saturn was traveling in direct motion and Eris was retrograde. At that time, a matter that’s been causing us a state of inner discord and concerned our backbone or social standing saw most likely some form of adjustment. Now, the issue is coming up again, though with different overtones and that might result from our changed position. Juno’s tense aspect to Uranus refers to a relationship crisis we should address with a reformed attitude, conveying a stronger personality. In the morning will the Taurus Moon cast a square to Neptune in Aquarius, which could leave us in an uncertain, confusing condition and ruminating how to proceed. Preceding her Gemini ingress later at night, the Moon’s trine to Mars in Capricorn could bring an end to our dilemma and get conversations going, inclusive the ones we have with ourselves.

February 4th: Saturn Rx in Virgo quincunx Chiron in Aquarius (20+/20+), Juno in Aquarius sesqui-quadrate Saturn Rx in Virgo (05+/20+), Mars ingress into Aquarius at 10:55 am EST, Chiron in Aquarius sextile Eris in Aries (20+/20+)
The planetary themes highlighted by this aspect configuration, that has been termed “boomerang” and consists of Eris in Aries, Saturn Rx in Virgo, Chiron in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces, hint at larger cycles at work to which Juno’s octile aspects add increased pressure for a quick resolve. While the yod as base pattern has an aura of fatality associated with it, the boomerang provides another focal point and thus a better perspective and extra stimulus to reconcile the energies. At the center of this struggle is our sense of structure that seems to trigger a wounding issue time and again and this involves our sense of identity. A channel has been opened to lead us out of this situation and this comes about through liberation from the obsolete and obstructive so that we can present ourselves in a different manner and form relationships from a different platform. Change has to begin with us. In order to individualize we have to detach from the past, integrate the stuff we’ve learned through the lessons we mastered and orient us toward the future. Self-respect is very important in this context. It is the prerequisite to gain respect and acceptance from others. Responses and reactions are for the most part appropriate and complementary to the vibes sent out. Mars will ingress the sign Aquarius just in time to inspire modifications and alterations to our self-assertion and intentions. During this transit we’re also open toward new and exciting activities. There’s usually strong collaboration with others, but an unpredictable factor can provoke warring and other outlets for aggressive energies. From the sign Gemini, the Moon will cast trines to Jupiter and the North Node in Aquarius, facilitating understanding and insight into our future prospects. Her sesqui-quadrate to Mercury in Capricorn and square to Ceres Rx in Virgo lend realism and concern to moments of mental breakthrough.

February 5th: Saturn Rx in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces (20+/20+), Venus in Aries semi-square Sun in Aquarius (02+/17+), Sun in Aquarius semi-square Pluto in Capricorn (17+/02+), Moon ingress into Cancer at 11:05 pm EST, Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (02+/02+)
This is the second time of perfection in the series of the Saturn-Uranus oppositions that will continue into next year, pitting the structuring principle against the reforming principle, conservatism against unconventionalism, conformity against nonconformity, government against the public, order against chaos, past against future. Conflicts may arise, requiring from us to take innovative steps and employ different methods. The first of these oppositions perfected on Election Day in the U.S., November 4th, 2008, when the people voted for change and put the first African-American into the highest office. In the meantime, Uranus turned direct and Saturn changed to retrograde motion. Thus, the confrontation is driven by inner solidity facing change from the outside. At the same time, Venus, the Sun and Pluto are entangled in an extremely challenging aspect configuration that pushes the issue to a breaking point. A test in courage might be in store for us, forcing us to express ourselves freely and unrestricted, showing off our individuality and displaying resoluteness, fortitude and originality in order to strengthen our influence. However, it’s a volatile combination. Tempers may flare up, leading to agitation in an uncontrollable emotional dance. Polarization will be strong and felt deeply, making it tough, if not impossible, to return to a balanced state. The Gemini Moon will touch off the boomerang configuration by forming a t-square with the Saturn-Uranus opposition, reemphasizing the need to speak up and out, preferably not in a shouting match.

February 6th: With the Moon now traversing Cancer moods can calm down, stim us yielding, soft and defensive. We could crave for safety, protection and nourishment. Her sesqui-quadrate to Chiron in Aquarius in the morning stresses the soothing of wounds, whereas her quincunxes to Jupiter and the North Node in Aquarius insist on emotional detachment to realign us with our quest so that we can sail toward new horizons.

February 7th: Mercury in Capricorn semi-sextile Neptune in Aquarius (23+/23+), Uranus in Pisces semi-sextile Eris in Aries (20+/20+), Mars in Aquarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn (02+/02+), Juno in Aquarius trine Pallas in Gemini (07+/07+), Moon ingress into Leo at 11:43 pm EST
These complementary aspects indicate adjustment. Decisions we’ve made lately during our negotiations appear to have been the right choices, which keeps us committed toward a certain strategy. As we ponder our next steps, we need to clear our mind in order to construct a mental picture from realistic assumptions. Building on hopes and prayers for positive developments will not suffice and presumably get us nowhere. Initiative on our part is required, including deliberate action that will infuse the cause with our energies. Keeping our motivation strong will empower us and propel us forward to stay the course. Inspiration could strike at any moment to hand us an important piece of the puzzle. There’s a good chance that we’ll get our act together in due time. A sense of anticipation accompanied by excitement is promised by the Moon in Cancer’s trine to Uranus in Pisces, whereas her opposition to Mercury in Capricorn can be interpreted as a sombering mood once we’ll face up to the facts.

February 8th: Sun in Aquarius quincunx Saturn Rx in Virgo (20+/20+)
The Moon’s ingress into Leo brings us into contact with our inner child. Her trine to Venus in Aries in the morning might lighten us up, arouse our affection and self-love. Surprise is in the air when she will cast a sesqui-quadrate to Uranus in Pisces, while her oppositions to Jupiter and the North Node in Aquarius could downright shake us up. Consequently, we might find ourselves in a state of inner turmoil that could result in rebelliousness. A quincunx between the Aquarian Sun and Saturn Rx in Virgo could conduce to summon the inner disciplinarian and restore self-control.

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Wrestling with God – Fallen Angel Israel


Israel became an independent state only sixty years ago, but its history reaches back to the times of the Old Testament and the origins of the Jewish faith to whose followers the Land of Israel is sacred. Many times during its long history have the Israelite kingdoms and states been conquered and their Jewish population persecuted and dispersed from the region. Since Israel’s declaration of independence the boundaries of this state and its right to exist have been subject to dispute and led to wars with the neighboring Arab countries. These conflicts have only intensified after Israel was victorious in the wars and expanded its borders. In due process and with the support of its allies, the state of Israel became an aggressor, heavily relying on its military superiority in this region, supplied with weaponry from the Pentagon. It started another war at the time of the New Moon of December 27, 2008, for which it had well prepared beforehand and subsequently invaded Palestine amidst international protests. In a string of war crimes, over 1200 Palestinians have been killed and thousands more wounded with half of them civilians and children. Gaza has been massively damaged and its soil and water poisoned for decades to come. The humanitarian conditions are worse than one could possibly imagine. A merciless military machine, Israel brings death and destruction to this already conflict-torn region and its poor, desperate population. With the backing of its powerful and now only ally, Israel violated the laws established by the Geneva Convention as it ruthlessly pursued a strategy of collective punishment, which seems to be an act of ethnic cleansing. Israel’s overly defensive stand together with such a disproportionate reaction to the continuing provocations of the insurgency is not solely based on the ambitions of the military-industrial complex. Casting a long and dark shadow, the past of the Jewish people holds a strong grip on the psyche of these people.


If we look at the chart for the state of Israel, which I posted above, we find all these themes resembled in symbolical language, because a horoscope is a picture-perfect reflection or snapshot of the entity that gives insight into the archetypal dynamics, which weave its fate in space-time.

In the circle of houses of the astrological chart, the water houses (4, 8, 12) are related to the layers of the unconscious, indicating what lies below the threshold of awareness, because these themes don’t reveal themselves in reasoning, but through feelings and intuition.

Placed in the house of his natural rulership, Neptune is located in the 12th house in the sign Libra and retrograde. A retrograde planet symbolizes an inward turned energy, representing an interception in time. Mystical Neptune swimming this ocean of timelessness is extremely elusive here, requiring a very deep and long dive into the unknown for the seeker after enlightenment. Phantasmal scenarios can captivate the senses, leading to illusive, idealized thinking and devotion to mysticism and sanctity. Depicted with a trident, the mythological figure of Neptune encompasses the triad of victim, perpetrator and redeemer tied together by the invisible thread of the imagination, perpetuating a seemingly eternal karmic cycle of longing and suffering.


Having faced extinction several times throughout its history, which culminated with the Holocaust, the Jewish people, making up the majority of the population of Israel, have been victimized, persecuted, tortured and killed during those ordeals. Such dark and terrifying experiences leave an indelible stain in the psychic body that covers the soul with a heavy cloak and raises the deepest fears when feeling threatened. Naturally, the slightest provocation could evoke a wave of uncontrollable feelings, thereby triggering the hidden psychic contents. Neptune, wearing Libra’s colors, represents a need for balance regarding the real and the surreal to become aware of the underlying relationship dynamics. As the sign of the scales, Libra is moreover associated with our sense of evaluation, indicating that instinctive and projective factors are distorting the proper assessment of the issues at hand. Conclusively, a psychic drama unfolds; role playing takes place on an unaccessible stratum of the mind, whereby the roles are interchangeable. Appropriately for the 12th house theme, faith in divine providence has a most significant part in this ‘drama’. Jahveh, the revengeful God figure at the centre of Judaic faith, serves as inspiration for the role of the redeemer, whose will has to be obeyed to not incur punishment. A powerful psychological intent like this can go both ways. Virgo on the cusp of the 12th house tracks the rulership to Mercury in Gemini in house 8, who is connected by a partile trine to Neptune. This dignified Mercury should lend a sound dose of rationality to these themes were it not positioned in an area of the chart related to the subconscious and the trine such an easily flowing aspect that retains the perfect harmony in this planetary dialogue. Mercury emphasizes the link to the scriptures, which have been followed to the letter with painstaking regularity as these are the source of those people’s inherited karma.


Ceres, a symbol of the maternal and cyclical, is conjunct Mercury, showing the ceremonial aspect blended with an overshadowed cerebral function in a dance of cyclical renewal or resurrection of this psychic component, providing “mind stuff”,  in a series of interplays of the opposites. In the light, airy Gemini energies, there’s only a scratching of the surface of the subject. Consequently, texts are seen as informal and interpretation tends to be literal. By connection to these two houses (8 and 12) the message is unquestionable; it is the ultimate piece of wisdom and revelation, leading the ‘chosen people’ directly to the ‘Promised Land’.  “In God we shall trust.”

Ueber-religiosity is restated by a dignified Jupiter in Sagittarius in Mercury’s natural house – the 3rd house of the conscious mind. Jupiter too is retrograde; another sign of imbalance and an internalizing process happening on the mental level. Jupiter roams freely and joyfully in his own sign, enlarging opinionatedness and giving rise to intolerance and righteousness. When exaggaration and excess prevail things can get out of hand and blown out of proportion. Perception and cognition are immensely projective and compensatory; the truth is written with a capital T and it is the only truth there is. On the other end, this energy instils grand missions and allows for mind expansion and exploration in form of scholasticism and other philosophies. Obviously, theirs has been a very long quest for the Holy Grail or Promised Land, although religious teachings enrich the daily life significantly. They may represent an inexhaustible quell of great wisdom, though only if truly understood will they convey universal truths.


An 8th house Sun in Taurus shines light on the cumulative, persistent nature of these people, their attachment to matter or the tangible aspect of the equation and their life path of transformations or ‘incarnations’ that has an repetitive character. Moreover, the materialistic inclinations of these people have actually ‘attracted’ the ‘forces of darkness’ and led to their persecution. On the other hand, the ordeals they endured in the past have granted them a certain ‘taboo’ status. Currently, this ‘seal’ has been broken. Israel’s latest actions were damaging to its reputation among the world community. The Sun is the dispositor over the extraordinary Leo stellium in the 10th house, consisting of the Moon, Pluto and Saturn. But the Moon as ruler over the Midheaven lends a fluctuating influence to this.One of the angles of the chart, the 10th house refers to the time of day where the Sun stands highest in the sky. Thus, ambitions and public standing are the themes of this house. With Cancer on the cusp the homeland is a matter of highest priority. Traditions and anchestry bestow tremendous pride in addition to an elitist attitude. The regal presence of Leo in this house and over the stellium shows self-confidence and emphasizes personal importance, underpinning the notion to take charge, impose the rules and reign, especially with both parental archetypes (Moon and Saturn) in an embrace with power (Pluto). This also explains Israel’s feelings of entitlement, the abuse of power as a psychic pattern underlying the roles of oppressed and oppressor, whereby the intensified experiences of light and shadow are integral to personality formation.


Noteworthy is furthermore Vesta in the last degree of Cancer in the position of highest elevation with the Sabian Symbol: “A daughter of the American Revolution. Keynote: The prestige and conservatism of a long-maintained heritage – Glorification of the past.” (Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases”, Page 130)

I couldn’t think of a more fitting description of synthesis. A symbol of the spiritual element in man and other sacred spaces, Vesta is the goddess of hearth and altar, the centers of home and church, where the element of fire is tended for. For the people of Israel it tells not only what they hold sacred and for which causes their flame is burning or what is at the core of their spiritual devotion. The “parent-child” relationship between the USA and Israel highlights also its destiny. There are farther reaching implications as well as obligations than the current and latest parental support they’ve received regarding their military endeavors and which assisted this country to come into existence and to become powerful and influential. In a larger cosmic and planetary framework, the USA as the “New World” is considered to be the birthplace for a “new humanity”. Conclusively, the “daughter of the American Revolution” should continue this legacy, only in “her zone of influence”, which would be among the Arabic nations. In the same way as the USA is undergoing several transformations (or initiations in a spiritual sense), is Israel following this ‘inherited’ pattern.


Destiny exerts a strong pull, propelling the nation and state of Israel forward to perform their role. They certainly got endowed with all the attributes, qualities and potential needed for this purpose. Unshakable faith, a strong will and a fierce stand are measurements of personal power, which can lead to greatness. If utilized for the benefit of all, peaceful co-existing and material as well as spiritual prosperity will ensue. When the word becomes the wisdom of the heart, giving birth to compassion, empathy and forgiveness, religion turns into spirituality and the knowing of being chosen will acquire a new meaning, because then they will truly inhabit the Promised Land. Currently, this nation has fallen from grace and wrestles with God as portrayed in the story of Israel, their Patriarch.


According to the Wikipedia, where I researched this story, was Jacob the third of the Biblical Patriarchs, who was renamed Israel after he wrestled with an angel during one night out in the wilderness. “One who has prevailed with God” is the translation for the name Israel, which also constitutes the “Promised Land” to the Elect People. At this point I want to clarify that these stories and texts stem from a period of history that antedates ours by millenia. From the linguistic style presented in such books as the Bible we can conclude that those ancient people conversed in a language consistent of symbols and metaphors appropriate for the prevailent mentality defining these epochs. Recounts of events and stories as well as the feelings and impressions accompanying them must necessarily differ considerably from our contemporary style. Therefore, we can’t take those accounts and records as factual statements. What is more likely and shall become evident as I proceed is that we’re entering the world of myth here.


Jacob’s life serves as a parallel for his descendants – the Jewish people; an ethno-religious community of Judaic faith, which was the first monotheistic religion and is a very important detail in this context.

The belief in only one God emerged together with the sense of Self (as within so without) when the process of individuation began to work in earnest. I AM THAT I AM (the Tetragrammaton) is the most popular statement used in this context to which reference is also made in Jacob’s story.

Rebecca, Jacob’s mother, was carrying twins without knowing it. Their strange behavior had her suffering and wondering whether her unborn child was schizophrenic . One of the twins (Jacob) wanted to spring forth when she passed houses, where the Torah was studied, and the other one (Esau) wanted to spring forth when she passed houses, where idolatry was committed. Thus, she inquired about the condition of her unborn child. It was prophesized to her that she would give birth to twins, who would continue to fight all their lives and that the older would serve the younger. In a later passage of this story shall Rebbeca rely on prophecies again (“she prophetically overhears”).

Regarded often as divine or prophetic power is the human sense of intuition, a psychic function related to the right hemisphere of the brain and thus a predominantly female quality. What this means is that a psychic ability was already present (psyche is the Greek term for the human soul), a higher sensitivity to the environment (as opposed to primal instincts), that “gave birth” to a “split personality”, the two aspects of man’s nature.


Esau was the first-born of the twins, resembling the animalistic nature of man; not only by his appearance (red skin covered with hair) and because he was first, but also by his “shortcomings”, such as his affinity for idolatry, his lack of intelligence and that he never spoke of God. Besides, his name means “completely developed”. Apparently, his ancestral line had reached a stage of completion.

 Jacob (or “he who follows”) followed on his heels, which is a metaphor for a weakness in spite of overall strength (as in Achilles’ heels). This weakness of course is a latent mental faculty. So, the development of the physical body was complete (the generic racial structure), which readied the being for the “next step” in evolution – the development of the psychic bodies, including the ego and the formation of the higher mind.


Ego-related struggles shall become evident throughout the story, whether in form of cunning or in the lessons of Saturn – the 7 years of servitude in a “foreign land”– which Jacob had to endure twice (the Saturn returns) in order to get what he desired – Rachel’s hand in marriage (marriage in heaven or the second birth). As Jacob “outsmarted” Esau for the birthright (and answered his father’s question with I AM), the natural order of things was disrupted and succeeded by a “higher order”, reminiscent of the divine nature in man, beautifully illustrated in Jacob’s ladder that provides us with another metaphor – the classical angel and beast version that refers to the descent of spirit into life in form of lower consciousness and the ascent of an evolving consciousness toward spirit. Here, Jacob was also promised that his descendants would overcome Esau’s at the end of days – mind will win over matter or brains over brawns.


Jacob’s descendants are the 12 tribes of Israel, portraying the 12-fold process of individualization (the 12 signs of the tropical zodiac or the 12 labors of Hercules) for the development of a higher consciousness. His son Joseph by Rachel is the 11th born, symbolizing reflective consciousness (the number 11 is the higher vibration of 2 and pertains to heightened awareness) as interpreter of dreams with the ability to analyze, correlate and deduce. Important to note for symbolical relevancy is the connection between Joseph and Rachel.


Upon his return home after the years of servitude, which he left behind as a “rich man” due to tricking his father-in-law, he has to face his brother Esau again. This prospect fills him with fear, especially when he got to know the strength of his brother’s army that was sent his way. – Conclusively, all these years he spent ‘in service’, he committed his energies toward the development of the higher mind, which left the physical body in a state of abandon and imbalance. Thus, the animalistic drives emerged with a vengeance, seeking gratification of the physical appetites (the state of imbalance has already been announced when God advised Jacob that he had enough and should leave). To address these desires, Jacob gave some of his possessions to his brother (lower desires are appeased by material things) and spent the night in the wilderness in communion with God, where the mysterious being appeared (a man or an angel or even God – according to the different sources) with whom he wrestled until daybreak. Jacob wasn’t defeated. He “prevailed with God” (the higher consciousness prevailed). This episode of the story pertains to the part where Jacob received the name Israel. It tells in symbolical terms about his “dark night of the soul”, the last phase of his personal initiation ritual, after which a new name is bestowed upon the aspirant, which is considered to be the “true name” of the person.


So, by mastering the various stages of personality integration, Jacob became increasingly self-aware and at the same time did his ego grow stronger (the ego is a psychic structure and the formative aspect of the process of individualization). An unchecked ego tends to usurp the true Self (Jacob battling the angel). To be always aware of that ‘danger’, the struggle left Jacob with a limp that shall remind him of the impediments associated with the ego.  

For his descendants, most of these “dark nights of the soul” happened in Egypt, land of the ‘black earth’ (or dark matter), involving the building of the temple (manifestation of the higher consciousness) and the Exodus, the story of Moses leading his people to the Promised Land and presenting them with the tablet of laws (the basis for religion and civilization), for which they had to wander through the desert for 40 years. In other words, they had to conquer the wilderness of sin, which would lead them to the “mountain of God” (Mount Sinai). The desert is a metaphor for a spiritual wasteland due to its barrenness. It is moreover a habitat of the Scorpion, symbol of transformation. Forty is the number of weeks of pregnancy, which in this case refers to a period of spiritual gestation and the Land promised by God is the promise of evolution of the consciousness.


So, the narrative of the Patriarch Israel refers to the part of the creation story, where a new ‘prototype’ or race model emerged for the human race as man began to develop an ego. Quite obviously, the “Elect People” is a term, referring to all members of humanity as evolution works through the race or species, which is paraphrased in the Biblical statement that man (as the highest evolved form of life on this planet) is made in God’s image. For the nation of Israel it is particularly important to instigate this process as the chart’s message can be taken as a set of instructions toward transformation. Not only is the Sun found in Pluto’s natural house – the 8th house of the horoscope – Pluto himself is placed in an angle, nestled between the maternal and paternal archetypes. Additionally, Chiron, symbol of the wounding and healing principle, is positioned in Scorpio together with the South Node in the 1st house and conjunct the 2nd house cusp, elucidating that these people possess inherent and intensified transformative potencies. As I outlined above, they’re gifted with talents, qualities and potential that would enable them to be “the chosen ones” for their region once they use their superior achievements for beneficial purposes, involving all concerned. First though, they need to overcome their demons by stepping out of the shadow into the light and remembering their ‘divine birthright’ (see also Juno in Pisces in 5). It’s time to build a new temple for the soul and to follow the commandments of the sacred tablet, which forbid murder, greed, bias and injustice. Strategies of war and aggression have to be replaced by an initiative to reach agreements and find common grounds for cooperation with their important others (neighboring countries) is suggested by Pallas in Aries’ conjunction with the Descendant and opposition to the Ascendant, which can be taken as employing a tactic of alignment with the relationship axis – awareness of Self assists in developing awareness of others.  



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Remaining daily aspects for January 2009

January 18th: Moon ingress into Scorpio at 01:20 am EST, Mercury Rx in Aquarius square Vesta in Taurus (03+/03+), Mercury Rx conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius (03+), Sun in Capricorn sesqui-quadrate Ceres Rx in Virgo (28+/13+), Sun conjunct Juno in Capricorn (29+/29+)

The Moon’s ingress into Scorpio triggers intense feelings, which could kindle the creative flame at our core when Mercury Rx in Aquarius will square Vesta in Taurus for a second time and bring memories of New Year’s Day back. As our spirit awakens, our sensitivity will heighten and we might be able to receive all different kinds of vibrations. Mercury Rx will also form another conjunction with Jupiter, this time in Aquarius (the first one happened on Dec. 31 in Capricorn), that could turn on the light bulbs in our head. Those flashes of insight could show us a web of interconnective links with us at the center of this matrix, suggested by the Sun’s aspects. In this moment, we might realize that we’re the point of origin from which everything else springs forth. With this conceptualization we can now begin a new cycle of relating, one that supports us in acquiring self-sufficiency and permits us to operate from a stronger personal base. Consequently, we might be inspired to lead a more rewarding life. At night will the Scorpio Moon square the North Node in Aquarius, compelling us to take our destiny into our own hands.  


January 19th: Mercury Rx in Aquarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn (01+/01+), Mercury Rx in Aquarius semi-square Venus in Pisces (01+/16+), Sun ingress into Aquarius at 05:40 pm EST

Mercury’s second semi-sextile to Pluto calls for a concrete plan in single steps that fits our mental reprogramming. In this context and the event of Mercury Rx’s semi-square to Venus, could our self-esteem come up for reappraisal. With the Sun’s ingress into Aquarius, our individuality will seek to come to the fore, urging us to differentiate and to individualize by marching to the beat of our own drum. Our group purpose will also be highlighted under this influence. The Scorpio Moon’s trines to Venus and Uranus in Pisces will provide us with a deep sense of appreciation for our gifts and talents that could invoke genuine feelings of specialness. A square between the Moon and Chiron in Aquarius forces us out of our cave to let the light of our personality shine in brilliant glory.


January 20th: Sun conjunct Mercury Rx in Aquarius (inferior conjunction at 00:44), Moon ingress into Sagittarius at 12:29 pm EST

Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun happens during his retrograde period when Mercury stands between the Sun and the Earth in this alignment and begins a new Mercury cycle, analogous to the New Moon phase. Thus, a new idea can take hold over our minds; a different quality of will, filled with pure potentiality. In the sign Aquarius, this could be a future-oriented vision with a strong unconventional bend that seeks to break with past limitations and could concern our social purpose. Individual creativity can greatly contribute to, merge with and infuse collective trends. The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, who’s natal Jupiter is placed at 00:51 Aquarius and who has become the embodiment for the collective outcry for change, provides a fitting symbol of synchronicity. Around noon will the Moon ingress Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius and herald a time of exalted feelings, enthusiasm, excesses and overreaching aspirations.


January 21st: Mercury Rx regress into Capricorn at 00:36 am EST, Mercury Rx conjunct Juno in Capricorn (29+), Juno ingress into Aquarius at 06:57 am EST, Venus in Pisces semi-square Jupiter in Aquarius (03+/18+), Venus in Pisces semi-square Vesta in Taurus (18+/03+), Mars in Capricorn sesqui-quadrate Pallas in Gemini (19+/04+), Sun in Aquarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn (01+/01+)


As Mercury regresses into Capricorn, covering already traveled territory, he meets with Juno, who will soon after ingress Aquarius and therefore approach new territory. Indicated by these energy shifts is the implementation and consolidation of the conceived idea as the basis for a principle of relating that’s undergoing reform. Apparently, a time of crisis and stress will ensue, leaving us in a condition of high inner tension that keeps the pressure turned on. We might grind our teeth in view of the sheer amount of our workload and the imperviousness of certain conditions. Surrounded by forces beyond our control, we have to tread carefully, groping our way in. To remain true to our commitment we’ll have to build up strength and shield us against harmful outside influences, trying to crush our spirit or other obstacles put in our path, which is also emphasized by the Sagittarius’ Moon’s difficult aspects to a few of those planetary players. However, if our conviction is unshakable, it can carry us over this rocky terrain and at the same time lift us up to new heights.  


January 22nd: Mars in Capricorn semi-sextile Chiron in Aquarius (19+/19+), Mars in Capricorn sextile Uranus in Pisces (20+/20+), Mercury Rx in Capricorn sesqui-quadrate Ceres Rx in Virgo (28+/13+), Venus in Pisces semi-sextile Chiron in Aquarius (19+/19+), Venus conjunct Uranus in Pisces (20+)

The traditional love planets Venus and Mars will be flirting with the wounded healer Chiron and the iconoclast Uranus before perfecting a waxing sextile. There’s a good chance we can soothe a hurtful issue that’s been troubling us for a while by reversing our approach and let go off attachments and other sentimentalities to prevent notions of defeat from bringing us down. Thus, rolling up our sleeves, summon up our determination and getting to work in order to tackle the problems we’re dealing with could already yield tentative results and at the same time lessen our burden. Mercury Rx’s difficult aspect to a retrograde Ceres suggests to trace back our steps and look for a weak link or loophole that could unexpectedly lead to redress of the situation and eventual to a redraft. Our sixth sense together with a sound dose of serendipity will guide us towards this end when the Sagittarius Moon will cast a sextile to Neptune in Aquarius, followed up by a semi-square to the North Node that directs us toward our purpose.


January 23rd: Moon ingress into Capricorn at 01:18 am EST, Mars in Capricorn square Eris in Aries (20+/20+), Venus in Pisces semi-sextile Eris in Aries (20+/20+)


As the lovers continue their playful dialogue they have to meet a test with the goddess of strife. The Moon’s Capricorn ingress at the start of the day and subsequent conjunction with Pluto already could have soured the mood to a very low point, thereby setting up the stage for arguments to arise as well as for general disagreement. The Moon’s trine to Vesta in Taurus could calm our natures and insist on a constructive resolve, while her semi-squares to Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius later in the day could demand coordination of our efforts based on finding a common denominator.


January 24th: Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius (04+), Sun in Aquarius square Vesta in Taurus (04+/04+), Sun in Aquarius trine Pallas in Gemini (04+/04+), Sun in Aquarius semi-square Uranus in Pisces (05+/20+), Mars in Capricorn trine Saturn Rx in Virgo (21+/21+), Venus in Pisces opposite Saturn Rx in Virgo (21+/21+), Venus in Pisces sextile Mars in Capricorn (21+/21+), Vesta in Taurus semi-sextile Pallas in Gemini (04+/04+)


By completing their waxing sextile, Venus and Mars form a wedge configuration with Saturn Rx in Virgo that connects feminine signs and has therefore a rather passive quality assigned to it. This kind of quiet dedication is repeated in Vesta’s aspect to Pallas. Both of them receive also aspects from the Aquarian Sun with the latter engaging furthermore in a conjunction with Jupiter and a semi-square with Uranus. Individuality will shine at its brightest by following the high road of gentle persuasion. Stubbornness can only be fought with the sword of reason, waved by the hand of a superior intellect in convincing strides. After that, success will be within reach and the cause will be served. Later in the evening, when the Capricorn Moon will sesqui-quadrate Pallas in Gemini, sextile Uranus in Pisces, square Eris in Aries and trine Saturn Rx in Virgo, spontaneity and flexibility will be called for to be able to withstand eventual flare-ups of discord and to assume control over the situation. 


January 25th: Jupiter in Aquarius trine Pallas in Gemini (04+/04+), Sun in Aquarius sesqui-quadrate Saturn Rx in Virgo (06+/21+), Moon ingress into Aquarius at 01:56 pm EST

Jupiters trine to Pallas indicates that intelligent maneuvering will prevail against all odds, because it allows us to master the challenges we encounter and prevents us from failure due to the unique perspective we’ve gained from the principles we’ve applied so far and which is based on our personal conduct as we’re meeting life’s lessons. The Moon’s Aquarius ingress and later on conjunction to Juno shows that we feel secure by relying on our intellect, whereby our emotional detachment provides us with the necessary distance and objectivity in our interactions with others.


January 26th: Annular Solar Eclipse at 06:29 Aquarius at 02:55 am EST, Venus in Pisces semi-sextile Neptune in Aquarius (23+/23+), Juno in Aquarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn (02+/02+), Mercury Rx in Capricorn sextile Venus in Pisces (23+/23+), Mars in Capricorn semi-sextile Neptune in Aquarius (23+/23+)


The first eclipse of the year is an Annular Solar Eclipse. During an Annular Solar Eclipse the Moon will completely pass over the Sun as she travels between the Sun and the Earth, but not covering the full disc of the Sun from our view. A very bright ring of light from the visible photosphere of the Sun or annulus (Latin for ring), surrounding the outline of the Moon, will be seen at the greatest extend of the Eclipse, which is caused by the Moon’s distance from the Earth, because the Moon and the Sun are of very different sizes. Only when they align exactly will it appear as if they were of the same size. Depending upon where the Moon is in her orbit around the Earth we will either witness a Total or an Annular Solar Eclipse. At apogee she is farthest from Earth and smaller in respect to the Sun, which results in an Annular Solar Eclipse. Solar and Lunar Eclipses are spectacular displays in the unfoldment of the lunation cycles, which belong to a larger pattern that includes not only the progression of the Nodal Axis but extends to a family named Saros Series or Cycles (Greek for repetition or to be repeated). Each Saros Series starts at either the North or the South Pole and ends at the opposite pole over the course of many centuries. There are many different Saros Series in progress simultaneously, half of them running from North to South Pole, while the other half is running from South to North Pole. They are forming waves that spread out in ripples over the face of the Earth.

This Annular Solar Eclipse is a member of the Saros Series Number 11 North (conjunct the Moon’s North Node) that was the last time around in January 1991 and its hallmark is the New Moon on the Uranus/Node midpoint in addition to Jupiter on the midpoint of Venus/Saturn, for which the following interpretation has been given:

“Under the influence of this family of eclipses, individuals may suddenly change the groups with which they are mixing, either through travel or ideas. However, the separation implied by the Venus/Saturn would produce very positive outcomes. This whole Eclipse Series could also talk of suddenly deciding to make greater commitments in a relationship. Either way, the eclipse is gentle and individuals can trust the situations that arise and allow themselves to be led along by their momentum.”

(Bernadette Brady, “Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and The Lark”, Appendices, Pages 323-324)

The Sabian Symbol pertaining to the zodiacal degree highlighted by the eclipse states:

“A child is seen being born out of an egg. Keynote: The emergence of new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos – Emergence of global man.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases”, Page 253)

Reference is made to the restructuring process our society is undergoing, of which Pluto in Capricorn is the main harbinger. This era will be defined by enormous changes, reforming our social systems and institutions and by an all-encompassing collective effort toward a New World Order. The clash of past and future is a trademark of the series of Saturn-Uranus oppositions we’re currently living through now that younger generations have come of age and bring different energies to all socio-political and economical issues. They’re growing up in an age of information technology and spend most of their time in cyberspace. Thus, they’re transcending borders as they interconnect on public networks, spanning all over the globe. With this “emergence of the global man” the Age of Aquarius is dawning upon us and the avant garde of humankind is stepping up to take leadership positions. In this event, new groups will form, while others will coordinate their tasks and goals. An increasing number of individuals will find their greatest self-realization through their group purpose and by actively participating in the elevation of group consciousness.

This Solar Eclipse signifies furthermore the start of a new lunation cycle. Like a series of overtones emanating from a seed tone, the concentrated potency of this cosmic impulse will reverberate through the succeeding lunations. “Think Globally” is our slogan we have to integrate into our everyday reality in order to keep this civic movement alive and to inspire others to join the cause of postmodern humanity, which is reflected in the daily aspect pattern.




January 27th: Mercury Rx conjunct Mars in Capricorn (23+), Mercury Rx in Capricorn semi-sextile Neptune in Aquarius (23+/23+), Vesta in Taurus semi-square Uranus in Pisces (05+/20+), Jupiter in Aquarius semi-square Uranus in Pisces (05+/20+)


“Walk the talk” is Mercury’s message involved in these aspects from the executing sign Capricorn. Hesitating and other methods of delay aren’t acceptable anymore. It’s time to be productive and to move ahead with our plan. Plain necessity propels us forward to tackle the most pressing problems; some of them might take us by surprise. Quick-wittedness and originality will be asked of us in the midst of this stormy climate that could stim us quirky and rebellious. The Aquarian Moon’s conjunction to Neptune around noon could bestow subtle perception, allowing us to access parallel reality fields with our broadened vision, thereby opening up a range of probabilities.


January 28th: Moon ingress into Pisces at 01:12 am EST, Sun conjunct North Node in Aquarius (09+)

As the Sun transits over the Moon’s North Node in Aquarius, our individual path aligns with our destiny and in a larger context, with the collective cause. Humanitarian issues and altruism could influence us strongly at that time, especially with the Moon’s earlier ingress into Pisces, a phase when our feelings can submerge with all life, which leads to more empathy and compassion as well as to heightened awareness. A square from the Moon to Pallas in Gemini shortly before noon recommends reliance on our left side of the brain in a confusing moment. However, it would be advisable to not get too sensitive or too moody as the Moon will engage in a few harsh aspects for the rest of the day.


January 29th: During her transit through the sign Pisces will the Moon conjunct Uranus, semi-square Jupiter in Aquarius, semi-square Vesta in Taurus and oppose Saturn in Virgo in the late afternoon. In case we’ll be finding ourselves in a dream-like state during the first half of the day, the afternoon will look different as something unexpected  could shake us up from the inside, directing us along an unusual path for a thrill ride of our senses. However, our excitement will be curbed once we face up to the reality, which might have been hiding in a minor detail.


January 30th: Chiron in Aquarius semi-sextile Uranus in Pisces (20+/20+), Vesta in Taurus sesqui-quadrate Saturn Rx in Virgo (05+/20+), Moon ingress into Aries at 10:24 am EST, Jupiter in Aquarius sesqui-quadrate Saturn Rx in Virgo (05+/20+)


This day could turn out to be quite demanding, whereby the Moon’s Aries ingress will make it tough to keep it civilized as anger could wall up in an instant when the blood seems to be rushing faster through our veins. Self-containment will prove difficult in this setup and patience won’t be easy to come by. Tensions could arise from a need to break free of any limitations or restrictions that hold us back. There could be an irresistible will to succeed at any cost as we feel driven to overcome all road blocks and to deviate from ineffective methods. A reality check could be in order in case we encounter a crisis or other hindrances that stop our progress. Emotions could run deep when the Aries Moon will square Pluto in Capricorn, accompanied by a sense of woundedness that we can only escape from by embracing tolerance and collaboration. Unanimity can be achieved later in the day and consequently, our mood could better if we can let go off hurt feelings.


January 31st: Sun in Aquarius quincunx Ceres Rx in Virgo (12+/12+), Mars in Capricorn sesqui-quadrate Ceres Rx in Virgo (27+/12+)


As the Aries Moon will cast a waxing sextile to the Aquarius Sun in the morning we could feel at ease within ourselves as well as ready for new tasks. In the afternoon though, Ceres Rx in Virgo will receive stressful aspects from the Sun and Mars, requiring adjustment in a self-serving manner. We might have to restrain ourselves a bit in the pursuit of our ambitions, taking a more careful approach instead. Working out the details and then organizing them in systematic, viable order could get us farther with our plan than unorchastrated activities just for the creation of movement.