August 10, 2009

Today, Vesta in Cancer is quincunx Jupiter Rx in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini is square Saturn in Virgo. Indicated is an adjustment in our focus that directs the action where it will yield results in the name of our authority, if we follow our inner guide and not allow outside distractions to deviate us from our course and cause. We’re aware of what we’ve committed ourselves toward, which could apply a considerable amount of pressure on us, especially when time is limited. In order for our project to grow and to receive sufficient support, plenty of energy and effort will be required. Therefore, we better start rolling up our sleeves, summon discipline and dedication and move forward with our intentions.

At the North American Leaders Summit the American president said in regard to immigration reform: “I’ve got a lot on my plate and it’s very important for us to sequence those big initiatives so they don’t crash at the same time.” In sync with the daily astroweather did the president prioritize (Mars in Gemini square Saturn in Virgo), putting health care overhaul and financial regulations first and shifting immigration reform to 2010 (Vesta in Cancer quincunx Jupiter Rx in Aquarius – focus on homeland vs. illegal aliens is to be reformed in the near future). I’m amazed time and again how perfectly and accurately his words and statements are describing the daily energy weather. But then, he ascended the presidency under the augurs of the January solar eclipse with the message “a child is seen being born out of an egg – the emergence of GLOBAL MAN“. Since this has been hailed as “a new mutation according to the great rhythms of the cosmos” he must be attuned to this new vibration in a way that echoes the great rhythms so that his life becomes an outstanding exemplar of the signs of the times. – What the health care debate concerns, it has been proposed to include personal responsibility, because smoking and obesity (which are personal lifestyle choices) are the highest-ranking factors for early, preventable death. This of course brings more questions and discussions up, as in regard to where the limits would apply and how far we could take this – the daily energy weather/aspects are nicely expressed here as well.

Examples from my life are also part of larger stories with many twists and turns (Vesta in Cancer qx Jup Rx in Aqua) and with Mars in Gemini in square to Saturn in Virgo I’ll spare you the details, at least for today. Trust me, it’s complicated. This round of Mars’ transit through Gemini moved 2 important personal issues for me ahead. Add to this the catapulting effect of the eclipse energy or acceleration of time and I can safely say that things developed quicker in this regard than I would have dared to hope. First, I’ve become mobile again and then a New Age group showed interest in my astro teachings. So, I can say a new chapter in my life has begun and I’m very excited about it. Although my driving lessons for tonight were canceled, it happened only to get the car ready for the safety test tomorrow.:)  I’ll be using this time to work on my teaching modules.



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