August 31, 2009

The week starts off with a quincunx between Saturn in Virgo and Chiron Rx in Aquarius, while the Moon is still traversing Capricorn. This carries the signature of repair, damage control and orchestrated efforts for us to be able to make any progress at all. Inroads may have to be taken to bring order to ‘chaos’; realignment and reorganization could be a plain necessity in this situation.

In his strategic review of the Afghan war to the Pentagon and NATO headquarters General McChrystal, the commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, called for a new strategy against the Taliban in an assessment of the 8-year-old conflict, saying the situation is serious but victory was achievable. He is also separately expected to request more troops, according to the AP. – Here we have an example of an ‘ongoing problem’, a wounding issue that calls for a different take/handling of the situation if there will ever be a sign of progress or at least a putting behind of the conflict. I think the real question in this situation is if transcendence and healing is at all possible in this corner of the world and thus, if humanity is capable of learning after centuries of warring the lessons involved. The human condition is one of inherent conflict/split, naturally expressed and projected outwardly. Therefore, if we aren’t aware of and willing to cure this within ourselves, the cycle of suffering cannot be broken, neither can we elevate the group consciousness if we aren’t accepting of as well as respecting our individual differences. Besides, true leadership means leading by example. This is the real adjustment we need to make individually and collectively. 

Personally, I’ve been readjusting to my routine here at home, which included a lot of cleaning, but I’m glad I’m done with this, because J called me in the afternoon when the Capricorn Moon was in sextile to Uranus Rx in Pisces to tell me about a job offering. Well, Pallas in Virgo aligned today with my na Uranus-Chiron opposition across 1/7 and here comes a strategy that would perfectly fit my personal agenda and which has been on my mind since 04 actually. But some things have to wait until there time has come and now the keynote of the latest Leo New Moon “overwhelmed with potentialities” seems to come through for me with a sense of inevitability (Leo New Moon was in the position of the 4th leg of a fixed Grand Cross with my IC/MC axis square Saturn in 6). So, I’m getting busy and I mean really, really busy. The pace is picking up and there seems to be no more time to waste by following the same old routine I was so tired of. Yeah, be careful what you wish for comes to mind. With my natal chart pattern it usually means going from one extreme to the next. Though eventually, I might have learnt the balancing act in between with Venus in Libra as my final dispositor. 🙂



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