Weekend of October 31st – November 1st, 2009

Chiron’s direct station at 21:13:02 Aquarius at 01:45 am EDT on Saturday morning is contributing to the shifting energy that’s remodeling the landscape around us. Experiences we underwent during the last five months when Chiron was retrograding a bit over 5 degrees (from 26:13:48 to 21:13:02 Aquarius) may have brought up painful issues and disturbing prospects we had hoped we were able to resolve somehow in the near future or to see some progress at least, but had to realize our own projections in this regard, which really leaves us no alternatives than to accept what we can’t change, while at the same time reorienting us toward a more wholesome life. The Scorpio Sun’s sesqui-quadrate to Uranus Rx in Pisces, succeeded by his conjunction to Ceres in Scorpio could trigger the reemergence of a side of our personality we had almost forgotten existed, because we’ve been in a process of transforming on a subsconscious level and may have therefore deeply changed in some way. As this renewed side comes to light we can begin a new cycle of relating to a part of ourselves we kept hidden away as well as to other people, based on a more authentic Self, emphasized by Venus in Libra’s trine to Chiron in Aquarius and her opposition to Eris Rx in Aries.

Reminder: Clocks will be adjusted here in North America in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Venus in Libra’s quincunx to Juno Rx in Pisces early Sunday morning is indicative of such an adjustment that could assist us in equalizing our relationships. Mercury in Scorpio’s sesqui-quadrate to the latter stresses the power of our thoughts in this regard in order to become aware of how they influence our interactions with others, which is particularly important with the Moon still traversing Aries, the sign of the warrior. At 07:44 pm EST will the Moon ingress Taurus, setting us in a more sensous, relaxed mood when tempers could enflame due to cutting words been said or sharp remarks under a square between Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in Leo. However, we could also feel inclined toward stubbornness and make matters worse. A quincunx of the Moon in Taurus to Saturn in Libra, followed up by a trine to Pluto in Capricorn instructs us toward controlling our whims so that we can master this situation by composing ourselves.

Halloween was pretty eventless, here where we live and this is part of a lifestyle and relationship pattern, which has caused me considerable emotional pain – not just unhappiness – as I’ve been living holed up in this house for most of the time like Chiron in his cave. Especially on holidays, celebrations and weekends it becomes disturbingly apparent how lonely it is here and how much I miss my friends and social circle from days past. With Mercury placed in Sagittarius in my 4th house and my Neptune-Sun conjunction in Scorpio in house 3 opposite Jupiter Rx in Taurus in house 9 most of my connections are long distance in addition to my contacts not being available in the sense of not being around. So, it was really a change  – not just of scenery – for me to spend most of Sunday in London (I wish we’d still live there! I’m such a citydweller!), even though we had to run a few errands. We still enjoyed an excellent lunch at Red Lobster, stopped at Williams for coffee and I got a few nice shots from downtown London (to be honest I took over 70 photos that afternoon!). Later, on our drive through the beautiful countryside J suggested to set up, maintain and update a blog for him on a regular basis, which could keep me quite busy and has also the potential to develop into a web of connections closer to home, allowing me to link different interests in a shared venture.

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October 30, 2009

An already tense situation will reach a state of friction today as Mars in Leo forms a sequi-quadrate to Juno Rx in Pisces and Ceres in Scorpio another one to Uranus Rx in Pisces. This could create the necessary pressure that could result in release and motivate us to do something about it at last. The Moon’s Aries ingress at 01:56 pm EDT could stim us determined and trigger impulsiveness. Therefore, caution applies, especially at the time of the Aries Moon’s square to Pluto in Capricorn when taking a risk could lead to unexpected consequences.

I slept in today after I had decided that it was way too early for me to get up once J had left for work and Leyla had run wild. However, I was pretty surprised when I woke and it was already 10 am. In that moment I knew that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish a lot. With the Moon’s Aries ingress and subsequent opposition to Saturn in Libra I felt almost exanimate (must be Halloween!), which set me in a depressed state and for a few minutes I thought I have to go back to bed – that’s how bad it was. I think it helped that I didn’t fight it and just headed straight to the couch once I realized that nothing got me motivated. As soon as I was over there it was overcome and I came back “to life”. What a day!

October 29, 2009

The Sun in Scorpio’s square to Mars in Leo presents a challenge in regard to taking affirmative action on our behalf so that our light may shine stronger, thereby awakening our spirit toward committing us to our personal cause, emphasized by Vesta in Leo’s opposition to Neptune Rx in Aquarius. As the Scorpio Sun will also cast a sesqui-quadrate to Juno Rx in Pisces, a critical stage in our principle of relating has been reached that demands from us to come out of the shadow and assume a more influential role by confronting any predisposition we may have toward Self-deception or undoing ourselves. Today at 01:09 pm EDT will Saturn ingress Libra, heralding a period of important relationship lessons, whereby partnerships will undergo the test of time and reality and will consequently either consolidate or break apart. Another major theme of this transit will be the respect and responsibility we show toward others, inclusive the ‘rules of engagement’ as well as other contractual regulations, restrictions or inhibitions/prohibitions. Moreover, in order to establish some form of harmony and peaceful co-existing as implied by this planetary placement, sophistication in conduct becomes a necessity and therefore we will also learn how to mediate, to reconcile and to work toward an agreement by using diplomatic means and applying some effort.

Somehow, I felt disoriented today, especially after I lost track of time while gazing at this beautiful chart wheel art that’s a feature of the Kepler astro software – wish I could add it to mine (personal example of Vesta in Leo opposite Neptune Rx in Aquarius). My good intentions for the day revolving around the theme of independence were already thwarted yesterday night when J announced his plans, though I realized that I can’t blame him for having a different agenda that allows him to live his dreams. Instead, I should aspire toward the same ideal. Though what I did mostly was putting my energy into household chores and cooking (Ceres seemingly won in the current aspect dialogue), which is also because I haven’t really determined a course of action for myself as yet.


October 28, 2009

The Moon will ingress Pisces at 03:45 am EDT, attuning us to subtler vibrations, thereby heightening our sensibilities. Mercury in Libra will semi-sextile Saturn in Virgo, preceding his Scorpio ingress at 06:08 am EDT. This suggests that we may still be sleepy and wish we could get more rest, while preparing for the day early on by following the call of duty – just don’t get obsessed about it once Mercury will enter Scorpio. During that period we may be deeply perceptive as well as highly investigative and thus may want to get to the bottom of the issues on our mind. As all matters of communication will intensify, chances are that shadow material could be addressed and also that we could come in contact with influential people. A trine from Venus in Libra to Jupiter in Aquarius promises a positive outcome or other benefit from a relationship or agreement, which could make our future looking brighter. Mercury in Scorpio will moreover move into a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, indicating that we can take advantage of an opportune moment to finalize a plan or deal from which to get our affairs in order.

I didn’t feel like getting up that morning as I was still very tired, but Wednesday is garbage day here and thus I had my work for the next couple of hours cut out for me. Although my energy level was really low I summoned the necessary Self-discipline to accomplish the things on my list. Well, I must admit that my hope for something positive, out-of-the-ordinary to transpire also contributed to that, because I was aware of the Venus-Jupiter trine “in the air”, which coincided with my Venus return. Yeah, things looked good in theory, but turned out to be nothing than projections. The only enjoyment I got out of this ‘event’ was to be able to sit outside on the deck, touched by the warm rays of the Sun, while reading through an astrology book. Besides, there were another 2 calls from a certain company, which tried to reach J and when I told him about it later at night and he called them back, he handled the affair (a typical Mercury in Scorpio -Pluto in Capricorn affair, involving intimidation, harassment and non-collectible debts from a closed business way in the past) very well and didn’t lose his temper over it. So, that was a positive devel0pment that saved the night, so to speak.


October 27, 2009

Today Vesta in Leo is casting a quincunx to Uranus Rx in Pisces and Ceres in Scorpio a sesqui-quadrate to Juno Rx in Pisces. Our awareness of less than ideal circumstances in our affairs could lead us toward making a personal adjustment in order to create more independence in our life, which could ultimately result in the kind of empowerment we need to truly self-realize, instead of giving our power away and “undoing” ourselves.

October 26, 2009

Since the daily and weekly pace and rhythm has changed for me once again (my Solar Return chart that’s still relevant until mid-November has the Moon and Pallas in Gemini in house 6, which refers also to having two homes) my sleep was so sound that I didn’t even hear J get up this morning – the Aquarian Moon was semi-square Juno Rx and Uranus Rx in Pisces. I heard him however when he came back upstairs again. So, I went downstairs and filled his lunchbox, which he hadn’t done yet due to an overly excited rabbit who kept him chasing after her. For others, the energy could have caused you to get up on the wrong foot or feeling some emotional turmoil already storming over the inner landscape or having an inkling that the atmosphere was loading up. A trine from the Moon in Aquarius to Pallas in Libra around noon could have inspired an intelligent maneuver based on foresight and proper assessment of the overall situation. Her sesqui-quadrate to Saturn in Virgo late in the evening could indicate some form of distress we could have sorted out and smoothed over once the Moon will trine Venus in Libra.

It feels strange being at home, back to my old routine, even though I’ve been doing this for the last few years. Guess it shows that this is just not the “right” thing for me – never has been. Sure enough, I knew this all along and since the First Quarter Square of the Libra lunation J seems to be getting there too. “Clair-seeing” is the keyword for the current lunation cycle, based on a revelation, beautifully exemplified in the symbol of the autumn leaf. The symbol pertaining to the waxing Aquarian Moon, squaring off the Scorpio Sun during “the crisis in action”, mentions “a deserter from the navy” (page 250) and J came up with the word “exit strategy”. So, the trend (Aquarius) that’s been unfolding as well as revealing itself has led J to “see through” some things, which in a way was inevitable (Scorpio). Thus, a strategy had to be formulated (Moon trine Pallas), followed up by single preparatory steps (Moon sesqui Saturn) on which we agreed (Moon trine Venus).


Weekend of October 24-25, 2009

On Saturday, October 24th, we’ll have a chance to influence a matter of personal importance in a way that suits us. An issue that seemed to be beyond our control, could suddenly be open for negotiation, permitting us to resolve a conflict of interests or disadvantageous situation if we approach the subject differently and if either party is willing to cooperate to come to a compromise. We’ve been left in the dark and on uncertain terms for long enough and may demand clarity now in order to know what to expect and to prepare our next step. With the Moon still traversing Capricorn the overall mood will lean toward firmness, which will be helpful in case we’ll be vacillating. Her square to Eris Rx in Aries later in the night however, could have us struggling with a no win situation best overcome by yielding to reason.

Mercury in Libra will square the nodal axis across Capricorn/Cancer on Sunday, October 25th, marking a decision that will affect our destined path in life and pertains to the balancing of self-reliance and co-dependency in our relationships. The Moon’s trine to Saturn in Virgo, preceding her Aquarius ingress at 03:07 pm EDT, could provide us with a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of completion, especially after the closing of a deal or chapter. Thus, stirred up inwardly we may be in the mood to try something different and more exciting. At 8:42 pm EDT will the waxing Aquarius Moon square the Scorpio Sun, highlighting the First Quarter Phase of the lunation cycle, termed the “crisis in action”. Demonstrating our strength during the latest trial that informed our decision and led to these changed circumstances could have empowered us for the time being, but the question for us may now be how to proceed from there.

Saturday was a day of rest and reflection – a real private day, when I finally felt how the atmosphere has stabilized after the Sun had left Libra for good and had ingressed Scorpio, greeting its ruler Pluto with a friendly sextile, a waning one nonetheless, the home stretch in their synodic cycle.  All those vacillations I had experienced lately, the scales tipping up and down like a see-saw back and forth in dynamic motion, had ceased, while I had regained some kind of control over my life. However, the chtonic energy didn’t fail to tempt me to access my shadow, which made me resentful toward J later in the day after I’ve been interrupted rather rudely during my afternoon siesta twice by callers who dialed the “wrong” number, because they wanted to reach him and instead of calling his blackberry they called his home number – Mercury in Libra was trine Neptune and quincunx Uranus in addition to Vesta in Leo’s quincunx to Juno Rx in Pisces. Of course, the issue reaches much deeper as I was reminded on a subconscious level that this is not really my home – with Pluto ruling my 4th the urge is to “be in control over the home and the private life”. Consequently, my mood didn’t get better and when he came home late and asked “how’s it going?” I replied “why do you even bother?” – the Capricorn Moon was square Eris Rx in Aries. Yet we were able to overcome this moment of discord quickly.

Sunday began for me on a frustrated note as I had to do the dishes from the evening before, clean out the rabbit cage and start the laundry so that we could go grocery shopping as soon as I was ready. But once we decided to head to London it turned into a nice day. However, when J decided to stop at the garage on the way home the Capricorn Moon was trine Saturn in Virgo and we had a short encounter with the police, who quickly disappeared from the garage when they saw J approaching. It was the 2nd time this young officer had harrassed A there, even though he was unlawfully on private property and even took a license plate, which belongs to J. Understandably, J was very upset for the rest of the day and is going to deal with and report this today. As we had Mercury in Libra squaring off the nodal axis across Capricorn/Cancer with Mercury squaring off J’s natal Pluto in house 9 (law), this incident caused him to have a talk with me about a theme that’s been a matter of discussion for us back in spring and that refers to the idea of selling the house and moving to a more suitable place for us. Anyway, the developments of the latest few days have been reinforcing certain convictions J held since that time and therefore the changes he’s considering are a lot larger. They pertain to major life changes as evidenced by his Jupiter-Uranus-SN conjunction in Libra on the Midheaven (from within house 10 of career and public standing). New beginnings are in the working.