December 1, 2009

December will start on a rough note, while the winds of change are blowing. Ceres in Scorpio’s square to Chiron in Aquarius could bring new challenges to a sensitive theme that involves mutual support and triggers our deepest fears surrounding issues of abandonment and rejection. It is in acknowledging and accepting of our individual differences that we become liberated and make wholesome choices, which won’t hurt us or others. The Moon’s Gemini ingress at 09:23 am EST lightens our mood and allows us to be more easy-going on ourselves so that we may open our eyes to the truth and recognize when a cause is lost, indicated by Mercury in Sagittarius’ sextile to Neptune in Aquarius. Therefore, mental alertness is heightened as Uranus stations direct at 22:42:16 Pisces at 03:27:31 pm EST after 5 months in retrograde motion. With this electrifying energy so highly concentrated we’re well attuned to the vibes in our environment, but at the same time prone to nonconformity. Thus, we may respond in a way that feels right to us after Venus’ ingress into Sagittarius and be very straightforward and optimistic about it, especially with Jupiter in Aquarius’ sextile to Eris Rx in Aries. However, experiences of the last few months may have taught us to be wise what certain relations and alliances concerns and to apply foresight so that we not incidentally destroy the bridges we’ve so carefully built.

Personally, I’m still struggling with trust issues, even though I’m aware that I cannot control another, much less my own life, especially since I haven’t found a way out of this mess yet. For too long have I been making compromises in the hope that eventually a breakthrough will turn things around for the better, which gave me a false sense of security. However, I wasn’t totally deluded and as my despair deepened I “jumped over my shadow” (a German saying) and approached the last resort, so to speak, which turned out to be a smart choice with whose help I’ve been building up a personal security net over the course of the last five months, while things have been deteriorating here. In fact, nothing has changed – it has only gotten worse and a lot more of a challenge to save the day.  

November 30, 2009

A square between Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus Rx in Pisces turns our attention inside as we’re challenged to change our perception in regard to a certain belief we’ve been holding onto. Unexpected news could reveal a line of thought, where we went wrong all along and this understanding could stimulate mental experimentation and innovation.

I haven’t been able to update my daily blogs with episodes from my personal life since mid November or to be exact since the Moon ingressed Libra and entered the balsamic lunation phase prior to the Scorpio New Moon. At that time, I was busy with preparations for my stay in Alliston, which involves quite a list of things in addition to my daily chores. However, it was interesting that the Libra Moon’s line-up with the Pluto-Saturn square ‘coincided’ with construction work in my close surroundings and forced me to adapt my planned route accordingly what my driving practice concerned. But it didn’t end there – I made more adjustments in assessment of the unfolding situation, which ultimately served my own best interests, because they allowed me to enjoy my Solar Return in the company of my daughter and this proved to be a very good outcome and prognosis for the solar year ahead. In hindsight I can say that the symbols pertaining to this chart came through rather strongly, down to the Sabians on the angles! Per example, “A crowded sightseeing bus on a city street”, the Sabian Symbol for the DSC of my Solar Return (with the Sun and a whole lot more planetary energies in the 7th), fitted perfectly our stroll through the mall and that we came into a “traffic congestion” on our way home from London because of the Santa Claus Parade. Well, the latter experience felt rather frustrating (there are a few challenging aspects in the chart as well), but the best part of the day was that we had a late lunch at Moxie’s, which was awesome and made the occasion special. Time flew by way too fast, especially when you come ‘home’ to a narcissist who wants all your attention for hours and offers you ignorance in return. Some people just love to hear themselves talk, yet they mostly fail to notice that others lose interest in a one-sided conversation after a while. Good for me that I was aware of the astrology as well as the potency of the moment as the Saturn-Pluto square was perfecting in addition to a square between Mercury in Scorpio and Vesta in Leo (another feature of my SR) that was incorporating natal Saturn in Aquarius in a t-square configuration. I retreated in silence, while I was trying to maintain a positive attitude. On the next morning we drove to Alliston, where I got a warm welcome. Mercury ingressed Sagittarius that evening and from there on my mother-in-law and I have been engaged in long, meaningful conversations. We started to explore her chart. I hope I rectified it correctly. She provided me with plenty anecdotes from her life. Personally, I find it fascinating to learn about those past times and their way of life and at the same time observe a chart ‘coming to life’. Although her experiences were mostly of a sad and harsh nature, she had a fulfilled life and also memories of better days (the Sabian Symbol for the Scorpio New Moon “An x-ray photograph” can be easily related to this sharing of stories and applying it to the ‘structure of the chart’ as the blueprint for the personality, particularly so with the NM falling in my 3rd house). Her eye surgery was on November 19th – a day without any major aspects, which stimmed me confident that everything will go well and indeed, one week later at her follow-up appointment the surgeon seemed satisfied with the results. In the meantime, I took care of her and her household, inclusive her supercute dog Ruby and her 2 elderly companions. I especially enjoyed being in the city and going on long walks (inclusive walking the dog). The Reiki Centre wasn’t open yet. So, I met with one of my students in a cafe and we talked about her eldest son’s chart. It was a great experience for both of us. Venus in Scorpio was square Jupiter in Aquarius when my teaching skills were tested. The meeting was only possible, because I decided to stay for one more week when I realized that my mother-in-law wouldn’t be able to return to her normal routine (Juno was conjunct Uranus Rx in Pisces and Pallas in Libra opposite Eris Rx in Aries and trine Chiron in Aquarius). However, she’s recovered quickly and has already another appointment set for the other eye.  J picked me up on the 28th (Ceres in Scorpio was square Jupiter in Aquarius). Since then I’ve been busy catching up with all the chores here. With all the aspects from Mercury in Sagittarius on Sunday, the 29th, I’ve been working on writing stuff as well, while at the same time skyping with my girlfriend Carola in Germany. Lots of fun. My experience of the Mercury-Uranus square had mostly to do with the books I was going to order via Amazon, which turned out to be quite an awakening when I saw the final sum at the bottom. So, I think what I’m going to do is to order the books that are available online at Chapters and maybe I can also soon visit one of their stores in London, where I hopefully can order the remaining ones I want to purchase.

Weekend of November 28th-29th, 2009

A square between Ceres in Scorpio and Jupiter in Aquarius on Saturday, November 28th, indicates a long-awaited breakthrough regarding a matter we’ve been struggling with for a while now and where we might receive the necessary support to turn a corner. This unexpected outcome could feel empowering in several ways and consequently, the future might look brighter as soon as we put our individual differences behind us. In this context, we may realize that resentment won’t help us reaching our goal, but that we’re mutually dependend if we want to succeed.

Accordingly, on Sunday, November 29th, after the Moon’s Taurus ingress at 05:34 am EST, when our emotions have slowed down and we’ve settled into a more comfortable mood, will Mercury in Sagittarius engage in a string of aspects, providing mental stimulus for a lively day. Thus, we may be busy making and discussing plans, thereby thinking big and focusing on long term perspectives as we put things into context or a larger frame of reference. With Ceres in Scorpio quincunx Eris Rx in Aries in addition to Mars in Leo’s sesqui-quadrate to Pluto in Capricorn we may push our agenda in order to consolidate our intentions and to be able to organize as well as orchestrate activities in a self-serving way. Therefore, our tolerance level could be low, but attempts to enforce our viewpoint will most likely be met with resistance. Still, progress is possible if we keep an open mind and the conversation honest. Recognizing that we don’t need to convince another of our personal truth for finding common ground to move things forward could bring relief to this situation.

November 27, 2009

Venus in Scorpio’s semi-sextile to Pallas in Libra brings an occasion for us to get even after a commitment or project has been seen through to conclusion, indicated by Vesta in Virgo’s trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Our conscientiousness in this regard could have served the larger purpose well, suggested by the Sun in Sagittarius’ sesqui-quadrate to Eris Rx in Aries.

November 26, 2009

A trine in fire signs between Mercury in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo could have an enlivening, energizing effect on all matters of communication and mobilization, which is certainly in the spirit of the Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S. Venus in Scorpio will participate in the semi-sextile between Juno in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius with a trine and a square, respectively, that could be removing some of our uncertainties due to us receiving clarification of intent through conversations or messages, but this could in some cases also cause disappointment or lead to delay. The Moon’s Aries ingress at 10:10 am EST will raise our adrenaline level, daring us to get out and about, though once she’ll be activating the Saturn-Pluto square we may become quite impatient with the situation.

November 25, 2009

Although a certain relationship situation may have demanded a few sacrifices, whereby we may have been putting our own interests last, our selflessness could be paying off surprisingly well in the end. Pallas in Libra’s quincunx to Juno in Pisces together with her trine to Neptune in Aquarius is supported by another trine between Venus in Scorpio and Uranus Rx in Pisces, which indicates a neat rounding up of our endeavors.

November 24, 2009

Today may bring an opportunity for recognition of our latest efforts that could boost our sense of Self, suggested by the Sun in Sagittarius’ sextile to Saturn in Libra, which precedes the First Quarter Square of the waxing Pisces Moon (the Moon will ingress Pisces at 11:07 am EST) to the former at 04:39 pm EST. This ‘crisis in action’ demands awareness of the big picture when we may have to make a decision concerning shared values. Venus in Scorpio will form a quincunx to Eris Rx in Aries in addition to a square to Chiron in Aquarius, emphasizing Self-preservation amidst complex relationship entanglements that touch upon deep-reaching wounds and therefore require heightened sensitivity in handling.