Weekend of December 5th-6th, 2009

Mars in Leo’s semi-square to Saturn in Libra on Saturday, December 5th, calls for an orchestrated effort from our side as a reaction to the latest offering or request upon us, whereby we need to demonstrate our competence in order to measure up to our personal standards. Thus, a square from the Cancer Moon to Pallas in Libra may apply the right amount of pressure at the start of our day that keeps us focused on the task at hand. Her sesqui-quadrate to the Sun in Sagittarius later in the morning corresponds to a time when we want to stretch our legs a bit due to having reached a crisis of purpose we could have put behind us around noon when the Cancer Moon will form a quincunx to Mercury in Sagittarius, preceding both planetary bodies’ ingresses into their succeeding signs. Our instinct could tell us to realign with our aims and continue where we left off. At 12:06 pm EST will the Moon ingress Leo and at 12:24 pm EST will Mercury ingress Capricorn. Than, personal ambitions will take centerstage. From there on could our mentality be preoccupied with thoughts of success and we could begin to lay down our goals as well as the single steps leading to their achievement. This mental shift facilitates practical and realistic thinking that permits us to prepare and organize. Accordingly, the Leo Moon’s quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn in the late afternoon hints at an adjustment we’ll be making to consolidate our personal power, while her sextile to Saturn in Libra shows an opportunity for pride from what has been accomplished. The Leo Moon’s trine to Venus in Sagittarius later in the evening promises emotional fulfilment as we enjoy the moment.

However, a sesqui-quadrate from the Leo Moon to Uranus in Pisces shortly after midnight could bring a disruption or unexpected interference from which we may feel tired or drained and low in energy on Sunday morning, December 6th, suggested by Ceres in Scorpio’s square to Neptune in Aquarius, a setup for disappointments if we don’t overcome our demons in addition to certain projections, that follows up on the Leo Moon’s sesqui-quadrate to Juno in Pisces. In such a mood and especially in case we didn’t catch enough sleep it’ll be important to be aware of our condition as resentments or other compulsive behavior could be triggered. Venus in Sagittarius’ sesqui-quadrate to Eris Rx in Aries around noon urges us to stay away from exaggerations and insisting on having things our way. This will only lead to disagreement, whereas a smart approach could assist us in winning the other over, thereby directing all this emotional excitement along a purposeful path resulting in personal satisfaction as the Leo Moon trines the Sagittarius Sun. Her sesqui-squadrates to Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn later in the afternoon indicate that the mood will get a lot more serious, stressing our feelings to a point of intense frustration with us on the short end of the fuse, once she engages Saturn in Libra in a semi-square and Mars in a conjunction. However, this can also strengthen our will so that we may rock the boat intentionally in order to gain more influence in the matter. Sunday ends with the Leo Moon’s trine to Eris Rx in Aries, succeeded one hour later by her quincunx to the NN in Capricorn that sends us self-determined and with strong motivation toward the next day to rest.

As long as the Moon was traversing Cancer I was busy catching on. With the Moon’s ingress into Leo I had a lot more time to myself and as Mercury also ingressed Capricorn this time was spent for the most part in pensive thought immersion to get to the bottom of the matter and come up with a system that will work for me. When I returned from my drive to Grand Bend I intended to pay this ‘new’ cafe in town a visit, but when I walked by the store window I noticed that nobody was sitting in there. So, I turned around and went back home. Yep, we live in the country and its NO FUN at all. It’s so dead – in Germany we would say they can fold up the sidewalks here. Anyway, I made myself comfy at home, while I was finally responding to a few mails I had put off to deal with at a later time. I also tried to get a hold of my daughter, but couldn’t reach her all weekend – Ceres square Neptune. J had to go to work late Saturday night – so, we were both pretty tired Sunday morning when we went grocery shopping. But since we went to London it was quite enjoyable, except for a few really disappointing moments or should I say the usual annoyances? – not just because of the glaring Sun (yeah, some egos enjoyed a high time too-synchronicity in action). A bonus was that we picked up sushi and Milka chocolate bars at Remark. We also stopped at Starbucks.  In the afternoon I had enough time to read through Robert Hand’s book “Planets in Transit”.