December 7, 2009

Today, Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and squares Saturn in Libra and this happens as the triple conjunction in Aquarius draws together for a third and final time, beginning with Jupiter’s coupling to Chiron. Thus, we may have to take a leap of faith and trust in our capabilities in order to be able to transcend an issue related to beliefs of inferiority or where we fear we humiliate ourselves, based on certain preconceptions we’ve been holding onto. Circumstances have ‘conspired’ now in a way, where we may have to prove ourselves as well as how serious we are in regard to coming out of our ‘cave’ and starting to deal with our self-imposed limitations, no matter how complex and difficult they seem to be. The Moon’s Virgo ingress at 02:05 pm EST enhances rationality, which assists us with problem-solving.

Except for scheduling a shop appointment for the car to equip it with winter tires and to share our resources to be able to pay for it, I did only do more of the same, of the usual chores. Also, I spend more time reading than writing, but managed to start a new astro analysis. J, on the other hand, had the Mercury-Pluto conjunction falling on his natal Pallas in Capricorn in house 1, squaring of his natal nodal axis, and informed me in a lengthy report (Sagittarius ASC) about the business conversations he had held all afternoon in regard to new foundations for his projects. As usual, he’s planning in big ways (Jupiter-Chiron).

That the climate conference in Copenhagen started on that day is a sign of hope with a silver lining on the horizon (Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius) as it tells us that even the last non-believer, fool or obstructionist has gotten the message (Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn) that our days are numbered on this planet if we don’t do something to restore the natural balance (Mercury in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra). Therefore, the talks are aimed (Jupiter-Chiron) at reducing pollution and cutting greenhouse gas emissions to an acceptable level (Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, square Saturn in Libra). But this is also the challenge, because it would require a much higher percentage (Jupiter) than what the major polluters intend to propose in order to meet the timeline (Saturn).