December 16, 2009 – Sagittarius New Moon

At 07:02 am EDT begins a new soli-lunar cycle or New Moon at 24:39 Sagittarius with the Sabian Symbol:

“A chubby boy on a hobby-horse. Keynote: The anticipatory enjoyment of powers one can only as yet dream utilizing – FORESHADOWING.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases”, Pages 224-225)

This message contains great promise that is accompanied by a sense of expansiveness and adventure derived from stimulation and excitement (New Moon in Sagittarius sextile triple conjunction in Aquarius). However, it is important to note that the boy in this symbolical picture isn’t in the best shape for such an undertaking as his ‘impediment’ could get him ‘thrown off his horse’ in no time, which adds a twist to the situation (New Moon in Sagittarius square Uranus in Pisces). Therefore, as we enter this new cycle in an enterprising spirit and with grand vision, awareness of the risks, inclusive our own weaknesses and shortcomings, could prevent us from overreaching and failure. Underneath our apparent “abundance” things could be other than it seems and a misconception of the larger picture or misguided optimism might invite disaster – the last thing we need now that we have a chance to turn a situation to our advantage and to enhance our options. At this point, it would be advisable to pause and reflect to safeguard our further advance. It would also be wise to listen to our inner voice to get a clear understanding of the way ahead before we actually embark on it in order to see where we’re going with this. Yet, this doesn’t mean to shy away from the endeavor or to dismiss our dreams as phantasmagorical, but to be properly prepared for the journey. A healthy portion of uncertainty and personal unsureness, however slight and fleeting, may get us farther in the end than blindly rushing to the occasion would. Trusting in our luck solely, thereby forsaking the process that will get us to our goal, would be foolish. Instead, as we aim for the stars we need to keep our minds and hearts open to be receptive toward guidance. Thus, we’ll be creating a symbiotic relationship between our imagination and the universal mind. The Moon’s Capricorn ingress at 05:31 pm EST adds a dose of realism to our lofty flights of fancy – just to make sure we don’t get carried away.

It has become a habit of mine to set up an hair appointment on the day of the New Moon, which is sometimes difficult to arrange, but this time it was perfect with Venus in conjunction to the lunation. So, this ‘beauty enhancement’ added some delight to my day, especially after I had to deal with the garbage disposal in the morning. I also picked up my last book I had ordered at the post office and sent the Christmas cards away. Although I’ve been outside only for a few minutes, I hurried up, because it was freezing cold. Strangely enough, this year I haven’t seen many signs of the approaching festive season – no Christmas music (which I personally find relieving!); there’s no hectic in the streets; neither are the stores overrun by people, no busyness; not much decorating going on, parking spots are available etc.etc. – Seems as though we’ve reached the peak of consumerism and now things are turning around, subtly and inescapably. This begs for the question: Is there hope that we’re returning to the true spirit of the season? – which ultimately means: Is there hope for us as a society and culture?  – However, I felt I needed to talk to a friend and skyped Carola. We’ve refreshed some of our memories of better times during our long chat. She sent me several pictures from her family and our common friends from those days, while I was taking video shots of her and her surroundings and sent them back to her. Inspite of the nostalgic moments we’ve indulged in, it was much fun – “Home is where the heart is.”