December 18, 2009

A sextile from Pallas in Scorpio to Pluto in Capricorn together with a trine between Venus in Sagittarius and Eris Rx in Aries provides us with a chance to influence a situation in a way that could help us to consolidate our personal power and which could consequently raise our Self-worth, leading ultimately to greater Self-fulfillment.

Over the last few days I have been ‘growing an infection’ that naturally became worse with every day that passed, which forced us to find a dentist again to get that looked after. Luckily, I could convince J to take this day off from work and drive me to London to an emergency dental care unit. We feared it would be a root canal procedure, but so far it seems ‘only’ to be a gum infection (still pretty painful). However, I have to take anti-biotics and had to book follow-up appointments. We used the opportunity to enjoy the day anyway and got even our Christmas shopping done together with the grocery shopping. J bought me a beautiful red laptop at Best Buy, complete with mouse, software, memory stick and a bag for transportation. I like that the logo on it says “Mobile Lifestyle” – how fitting! After that we went to “Montana’s” for a late lunch. Later on it turned out to J’s advantage to have all weekend to take care of his business, because both of us have a lot of catching up to do.

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