December 21, 2009

Today is a quarter day in the wheel of the year – Winter Solstice – when the Northern Hemisphere will experience the shortest day and the longest night due to the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn at 12:46 pm EST. Energywise, this is a time of relative pause and stillness, giving us a chance to stop and take stock, to assimilate all that has been rapidly developing and to transition into a state of being that could be termed ‘stasis’. Winter is memory, when we lie low and hibernate, perceive the seeds of future growth to make our resolutions for the new year, gather intent and celebrate our togetherness and reunion. Although Winter Solstice symbolizes relative lifelessness, it also represents the light within, the concealed, surviving spark of the life-force in the midst of darkness, which contains the seed potential for rebirth at spring. A Solstice is a gateway of consciousness and this one is wide open as Jupiter and Neptune meet for their final conjunction in Aquarius to end one cycle and start a new one. Therefore, we have a unique opportunity to send our mind traveling through this portal that connects the past with the future by reflecting upon the experiences of the previous 13 years, synthesize their meaning and then envision our progressive expansion from there based on our understanding of the concept of process. Venus in Sagittarius’ sextile to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction allows us to also connect emotionally to these higher vibrations and feel the wholeness of the universe, which could greatly enhance the moment of holistic perception. Thus, we may turn our attention inward and give the manner in which we pursue our creative, self-expressive intentions a serious thought, suggested by Mercury in Capricorn’s quincunx to Mars Rx in Leo. In the same sense as the light will slowly and steadily grow from now on, can our will motivate us to climb the mountains in our life. Pallas in Scorpio’s semi-sextile to Saturn in Libra instructs us to align our focus with our goals if we want to see our deepest desires manifest.

In the morning I spent some time with my new laptop and changed a few settings to my preference, while also writing on my blog on this one. Later on, I honored the Solstice by meditating in my own way and doing what I do best – cooking a nice meal as an expression of my creativity. This ingress happens in my 4th house and Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, is the ruler over my 5th house, where I have Ceres placed in partile semi-square to Saturn in Aquarius in 6. In sync with the transition from one Jupiter-Neptune cycle into the next did I experience dental problems to a point, where I’m currently unable to chew properly. The previous cycle began in the sign Capricorn in my 5th house, which initiated a phase of ‘maturing’ up regarding the manner I used to express myself as well as to an ‘upgrading’ of my character. Consequently, the structure upon which my old personality rested, has been broken down, piece by piece and now has the time come for me to rebuild and I’ve fallen behind with that, which is the reason for this “physical manifestation” that’s obvious and painful. However, the tense Ceres-Saturn aspect is a significator of grief and suffering, part of my life path as a Scorpio with a prominent Pluto (No Mercy), oriental planet Neptune (otherworldliness) and the lessons I need to learn (Saturn). – For J things are looking better and the pace of the developments regarding his projects is picking up. He had quite a few exciting news to share, amazingly in line with the ‘foreshadowing’ and keynote of the current lunation – “the chubby boy on his hobby horse” (Sabian Symbol for the Sagittarian lunation) came to mind, in particular so as the latest New Moon had fallen in his 1st house, partile quincunx to natal Pluto in 9. This is the gospel of J and the congregation is ‘conglomerating’.

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