Week from February 14th – 21st, 2010

February 14th:

  • Mercury in Aquarius semi-square Ceres in Sagittarius (06+/21+)
  • Moon ingress into Pisces at 07:22 am EST
  • Venus in Pisces quincunx Saturn Rx in Libra (03+/03+)
  • Venus in Pisces quincunx Mars Rx in Leo (03+/03+)
  • Ceres in Sagittarius trine Eris in Aries (21+/21+)
  • Mercury in Aquarius semi-sextile Jupiter in Pisces (06+/06+)
  • Sun conjunct Chiron in Aquarius (26+); Sun conjunct Neptune in Aquarius (26+)

February 15th:

  • Venus in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (04+/04+)
  • Mars Rx in Leo sextile Saturn Rx in Libra (03+/03+)
  • Vesta egress into Leo at 10:53 pm EST

February 16th:

  • Juno in Aries sextile Chiron in Aquarius (26+/26+)
  • Venus in Pisces semi-square Eris in Aries (06+/21+)
  • Juno in Aries sextile Neptune in Aquarius (26+/26+)
  • Moon ingress into Aries at 07:30 pm EST
  • Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (07+)

February 17th:

  • Chiron conjunct Neptune in Aquarius (26+)
  • Mercury in Aquarius semi-square Uranus in Pisces (10/25)

February 18th:

  • Sun in Aquarius opposite Vesta Rx in Leo (29+/29+)
  • Sun ingress into Pisces at 01:35 pm EST

February 19th:

  • Pallas in Scorpio quincunx Eris in Aries (21+/21+)
  • Moon ingress into Taurus at 05:55 am EST

February 20th:

  • Sun in Pisces quincunx Mars Rx in Leo (02+/02+)
  • Vesta Rx in Leo trine Juno in Aries (28+/28+)

February 21st:

  • Moon ingress into Gemini at 01:46 pm EST
  • First Quarter Moon at 03:16 Gemini/Pisces at 07:42 pm EST
  • Sun in Pisces quincunx Saturn Rx in Libra (03+/03+)

Mercury moves into the aspect configuration between Ceres, Jupiter and Eris on February 14th, bringing a fresh mental outlook to the table to sustain the authenticity quest in a competitive world. His semi-square to Ceres places emphasis on our interconnectivity, on renewing and expanding contacts to get our message out and with Ceres trine Eris the focus is on our special interests or on what makes us special and distinguishes us from the crowd in this context; especially with Jupiter casting tense octiles to the Ceres-Eris trine and receiving a semi-sextile from Mercury we may want to check out the scene as well as explore our options or what we could contribute, based on our knowledge, skills or ‘expertise’. However, the Moon’s Pisces ingress could cause us some confusion, uncertainty or lack of clarity and when she will be joining Venus in Pisces at the apex of a yod, also involving Saturn Rx and Mars Rx, the result could be feelings of ambivalence that have us vacillating, regarding whether to pursue the matter more vigorously or to stand back and watch and then to synthesize the feeling impressions. Or, we could be so overwhelmed and/or nervous that we’re unsure how to react or respond and thus could miss out on an opportunity. Therefore, the Sun blending energies with the Chiron-Neptune conjunction creates an atmosphere of resonance, where our instincts could tell us how to proceed if we sit still, meditate if necessary and listen to our inner voice.

The next day, February 15th, offers us a chance then to take up the established ‘thread’ and weave it into a piece of art by letting the interchanges and common activities work for us and position ourselves comfortably within the setting so that we can link to people of like mind and form alliances in sync with the aspect perfection of the Mars-Saturn sextile that happens together with another sextile between Venus and Pluto and is furthermore a possibility of empowerment. Late in the night Vesta egresses into Leo. For now, the training phase is over; our performance becomes all-important. Juno’s sextile to the Chiron-Neptune conjunction on February 16th is followed by Venus’ semi-square to Eris and subsequent conjunction to Jupiter. Everything we’ve initiated over the last couple of days could now come in handy to provide the stimuli needed to spur our imagination and consequently inspire a more original approach that brings forth a side of us that reveals our true nature.  Standing on the verge of our own ‘greatness’ we may get a glimpse of the future as well as what this might entail for us. After the Moon’s Aries ingress prior to the perfection of the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius on February 17th we may feel a strong desire to birth this vision, this conceived ideal and dream of ours or picture we have of ourselves, into the world. Mercury semi-square Uranus stresses mental independence and thus also to think in terms of differentiation with the pursuit of individual projects preoccupying our mind. The Sun’s opposition to Vesta precedes his ingress into Pisces on February 18th to make us aware of where to direct our focus and energies as well as conscious of our life’s purpose as we enter this phase of release and ego submerging to become part of something greater.

Pallas quincunx Eris on February 19th calls for a strategic adjustment that enables us to influence our state of affairs from a subconscious level, because we can now access a deeper layer of our psyche if we respond from a place of wholeness. With the Moon’s Taurus ingress emotions quiet and soften, while we strive for feeling contentment. The Sun-Mars quincunx on February 20th demands a further adjustment for the preservation of our will that’s accompanied by a Vesta-Juno trine that allows us to succeed in keeping our commitments or promises in this context.On February 21st will the Moon ingress Gemini and then reach the First Quarter Phase of the lunation, casting a waxing square to the Pisces Sun, the latter also engaged in a quincunx to Saturn. Although it’s easier now to be flexible and to adapt to changing conditions, the crisis in action we’re undergoing at this time might arise when overcome by mental stress due to having to deal with unfinished business in form of a recurring problem or unresolved issue. Don’t get deterred, but carry on with awareness of your surroundings and be fair to all parties concerned.   


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