Reflections on May 31st, 2010 – prognosis of doom

Today did Ceres Rx in Capricorn receive a trine from Vesta in Virgo and a sesqui-quadrate from Mercury in Taurus. Another sesqui-quadrate happened between Venus in Cancer and Neptune, stationary in Aquarius, prior to him changing direction. Environmental concerns were on some agendas, straining conversations and sowing seeds of distrust, all in the interest of serving the cause and pushing for our commitment in order to come up with results. It was back to work, but taking time for sentimentalities for the strengthening of bonds, while simultaneously persisting in our efforts to make ends meet.

A new round of climate negotiations kicked off in Germany on Monday with squabbling over money and procedural questions that could threaten progress at the two-week U.N. conference. The Bonn talks center on a new, rather sketchy text proposal for a global climate deal expected to be finalized in 2011. Because it includes elements of the so-called Copenhagen Accord — a political declaration brokered by U.S. president Barack Obama — some countries have voiced suspicion. – Confusion is guaranteed at Neptune’s station. Consequently, the perception is clouded and people don’t know what to believe, while they’re focusing on the unessential, instead of on the truly important things. They seem to have forgotten what they came there for (Mercury-Vesta-Ceres). Not a very productive way to kick off the negotations, rather disorienting and in the sense of a blame game (Venus-Neptune). Let’s hope it’ll get better from here on.

With BP making yet another attempt to stem the flow from a blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico — this time only to contain the leak, not stop it — signs point to August before any real end is in sight. The new plan carries the risk of making the torrent worse, top government officials have warned. On top of that, hurricane season begins Tuesday. – What’s the worst that could happen? – This situation seems to be becoming more dire with every single day that passes by (Mercury-Ceres; Venus-Neptune). It doesn’t look like this will be getting better anytime soon. Neptune’s station hangs over this disaster like a bad omen. The fog needs to clear first before we’ll be seeing progress.

Flooding and landslides from the season’s first tropical storm have killed at least 131 people in Central America, officials said Monday. Dozens are still missing, thousands have lost homes and emergency crews are struggling to reach isolated communities cut off by washed-out roads and collapsed bridges caused by Tropical Storm Agatha. In El Salvador, at least 140 landslides have been reported and 11,000 people were evacuated. The death toll was nine, President Mauricio Funes said. – Since Neptune slowed even more down, preparing for his station, the rains have given rise to flooding. Venus’ sesqui-quadrate to Neptune can be correlated to the many missing and displaced people, who lost their homes and had to be evacuated, with their number rising too (Mercury-Ceres). Saving lives has become the main initiative (Vesta-Ceres).

Tarot card of the day was “The King of Cups”, signifying a person who moves forward slowly, but responds to the need of others. However, he can also imagine insults where none were intended – as per example in the case of the climate negotiations. Things are moving slowly – definitely. My thinking process has been clouded for a while now. It’s been like one day at a time. Not to mention that the atmosphere was so loaded and sticky today that the short walk to the grocery store felt challenging. In the meantime, we had a thunderstorm passing over us that brought lots of rain. Puddles have formed in our driveway and it became so dark in here that I needed to turn on the lights in the early afternoon.

Neptune, god of the sea

Reflections on May 29th and 30th, 2010 – the weekend

On Saturday, May 29th, the major aspect was an opposition between Vesta in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces to which Mercury in Taurus added a semi-square to Jupiter in Pisces. Vesta had already ingressed the sign Virgo at the end of November 2009, shortly after the first of the Saturn-Pluto squares had transpired that challenged the balance of established power structures. The goddess Vesta symbolizes the spirit of fire, the sacred flame that keeps the hearth in the center burning. In Virgo, her transit relates to energy efficiency, perfection of focus and diligent, conscientious dedication toward improvement. Her opposition to Chiron in Pisces has been confronting us with a wound that leaves us sad and overwhelmed, where we could feel our devotion diminishing and our condition weakening as we find ourselves caught in a battle we seem to be losing and thus face spiritual defeat. Consequently, tension has been building up in this regard and reached a point of crisis in yet another failure defying our logic or concept, indicated by the Mercury-Jupiter octile. However, we know that we cannot give up, that we must persevere and commit to a course of action.

BP said Saturday that its “top kill” bid to plug the worst oil spill in U.S. history wasn’t working and that it would try another approach next. – My heart is bleeding looking at the images of this catastrophe, of what these eco fascists have done to our beautiful planet and the once thriving wildlife and there’s no end in sight – that’s the worst part. This is not a footprint anymore, our species is leaving behind, its a gigantic mess of ignorant, soulless pillaging. Sadly, our dependence on oil has become so costly that in the end the oil is going to consume us. The Vesta-Chiron opposition brings this scenario into our awareness, pushing us to find alternative solutions in order to cease the flow and fix the problem. Upcoming energy shifts and ingresses as well as egresses (Chiron will soon turn retrograde and head back into Aquarius, Uranus’ sign) will hopefully assist in this process.

We took care of the grocery shopping in the morning when it was still cool and fresh outside. I bought some natural, alternative healing products a good friend with a degree and experience in alternative healing had recommended to me. Both of us were surprised about the great selection they had at this store. Back at home, J cleaned our deck and watered the plants before he left for a trip to Alliston to take the boat his brother had stored for the cold season in the Seven Winds Marina in Port Franks up to his cottage. I decided to check out some hidden trails leading in the local conservation area. The path I followed was flanked by white, pink and violet wildflowers, a sign that water was close by. After a few turns I got a view from the hill at the body of water that’s on the other side of the conservation area, a truly idyllic spot gracing the entrance to this small town. On my way home I picked a few of the flowers to serve as decorations for the table on our deck. I used the opportunity to pay the antique store a visit. It’s jammed with all kinds of stuff. I especially liked some of the furniture, but couldn’t find any good deals or something special I’d like to purchase.  

Tarot card of the day was the “10 of Cups“, signifying ongoing contentment, which was true for me as this was quite an enjoyable, peaceful day.

the body of water in Parkhill

Sunday was a different story. Venus in Cancer aligned with the nodal axis, Saturn stationed direct in Virgo after his long retrograde journey that began on January 13th and Mercury in Taurus cast a semi-square to Uranus in Aries – a fitting astro-weather for Memorial Day. Others may have sought comfort in their home and garden, in familiar settings and at family gatherings. Saturn’s change of direction in the early afternoon EDT may have had a sobering effect in this regard until an unexpected development may have caused us a change of mind or plans, which could have felt enlivening.

My rabbit was in absolutely playful mood in the morning until I had to get serious with her to which she responded in the most adorable way (Venus conjunct SN in Cancer). The first half of my day I kept myself busy doing laundry, dusting and vacuuming. In the afternoon I went on a walk again. However, it was way too hot and the mosquitos didn’t leave me alone. J came by the house first to take me with him to the Marina, where he had to return the trailer. On our drive he told me about his weekend experience. When we arrived, I left the truck to walk down to the river. The water was sparkling in the Sun. It was such a beautiful sight. People were coming back from boating, wet and tanned. Others walked with their kids to the sand dunes. Restaurants in the area were packed and J was starving for some good comfort food. We stopped at the local pizzeria to order chicken wings and panzarotti. Meanwhile, I bought a special edition of the magazine “Canadian Living”, featuring garden-to-table recipes, at the gas station. In accordance with Saturn’s station I also intensified my efforts to heal my body.

Tarot card of the day was the “7 of Swords”, appropriately indicating the level of boredom as well as my feelings of being trapped in an unfortunate situation I was undergoing before J took me on this short trip. This card suggests moreover tactlessness from others – the first thing I encountered when I opened my mail that morning. In the case of the environmental disaster, it shows a wrong assessment as BP was still optimistic on Sunday that its latest attempt to the stop the gush of oil from this broken well could show positive results soon.

Seven Winds Marina in Port Franks; pic taken on a different day

Reflections on May 28th, 2010 – which way are we going?

Jupiter in Pisces’ semi-sextile to Neptune in Aquarius is the stage-setting aspect for the current astro dialogue that consists moreover of a semi-square between Venus in Cancer and Mars in Leo, a quincunx between the Sun in Gemini and Pallas Rx in Scorpio and another semi-square between the former and Eris in Aries plus a sesqui-quadrate between Mercury in Taurus and Saturn Rx in Virgo. Thus, beliefs befitting our ideology have been played out in dramatic scenarios and created discord and other ego struggles in the name of power for reasons the higher-minded among us might fail to comprehend. In those cases, where the mind is still bound to the lower nature of man, the mentality will inevitably respond to the ideology of the group and follow the pack to appease the powers to be – their guru or prophet or other idol. True individuality hasn’t been fully developed in them. Therefore, the ability to reflect and consider the full impact of their actions is severly impaired in those people, which leaves them to a great degree without conscience – the source of much bloodshed in this world, because their rebelliousness is driven by the lower instincts. We underwent a test of faith today, which might have seen us on the defensive side and/or caused us anger and frustration – a Full Moon usually brings things to a head – and thus, the facts we were confronted with may have been sobering, relieving us from illusions we still held.

Suspected Maoist rebels derailed an overnight passenger train Friday in eastern India, triggering a crash with an oncoming cargo train that killed at least 65 people and injured an additional 200, officials said. Survivors described a night of screaming and chaos after the derailment and said it took rescuers more than three hours to reach the scene. The blue passenger train and the red cargo train were knotted together in mangled metal along a rural stretch of track near the small town of Sardiha, about 90 miles west of Calcutta. Local television showed the mangled wreckage of capsized carriages across the tracks and the death toll was expected to rise as many passengers were still trapped. – Like the indian warrior in the symbolical picture of the Sabian, who collects scalps, have these rebels sacrificed lives for the sake of their belief. Cold and calculating (Mercury-Saturn), human life is expendable for them. They had to show that they’re still existing and are a force to be reckoned with (Sun-Pallas, Sun-Eris).

Suspected Islamist militants attacked two mosques packed with hundreds of worshippers from a minority sect in eastern Pakistan Friday. More than 70 people died and dozens were wounded. The assaults were carried out by at least seven attackers, including three suicide bombers, and several worshippers were held hostage, officials said. – Again, beliefs clash. Violence and aggression is the preferred response, carried out in an attempt at rebellion. Sacrifices in the name of the prophet (Jupiter-Neptune), blaming the bloodshed on an imagined Being, outside the Self (Sun-Eris), thereby collecting the souls and the lives of victims and perpetrators alike (Jupiter-Neptune). It’s a fiery Full Moon with Uranus newly in Aries sparking the rebelliousness.

Intent on showing firm command of a deepening Gulf Coast crisis, U.S. President Barack Obama inspected a fouled beach, took in what he called “heartbreaking stories” of the catastrophe and declared “we’re going to keep at it” until America’s largest-ever oil spill is stopped and cleaned up. “It’s an assault on our shores, on our people, on the regional economy and on communities like this one,” said Obama, from this small barrier island town threatened by the massive oil leak. “People are watching their livelihoods wash up on the beach.” – After being confronted by the facts as he sees the disaster with his own eyes (Mercury-Saturn), his reaction is starker than what we’re used to from him (Uranus in Aries). This is indeed an “assault” (Venus-Mars), touching a nerve of even the highest-minded among us. Cupid shot straight into our hearts.

Tarot card of the day is “The Chariot” with the message  to take control and to move forward with care; remain focused and keep the emotions in check (!). This card moreover suggests a pull in 2 directions or more appropriate for the events that have transpired today – to which force will we give in – darkness or light? In the first 2 examples the rebels seized the opportunity, guided by the darker, lower nature (instincts); whereas in the last example the government will now take control over the clean-up to make sure it will handled properly. Here, light is drawing the chariot. – For me, feeling sick, drained and tired, the temptation was strong that wanted to pull me away from my intentions. It was a bit of a struggle, but I ended up completing almost everything I had set out to do. 🙂

Eclectic Tarot

ARIES lunation review

The Aries New Moon on April 14, 2010 fell into my 9th house, the area related to expansion, perspective, beliefs and higher truths. Because it was in square aspect to the latest Solar Eclipse, it also squared off my SAD Mercury, who had been triggered by the Solar Eclipse and is an indicator of the manner in which I make connections, think and associate, assimilate and disseminate information. In Capricorn, it lends a matter-of-fact interpretation with an inclination toward pessimism to my natal truth-seeking, philosophizing Sagittarian Mercury. So, by encountering this cross-roads, I had reached a turning point on the mental level that challenged my perception of reality severely. True to a 9th house experience it forced me to ponder about the meaning of life and the purpose I had bestowed upon mine and in this context to become aware of time and other limitations, whereby I leaned toward exaggeration. Highlighted by the Sabian Symbol pertaining to this particular lunation was the following message:  “The possibility for man to gain experience at two levels of Being. Keynote: The revelation of new potentialities – ON PROBATION.”  Thus, the affect was in the sense of an “either/or” experience.

For me that meant to think about the possibility of being seriously, even terminally, ill with the inevitable consequence of a life cut short (i.e. to live or to die; to ail or to heal; to deteriorate or to recover). My visits to the doctor had yielded no results and only led to more tests. While the inflammation was in remission, other symptoms showed and deepened the mystery. Unsurprisingly, since Mercury was retrograde (tracing back steps/information) and Neptune had moved into a conjunction with my natal Saturn in house 6, matters of health have been puzzling and no progress has been made. Endless probabilities opened up with the effect of scaring me out of my wits at times; I felt fragile, vulnerable and treated in a negligent manner, especially after some conditions had worsened and no medication had been prescribed so far. When I looked in the mirror, the huge purplish-colored bags underneath my eyes that rendered my face almost unrecognizable shocked me every single time. Uncertainty turned into fear, which kept bothering and bugging me until I was unable to focus on something else. With transiting Pluto in trine aspect to my natal Ascendant in Virgo I began to obsess about self-diagnosing as I felt compelled to figure out if and when I was going to die by investigating the progressions and transits in my chart and those of the people close to me, such as my husband, my daughter and my sister. I even cast the Solar Return charts for the selected times. This, of course, only led to more speculations and once I had determined a ‘fitting’ date I tried to come up with a different explanation for those conspiring factors , because I wasn’t willing to accept it as proof; neither was I ready to accept such a cursed ending.

Thus, most of my days lately were spent wandering dark mental corridors for hours only to find myself lost in a labyrinth. There were times when I thought I had finally discovered the answer to what ails me, but it turned out to be another wrong path or lead I’ve been following. Came the First Quarter Moon on April 21 with the waxing Leo Moon squaring the Taurus Sun, appropriately termed “the crisis in action”, the drama unfolded accordingly and not just for me. On the day before, did the Sun and Chiron engage in a last degree sextile prior to their ingresses into the succeeding signs, which seemed to have had the effect of ‘pulling a trigger’, because this happened in the last degrees of the signs Aries (fire/firing) and Aquarius (electricity/lightning bolt). An explosion on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico would cause the worst oil spill in history, restated in the Sabian Symbols for the First Quarter Moon – an electrical storm, a visitation, the cosmic power able to transform ALL the implications of natural EXISTENCE (for the Taurus Sun) – and – an epidemic of mumps, the infectious SPREAD of individual [or in this case ‘single’] experience (for the Leo Moon).

Because the Aries lunation is in the square position to the preceding Solar Eclipse, the message of the Sabian Symbol for this Eclipse “A nature spirit dancing in the mist of an iridescent waterfall – the ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of NATURAL PHENOMENA – the consciousness here becomes SENSITIZED to the downward flow of OCCULT ENERGY” came through loud and clearly and presented moreover a turning point, forcing us into action. With the Aries lunation at this critical point between Eclipses, the hurdle that was to be overcome required a fast reaction to stop the disaster immediately. The Sun’s position in Taurus (plus Mercury Rx in this sign) at the time of the First Quarter Moon however indicates a slow, routine proceeding that led to the dramatization of events, in particular so since BP’s self-centered business practices keep failing to meet the security and safety standards of the industry and therefore, the rig wasn’t even equipped properly for such an accident.

Whereas in my case, it was the doctor who has been failing so far in the ‘creative department’. Although my reaction was quick and I received treatment for the condition I had developed, it was just another symptom of an as yet undefined ailment, analogous to the oil rig spewing out a lot more oil than what had been estimated at first. Therefore, at the time of the Scorpio Full Moon, who coincided with the beginning of a new Sun-Mercury cycle when a seed idea is perceived, “inventiveness”  (keyword of the Sabian Symbol for the Moon) was asked of us to complement  “faith in cyclic renewal” (keyword of the Sabian Symbol for the Sun). As it turned out, it was indeed tough to keep up the faith under deteriorating conditions for which the invented solutions didn’t bring the hoped for results. No wonder then that the “crisis in consciousness” we were undergoing at the Third Quarter Phase on May 6th referred to “creative frustration” (Sabian Symbol for the Sun in Taurus) that had to be dealt with through better management, suggested by “a big business man at his desk” (Sabian Symbol for the Moon in Aquarius). Thus, after arranging for J to take me there, I returned to the doctor’s office once again in a condition that had become almost unbearable, which led to another diagnosis; only this time it was much closer to the ‘real thing’. However, this wasn’t the end of it. The story continues with the unfinished business carried into the next lunation cycle.

An asymmetrical triangle, comprised of the Uranus-Neptune semi-sextile, receiving a sextile and a square from Juno in Taurus, was an important feature of the Aries lunation chart that set us up for distress, discomfort and disappointment. There was a chance of surprising and unexpected developments that would confuse and overwhelm us. Consequently, we would feel lost under those unusual circumstances. We may have also had unrealistic expectations of the people we had to deal with. I, per example, come from a culture with high professional standards and it is my experience that the physician is genuinely concerned about your health and wellbeing. That this attitude was somewhat lacking in the physician who’s been treating me was also evident in the stressful semi-square between Pallas Rx in Scorpio and Ceres in Capricorn. He didn’t seem to be troubled though to send me to a series of x-ray examinations, which isn’t conducive to the health of your body, but it was in the interest of investigating my bone structure for abnormalities. This chart contained moreover the quincunx aspect between Saturn Rx in Virgo and Chiron in Aquarius that placed emphasis on the skills of the physician in the process of healing and in the case of the oil spill on the negligence and failure of a repeated offender in the industry. The Sun-Chiron sextile that preceded the First Quarter Moon then set off this scenario.

Reflections on May 27th, 2010 – more of what?

With the Full Moon opposition falling in the signs Sagittarius and Gemini the measure of success and failure shows in the understanding of the facts and links we’ve reached during this waxing half of the lunation cycle.

Escalating his administration’s response to the disastrous Gulf oil spill, U.S. President Barack Obama plans to announce Thursday that a moratorium on new deepwater oil drilling permits will be continued for six months while a presidential commission investigates, a White House aide said. Controversial lease sales off the coast of Alaska will be delayed pending the results of the commission’s investigation, and lease sales planned in the Western Gulf and off the coast of Virginia will be canceled, the aide said, speaking on condition of anonymity ahead of a midday Obama news conference. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says that he will not consider applications for permits to drill in the Arctic until 2011. Salazar wants to allow further study of proposed drilling technology and oil spill response capabilities in Arctic waters. He wants to take a cautious approach in the arctic. – Taught by and still learning from the latest experience, the response was clearly a NO, we don’t need more of this. But we understand that we have to study the technologies and findings (Sagittarius/Gemini correlation). Success

North Korea announced Thursday that it will scrap an accord aimed at preventing accidental naval clashes with South Korea in retaliation for Seoul blaming Pyongyang for a torpedo attack that sank a South Korean warship. Tension on the divided peninsula has risen dramatically since a team of international investigators said last week that a torpedo fired by a North Korean submarine tore apart and sank a South Korean warship on March 26, killing 46 sailors. North Korea has denied its involvement in the sinking and warned any retaliation would mean war. – In this case, understanding is hard to come by, even though the facts are on the table. They’re opting for war, for more violence and aggression and therefore, obviously, didn’t learn a single thing (Sagittarius/Gemini). Failure

Tarot card of the day was the “3 of Pentacles”, suggesting that the first stage of a project has been achieved successfully and we can now make a commitment toward the future in order to consolidate our position. Personally, I’ve made some progress regarding my writings and try now to keep up that level of commitment.

May 27th, 2010 – Sagittarius Full Moon

The Moon ingressed the sign Sagittarius this morning and is on her way to an opposition with the Sun in Gemini at 06:32 degrees of their respective signs, which will happen at 07:07 pm EDT. This Full Moon event is followed by Uranus’ ingress into Aries at 09:44 pm EDT, heralding the beginning of a new era. What sounded forth as a seed impulse at the time of the Taurus New Moon, symbolized by a fiercely riding indian warrior, collecting scalps, is now approaching culmination in the possibility of the elevation of group consciousness; a cultural upswing of sorts in form of a more civilized human nature, hopefully.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon states:

“Cupid knocks at the door of a human heart. Keynote: A stirring-up of individual longings for romantic love – Emotional Rebirth.”

For the Sun the Sabian Symbol states:

“A well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic trees. Keynote: Man’s primordial faith in the hidden, sustaining power of life – A Fundamental Trust In And Cooperation With Life.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, Pages 213-214 and 93-94, respectively)

We are asked to respond to the cosmic visitation and to open our hearts so that love and light can enter, especially if this ‘well’, this source of water (seat of our emotions) we are drawing from, has become a cold, overshadowed place, protected by ‘archaic remnants’ grown stolid as well as too thick to penetrate. As Uranus is getting ready to cross over the Aries Point, the landscape is about to change drastically, thereby opening up spaces to be lightened by the fire of the mind and to be shaped by inspiration and innovation. In accordance with our modern times and in the sense of the ‘global village’ we’re envisioning, the reforming and progressive trends have to extend to the heart level. We need to confront the violent, aggressive part of our tribal, collective behaviour in order to be able to integrate our lower instincts into our conscious awareness. Moreover, we need to upgrade our morals and ethics and adapt our guiding principles to fit our collective interdependence. It’s time to invite new experiences in, to gain a fresh perspective and to allow coexistence under changing conditions.

Reflections on May 26th, 2010 – subtle manipulation

A quincunx between the Sun in Gemini and Pluto Rx in Capricorn today could have shifted our thoughts and talk to issues of personal power. Venus in Cancer’s trine to Pallas Rx in Scorpio, who also forms a sesqui-quadrate with Juno in Gemini from Pluto’s sign, are assisting aspects that could have provided us with the right strategy that has the potential to garner support by enlisting others in our scheme in this critical moment, where even the slightest progress counts as suggested by Vesta in Leo’s last degree quincunx to Uranus in Pisces.  Our role in this game has changed as we’re making the transition from Self-undoing to actively engaging in a process dedicated to improvement, following Vesta’s ingress into Virgo soon to be succeeded by Uranus’ into Aries. 

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday that the world has a duty to respond to the sinking of a South Korean warship, which has been blamed on North Korea. She told reporters the attack that killed 46 sailors was an “unacceptable provocation” by the North and the “international community has a responsibility and a duty to respond.” – Powerful words (Sun-Pluto) from this Lady (that’s how we know her anyway), challenging the international community to share the viewpoint of the U.S. (Pallas-Juno) and join this cause (Vesta-Uranus).

BP started a ‘top-kill’ by beginning to inject mud into the blown-out well in the hopes of stopping the Gulf oil disaster, shortly after the Coast Guard gave it a green light and its chief executive issued an apology of sorts. Speaking on NBC’s “TODAY” show, Hayward also said he “felt devastated and gutted” after viewing damage to a coastal beach on Tuesday. “We have let people down in our defense of the shore and we are going to redouble our efforts,” Hayward said when asked why last week he said the environmental impacts seemed “very, very modest.” – They needed the ‘green light’ of the Coast Guard (Venus-Pallas-Juno) to go ahead with this top kill (Sun-Pluto) and at the same time did they apologize for what they’ve caused those coastal communities (Vesta-Uranus). Doubling the efforts speaks for Vesta’s Virgo ingress.

Tarot card of the day is “The Hermit” with the message “the answer is within”. Suggested is to take time for important reflection to be able to unlock your hidden Self. Seek guidance and the truth. Because this is the card number 9 of the Major Arcana a serious decision may have to be made before we set out on a new course of action. There is a warning against thoughtless action that extends to discretion in worldly affairs – not the strong side of Mrs. Clinton, obviously. However, after Vesta’s Virgo ingress moderation is the new mantra and this is true for all parties concerned. The Hermit is a perfect fit for this ingress.

I had arranged my affairs in such a way that it would allow me to continue with my writings. However, the transiting Sun in Gemini had moved into a square position (t-square actually) with my natal ASC/DSC axis and this thwarted all my good intentions. It was so hot and humid outside – a climate we usually have in June – that I sat in the shadow and this not for long. I got bitten all over by mosquitos and just by sliding the door I brought some of them inside with me. The nice, cool air in here invited me to relax and ‘recover’ from the stickiness for a minute, but I fell asleep in an instant and thus lost 2 hours. I had a strange dream of which I only remember the end and in which I was one of 2 people who had been traveling the country via railway and were trying to escape something. It seemed like a scene from the Wild West with soldiers searching for and chasing after us. We entered a forest and were looking for a sacred place (Vesta) that belonged to our ancestors, but suddenly the landscape was barren and we had entered a modern house. While I knocked on the door, my companion began to behave like a dog, crawling on his hands and feet and I asked him why he would act like that. In the meantime had the owner of the house opened the door and a dog was following him. My companion said “See, he’s doing the same thing. Why do you bother?” That’s when I woke up. I haven’t really made sense of it yet, except that I know this dream relates to the Full Moon symbolism of the Sabians. More to that tomorrow. 🙂

Notice the hermit's companion in this card?