Astro-Notes re the Last Quarter Phase

The Last Quarter Phase of the Capricorn lunation cycle, which was ushered in by a Solar Eclipse, brought a time of powerful protests (Moon in Scorpio/Sun in Aquarius). This crisis in consciousness followed the Cancer Full Moon, who carried the message “A daughter of the American Revolution”, a very potent symbol indeed as the revolutionary spirit has spread all across North Africa, inspired by “A secretive meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs” (Sabian Symbol for the Capricorn Sun), which stands for the leaked documents by the international non-profit organization WikiLeaks that publishes submissions of private, secret and classified media from anonymous news sources and news leaks. Gotta love the Sabians! For January 25th I had drawn the Tarot card “7 of Wands”, which recommends to stand up for your rights. Many issues have to be dealt with; have the courage and be prepared to keep trying. Consolidate your present position. You are capable of taking challenges on board. Grab the bull by the horns. You face a struggle for which great tenacity is required. If such strength of character can be found the battle will be won and all the obstructions overcome in the end. Do not abandon your struggle; do not give up. On this day did I have an appointment with the dentist who made my crowns. I expressed my dissatisfaction and described my experience with his receptionist and the other dentist in detail, letting him know that such treatment is unacceptable and that it had caused me damage. It was obvious that my remarks embarrassed him, though apparently not enough to reimburse me for my expenses. But I didn’t expect that, did I? He urged me to call the moment I feel something wrong with the crown. On that evening I also got in a fight with J and let him know that I won’t cave in.

The next day, January 26, the day of the Third Quarter Moon, when Saturn stationed retrograde, did my mother-in-law call at 12:30 pm and I didn’t pick up the phone. I was not in the mood to talk to her. So, she called every half hour from then on until 7:30 pm. Because I didn’t give in, she then called my daughter and J and said to them she was worried, which was another one of her lies. All she wanted was to get back at me for the letter I had written to her. Therefore, I got in another fight with J, because I told him my opinion and I wasn’t selective in the choice of my words. Of course, she called the next morning right after breakfast and as usual accused me of something she had taken completely out of context. For a moment I was considering to write her another letter, but I realized the senselessness of it all based on her delusions. Tarot card of the day for January 26 was “The Chariot”, a card that comes with the advice to take control and move forward with care and that was what I did. I gave her time to sleep over it. Thus, she was lot calmer the next day and even offered me her guestroom. It had been her hope that I’d take care of them, but that’s not in the stars for me. With Pluto having left my 4th house and only coming back for the time when I’ll be staying with my daughter, this part of my past and my family has been eradicated. Besides, I talked to her very frankly that I want the whole story put behind me as quickly as possible and don’t want to have anything to do anymore with her son’s dealings and the company he keeps. Later in morning did my mom call me. So, I finally had a chance to talk to her about everything. Luckily, she took it all very well. The Tarot card for the day was the “Prince of Cups”, standing for emotional interaction. Vesta in Sagittarius was sextile Chiron in Aquarius and square Juno Rx in Virgo. Wounds have been addressed and dealt with from a higher perspective and with more or less tolerance. Some relationships may have suffered after the truth was brought forth.

On January 28, the day after that, did I go to town to get the mail and stopped by Angie’s. We were enjoying a nice conversation with a Lady from Grand Bend, whose son has moved to Germany. Then Sharon came in unexpectedly and much to my joy. Both of us were very happy to meet again. Now the conversation turned toward spiritual topics. It was such a wonderful afternoon. Angie read us some of her poetry and gave us tiny cards with symbols printed on them. Tarot card of the day was “The Druid”. Guidance was indeed provided from above. The energy had shifted. I had changed my family name back to my maiden name on all my public sites. Mars was conjunct Ceres in Aquarius and Vesta made an ingress into Capricorn after touching off the Lunar Eclipse degree by opposition. Synchronicities were abound and we could see the future we have envisioned manifest step by step in our imagination. To top it all off, the town council had given the go ahead for the HEMP PLANT to be build here in Parkhill on January 25. This is a great victory for the green movement that is particularly important now that Monsanto has taken over the Whole Food Markets in the USA. But as history proves, the spiritual influence comes from the North. 🙂 Not too long ago had Angie had these beautiful dreams of us – her and me and her dog Sunny – in which we were laughing and running free over saturated meadows and lush hills and then dancing in a green wave. I knew it then that the green movement would start here with us together with the feminine energy rising. We’ve dedicated our circles to honor Mother Earth and the goddess. It is no coincidence that we all met and bonded at that sacred space in Angie’s store, which seems to function like a vortex into another dimension – powerful and magnetic. She just found out that the building is standing on a large cross.

Eclipse Season

After the Lunar Eclipse (a culmination) last December, which happened on the day of the Capricorn Solstice (a turn of the wheel and start of a new season), brought sweeping changes into my life, I haven’t had much time to concern myself with the astrology, neither could I really summon my focus. The Lunar Eclipse exactly squared off J’s natal IC/MC axis from houses 7/1 and the Solar Eclipse and Capricorn New Moon on January 4, 2011, fell on his SAD Mars (his natal Mars rules house 5) and on my natal Ceres and thus was also in semi-square aspect to my natal Saturn in Aquarius. This pattern of mine relates to some ‘good grief’ in matters of support, nourishing and the maternal. An old wound broke open for J – literally and figuratively – as a stab wound from 15 years back became a life-threatening issue (he lost 30 pounds in the meantime and hasn’t had surgery yet – welcome to Canada), but he also began a romance with a co-worker right around the time we decided to get married 11 years ago, which is of course no coincidence, because that’s when the transiting Sun conjuncts his Juno (the wife) after having passed natal Pallas (mental strategy) at the apex of a t-square with the IC/MC axis to which his nodal axis is adjoined as well as Chiron on the one side (North Node) and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Libra on the other. Thus, our separation is for real this time. When we first decided to part ways back in March 2009 we tried to work things out. It wasn’t a reconciliation, but rather a compromise and with Venus retrograde in Aries (in my 8th house and in his 4th) at that time we refinanced the house and then I began to take care of his Mom, while both of us started to build up our respective businesses in slow, gradual steps (transiting North Node in Capricorn). With the amount of cardinal and fire energy he’s bestowed with, he was a lot more successful than I, I must admit. My astro biz is still not ‘rolling’. Now that Venus retrograded again through Scorpio (in my 4th/3rd and his 12th/11th houses), the re-evaluating process has dug much deeper. During the heavy snowfall he’s been staying in his garage, close to work, and I alone at home and we both enjoyed the time without the other. As opposed to him, I haven’t been blind toward the fact that our entire marriage was a farce, which was clear to me even before I began studying astrology. For him, only the events of those few weeks have been eye-opening. But that’s not based on a case of ‘extreme unawareness’, it’s rather been his ignorance of everything he deemed not to be important enough to bother about too much. What myself concerns, I can only say that I’ve been looking for a way out for a long time, but the circumstances were really complicated, especially with my immigration based on sponsorship and also in consideration of the financial angle and my work history here in this country. Though in the chart of course (and thus in our lives) every event has it’s timing and will therefore only happen when the ‘time is ripe’, the alignment is perfect and the trigger comes along. However, things still have to be worked out until I can move out of this place, which has been my home for the last 6 years and for which I had so many plans. Pluto, the ruler over my 4th house, has finally entered the 5th house (will be back into the 4th from August til November). Self-expression, personal affirmation and creativity will be from now on on the forefront for me.

For the day of the Solar Eclipse I had drawn the “8 of Swords reversed”, which indicates that a restrictive situation or way of thinking is passing out of our life, while renewed confidence and a sense of relaxation enable us to solve problems and to move forward once again. A great deal of hard thinking has preceded this release, but we are now free to see things as they really are and have the ability to make decisions for all the right reasons. This energy and message can have an impact for up to half a year and longer in some cases. The keyword for the Capricorn New Moon was: “Historical Perspective” – how appropriate indeed! Yesterday did we celebrate the culmination of this powerful lunation cycle with the Cancer Full Moon (“A secret meeting”). Angie had sent out several invitations and in the end our circle comprised 12 women (almost like the 12 months in the year). The sacred ceremony was held in “The Currant”, which is our ‘spiritual home’, where we all bonded and met. She had prepared a beautiful, magical space for us by the sight of which I was really taken. It was an absolutely wonderful evening and enjoyable circle. Tarot card of the day was the “Four of Swords”, which comes with the message: stability through rest, recommending to pull back and look at our situation from a cool, calm and collected position, while also looking at the greater picture, thereby taking all things into consideration before we make important decisions. We’re facing a change of lifestyle and moving into a more settled way of living. Anyway, the bonding and support among us Lightworkers was great. Everything was relaxed and in flow and everybody contributed a special text or story. In the spirit of the moment I asked each of the women to pray for my little rabbit, who will suffer the most under the impending changes. I had also asked the same favor from my friend Diane’s meditation group that was taking place at the same time in Grand Bend and in this sense I would also like to ask my readers to join and pray for Leyla’s protection. Thank you all so much. 🙂 2 of these nice women actually offered to take my Leyla, which touched me deeply. Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy with our overly spoiled rabbit. At that circle I also picked a blue cup and Sharon told me it’s related to the throat chakra. Later, when each of us would draw a card from a special deck – Angie selected the Psychic Deck for me – I shuffeled the cards and out fell the card of the throat chakra, numbered 5 and with the keyword wisdom (Pallas Athene, the goddess of wisdom, is conjunct my South Node. She was also ‘present’ at the time of the Lunar Eclipse). Amazing. In the morning I had a talk with my mother-in-law after which I had decided to write her a letter that was long overdue (“Executive Power” – keynote for the Capricorn Sun). The Throat Chakra is open – I had spoken my truth (after Mercury had met Pluto in conjunction in Capricorn). I haven’t felt that liberated in a long time. My name ‘Verena’ is derived from the Latin ‘veritas’, which actually means ‘truth’. As long as I was part of that family I didn’t speak my truth to keep the peace and save us from more trouble, but these times are over. It’s never been clearer that I’m not one of them. We all must live up to and stand for our truth (says “A daughter of the American Revolution” – Sabian Symbol for the Cancer Moon).

Astro-Notes on January 13, 2011 – zodiac puzzle

As Mercury made another ingress into Capricorn today and thereby contacted the Aries Point, where the personal becomes political, while Mars in Capricorn forms a semi-sextile to Chiron in Aquarius (modern science shooting themselves in the foot) and a sextile to Jupiter (broadcasting) in Pisces (confusion, myth) the media has been abuzz with a MYTH that purports that all the horoscopes are wrong due to the wobble in the Earth’s axis that causes the precession of the Equinoxes. This scientific fact however is not unknown to astrologers as these so called experts proclaim. They seem to overlook the ‘tiny’ detail that astronomy branched off from astrology during the scientific revolution or Age of Enlightenment (oh, aren’t we enlightened???). What they are actually talking about is the difference between the sidereal and the tropical zodiacs.

Here’s a lengthy excerpt from Dane Rudhyar’s (foremost pioneer of modern astrology) free e-book “Astrological Timing – The Transition to the New Age” that explains this celestial phenomena pretty well:

Stars, Constellations and Signs of the Zodiac – 1

There is perhaps no topic around which as much confusion and as many possibilities of interpretation have arisen as that referring to the cycle of the precession of the equinoxes and to the twelve “Ages” which constitute twelve sections of such a cycle. Even the exact length of the cycle is uncertain, as it probably varies; besides, two somewhat different cycles seem to be involved, one dealing with the motion of the equinoxes, and the other with the motion of the poles of the Earth. Above all, especially of recent date, a basic controversy has arisen concerning the very nature of the zodiac; and we are confronted today with two schools of astrological thinking, one favoring the tropical zodiac, the other the sidereal zodiac. The tropical zodiac refers to the twelve signs of the zodiac, the sidereal zodiac to the twelve constellations. And to make the confusion worse, the signs and constellations bear the same name (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc.) though these names refer to two basically different entities and two even more different mental approaches to the concept of “zodiac”, indeed to astrology as a whole — and I should add, to essential human values.
      In this chapter I shall not try to go into the many aspects of the controversy or to be too technical, even if this leads to some over-simplification. I shall attempt to explain the over-all situation in terms of what is the main purpose of this book, i. e. an elucidation of what is confronting mankind today — an elucidation which seeks its supporting evidence from both the historical and the astrological fields. I am perfectly aware that in so doing I shall displease many people who will inevitably find fault with some of my statements and my interpretations.
      Most of the data used in modern astrology are produced by calculating the positions of celestial objects with reference to two basic circles of motion: the earth is rotation in its equatorial plane, and the apparent yearly path of the sun, the ecliptic. The latter is interpreted today as referring to the orbit of the earth in its yearly revolution around the sun; while the plane of the earth’s equator is made to extend infinitely in space, becoming thus the “celestial equator”. The planes defined by the celestial equator and the orbital revolution of the earth do not coincide. They are inclined in relation to each other at an angle of approximately 23°5′. Thus they cross one another; and the line of intersection between the celestial equator and the ecliptic define two opposite points which we call the spring and fall equinoxes. In terms of zodiacal longitude, these two points are said to represent respectively longitude 0° (Aries 0°) and longitude 180° (Libra 0°).
      However, the relation between the two basic circles or planes of motion, equator and ecliptic, has been proven not to be fixed. First, the angle between the two planes is periodically changing, varying as it does within approximately 212 degrees limits — such variations having a probable cycle of about 40,000 years. Secondly, if we consider the ecliptic fixed, we shall see that the equatorial circle has a twisting, sliding motion around it — which results in a gradual displacement of the line of intersection between the two circles or planes. Actually the earth-orbit changes form gradually; but the variations in eccentricity, and in the position of the “line of apsides,” determining the shape and direction of the orbit, are slow and of relatively small magnitude. They do affect, however, the cycle of precession of the equinoxes.
      We are aware of the path of apparent yearly motion of the sun in the sky by observing the different stars which appear at the horizon, week after week, before sunrise and after sunset. In other words, we can plot the yearly path of the sun on the background of the “fixed” stars; thus giving it also a fixed character (if we ignore the very small motions of the individual stars in cosmic space). If therefore the line of intersection of equator and ecliptic very slowly changes place, it follows that when the sun reaches this line in its motion along the ecliptic, its position at the moments of the year called “equinoxes” also changes from year to year in relation to the fixed stars.
      This fact is put in concentrated form by saying that the place of the equinoxes changes every year with reference to the fixed stars. The change is slow, a little over 50 seconds of arc a year, or one degree in less than 72 years. Thus, the equinoxes return to the same point of the ecliptic, and (theoretically at least) to the same star, after some 25, 868 years have elapsed. This period, divided by 12, gives us the duration of any of the twelve precessional Ages. We are apparently now in the Piscean Age, and as the motion of the equinoxes is “retrograde” (i. e. in a direction opposite to that of the sun and the moon) the next Age will be the Aquarian Age.

Stars, Constellations and Signs of the Zodiac – 2

Constellations vs. Signs
The stars which can be taken as indicators of this periodical displacement of the equinoxes are naturally those found near the ecliptic; and these stars — indeed all stars — have been grouped for millennia into “constellations”. The names, sizes and boundaries of such constellations have differed in various civilizations; but some definite parallelisms can be established between variously defined constellations if one does not go too far in making the comparisons.
      Evidently, either the tendency to group stars into constellations to which, more often than not, the names of animals were given corresponds to a world-wide human desire. It may very well be a projection of the concept of animal “totems” — so basic in archaic tribal societies — upon the celestial sphere. Even in Greek mythology we see human heroes or personages of special significance glorified into constellations in the sky — somewhat as the Catholic Church canonizes its saints and gives them “feast days” in the ritual of the sacramental year.
      The sky, for ancient societies, was the great symbol of order and creative activity. Stars and planets were seen as the bodies of gods. The sky as a whole represented the “world of formation”, the world of creative gods and hierarchies of divine minds; and the whole concept of celestial constellation has, I feel certain, a mythological origin. This does not take anything away from its meaning, for myths are extremely potent factors in the evolution and formation of human consciousness; and modern science itself contains a number of myths, which now are referred to as premises, postulates, or perhaps “universal constants”, the constancy and universality of which — I repeat — is a matter of belief, even if the values to which these “constants” refer are based on proven facts — but facts in our present earth-environment, which does not mean always and anywhere.
      However this may be, the great problem concerning the twelve zodiacal constellations — groups of stars found on either side of the ecliptic — is the determination of their boundaries. Not only have these boundaries presumably been changed, time after time, but according to various occult traditions, their number has not been always twelve. H. P. Blavatsky claimed that originally there were only ten. Besides, several civilizations had “lunar zodiacs” divided into 27 or 28 “mansions” before they had “solar zodiacs”. There is no real reason to believe that our zodiacal constellations should all be of equal size (i. e. covering each 30 degrees of longitude) and when the International Astronomical Union in 1928 sought to remedy the uncertainty of boundaries by defining these by celestial circles, parallel and perpendicular to the celestial equator, the result was quite puzzling.
      What we call a zodiacal sign in astrology is something entirely different in principle from a constellation of stars. A zodiacal sign is simply one-twelfth of the ecliptic — that is, a 30-degree section of the apparent yearly path of the sun (the earth’s orbit in the modern heliocentric system). A zodiacal sign belongs to the tropical zodiac, while the twelve zodiacal constellations belong to the sidereal zodiac. Both unfortunately bear the same names. The tropical zodiac is measured in terms of degrees of longitude, and it begins at the point where the sun crosses the celestial equatorial plane in a northward direction at the spring (or vernal) equinox.
      At the spring equinox the sun has longitude 0°, and also declination 0° (“declination” measures the distance of any celestial body north or south of the celestial equator). This means that at the spring equinox the sun sets exactly at the west, that day and night are of equal length, and that the days are growing longer. At the fall equinox the sun has longitude 180° and also declination 0°, but then it is crossing the celestial equator in a southward direction. The days and nights are of equal length, but now the nights are growing longer.

Stars, Constellations and Signs of the Zodiac – 3

As already said, the line of intersection of the ecliptic and the equatorial planes changes progressively because of a particular earth-motion — a kind of wobbling motion somewhat similar to that of a top — which alters the direction in which the polar axis is oriented. This polar axis as a result, points in the course of time to different “pole stars”; it describes a circle in space in about 25,000 years. At one time a star of the constellation Cygnus was the pole star (about 16,400 B.C.); at another time it was Wega (12,700 BC). At present, Polaris, in the constellation Ursa Minor, is our pole star, and the north pole will point to it more closely than ever next century. In due time, around 13,000 A.D., Wega will again become our pole star.
      In describing the gyrating motion of the north pole, one has to speak of pole stars, because if we want to become clearly aware of this motion, it has to be referred to some relatively fixed point in the sky. The stars do move, but their motions are relatively so slow that for rough practical purposes we call them (unfortunately, I believe) “fixed stars”. The planets, by contrast, move quite fast in the sky; so that primitive man, contemplating the night pageant of the sky, called them “wandering stars”. It is for the same reason that in trying to establish and to measure the slow movements of the equinoxes it was necessary to refer the change to a seemingly “fixed” frame of reference.
      This means that when the sun now is at longitude 0° (i. e. crossing the celestial equator from south to north, and sunsets begin then to move toward the north-west) it does not point to the same “fixed star” that it did at the time of the spring equinox two thousand years ago. For this reason we say that the sun is moving by retrograde motion from one star-group (i. e. constellation) to the next star-group. For instance, it is said (unfortunately) to enter, or to be near entering, the constellation Aquarius — while what is “entering” this constellation is not the sun, but instead the vernal equinox-point. Because of this we are said to be at, or near, the beginning of the “Aquarian Age”.
      There was a time when the sun at the vernal equinox was pointing to the separation between the constellations Aries and the constellation Pisces; that is to say, at the spring equinox of that time, the earth, the sun and the boundaries between the constellations Aries and Pisces formed a straight line. When that happened, the sign Aries (the 30 degrees of longitude just after the spring equinox point) and the constellation Aries coincided — and the confusion between zodiacal signs and constellations of the zodiac did not exist. The problem is, however, to discover when this happened — and it is a problem that cannot be solved on any astronomical or astrological basis alone, simply because we have no way of knowing precisely where the boundaries between the constellation Pisces and Aries should be located. This, simply, because such boundaries are man-made and we have no way of knowing who established them, when or for what purpose. One can talk forever about when the Egyptian or Chaldean year started, what star they considered to be the most important one for this or that purpose, when this or that astrological system of symbolism (like the concept of “planetary exaltation”) was adopted; but, however fascinating a subject of enquiry this maybe for archeologists and ethnologists, this refers only to old traditions all involved in mythological concepts, the key to the interpretation of which are probably lost or not understood as the men of the period saw their meaning.

Courtesy of – Rudhyar Archival Project

The good news is that this ‘puzzle’ may actually gain astrology much more popularity – the magic of the Aries Point.

7 of Swords reversed from the Thoth Tarot

Tarot card of the day is the “7 of Swords reversed”, which refers to improper application of the intellect in general, extreme exaggeration (such as publishing and broadcasting this myth), torment by an overactive mind filled with negative thought, ineffective editing of our mental track record and cutting out too much (as per example the principles of astrology).

End times

Thousands of birds drop dead from the sky and tens of thousands of fish are found dead, while Australia experiences the worst flooding in decades (as John Boehner becomes elected speaker of the House in the U.S. – ok, that’s just a joke) at the time of the third Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces (both are sky gods and Pisces is a water sign – Jupiter expands and magnifies, Uranus brings in the unexpected and shocking and the sign Pisces adds the unexplainable factor) succeeding the Solar Eclipse, which is the last one in the sign Capricorn with the following Sabian Symbol: “An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness of a long-forgotten culture.” In consideration of these events one must wonder if this symbol could be taken literally and thus, if all that will remain of our culture are structures, which will withstand the test of time and the power of the elements. This is certainly true for some mental structures and ideologies as evidenced in the historical perspective announced via the symbol’s keyword, which is found in the message of the Tarot card I drew for this day, January 4: “8 of Swords reversed”, which indicates that a restrictive situation or way of thinking is passing out of our lives and that a great deal of hard thinking has preceded this release. We are now able to see things as they really are. We understand the problem and take the first steps toward freedom. Keywords are: new beginnings, taking the blindfold off, freedom from past bondages. Remove the dead birds, the thoughts and justifications that have been killed by shocking revelations and insights, from your mind, and recognize the emotions that have been swept to the surface with the opening of the floodgates like the dead fish in order to liberate yourself.

Happy New Year!

A happy, healthy and prosperous 2011 to you all! 🙂

Even though I couldn’t really celebrate on New Year’s Eve, it was a great day for me, but not for J, who had to go to see his doctor and will need surgery as soon as they can arrange for it. The Tarot card I had drawn for that day was the “The Wheel of Fortune” and all I can say is: the wheel has turned indeed. When I visited Angie to wish her a happy New Year, she was already enjoying the company of Melissa and Reann. I sat down with them for a cup of tea and joined the conversation, while getting to know Reann, who seems to be a wonderful person. She promised to call me and I’m looking forward to have her over to continue our interesting chat and explore the possibilities. It seems as though my vision is beginning to take shape. Then, on my way in the door at home I met my neighbor Adele, who invited me over for the party. I’d loved to go, but after J had returned, we had lots of stuff to talk about, much to the joy of our rabbit, who is happiest when both of us are home.

For today, the 1st of January and first day of the New Year (1/1/11) I drew the Tarot card “2 of Cups”, which signifies the start of a partnership with another person or people that has great potential, is trusted and based on mutual understanding and is also a very special relationship and productive union, a blending of male and female. Moreover, a project, which is in its infancy, has the potential to grow and become successful. – This is a great message that is in the sense of the Solar Eclipse Series (see text “lunar phases and energy shifts in January 2011” below) and is ‘resting’ on the “4 of Pentacles”, which I drew for December 21, the day of the Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice, indicating a period of financial stability, lasting improvements to our circumstances, continuing comfort and slow, but sure increase in power and responsibility.