Astro-Notes on March 9, 2011 – movement

Preceding his Aries ingress at 12:47 pm EST, Mercury in Pisces engages in a semi-sextile with Neptune in Aquarius and participates in the Pallas-Uranus sextile with a sextile and a conjunction, respectively. This suggests a time of reflection and reminiscing, providing us with an opportunity for deliberation as we’re readying us to bring a chapter of our life to conclusion in order to move on. Mercury’s transit through Aries, which will last until May 15 due to a retrograde, is associated with a period of straightforward thinking, of enacting our ideas, initiating communication and contacts and of direct conversation.

Tarot card of the day is the “8 of Wands”, indicating a feeling of positive, dynamic energy, which propels us forward and brings movement, progress and changes in its wake as things are opening up and we’re putting plans into action, thereby completing unfinished business.

Personal Note: We’re filing our divorce papers today as Mercury crosses over J’s natal IC/MC axis to conjunct his natal North Node. With the Aries Point triggered, the personal becomes political – the filing enters the court. Hopefully, things will move forward quickly and without complications.


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