Astro-Notes on July 20, 2011 – tempering our responses

Temperance by `azurylipfe on deviantART

A tense sesqui-quadrate from Venus in Cancer to Chiron Rx in Pisces can make us a bit touchy and therefore demands awareness of sensitivities in our interchanges with others to be able to bond and establish rapport as we have a chance to take advantage of the relationship opportunities presented to us, which nurtures the sense of Self we’ve been fostering, indicated by the Sun in Cancer’s sextile to Juno in Virgo. After the Moon’s ingress to Aries at 12:25 pm EDT and subsequent conjunction with Ceres in addition to her semi-sextile to Neptune Rx in Pisces, will the environment support our personal initiatives, while emphasizing our Self-development, which requires to tread carefully as we move ahead with our intentions.

Tarot card of the day is “Temperance”, suggesting that careful control will bring success. This card brings a balanced, adaptable influence into our life. We are able to see both sides of a situation and are calm and in control, which allows us to resolve matters, sort out disagreements and solve disputes. Our inner voice is guiding us gently to the right outcome and we are patiently listening and following.

We have set up a BlogTalkRadio show for 10:00 am EDT this morning to which we invited astrologer Kiril Stoyheff from Bulgaria to talk about how the Pluto-Neptune cycle factors in the harnessing of nuclear energy. However, in the proverbial last minutes, Kiril let me know about problems on his side. So, I’m waiting for Ed to come online to discuss this with him and see where we’ll be going with this. Here’s a link to Kiril’s blog: I will post a link to our show as soon as  know more. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Astro-Notes on July 20, 2011 – tempering our responses

  1. Unfortunately the radio show didn’t happen this morning, but we’ll cross our fingers and hope to do a show with Kiril in the future.

  2. Yes, Ed, that’s been unfortunate and it’s a good example that you shouldn’t schedule anything for a void of course Moon period. Lesson learnt.

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