Astro-Notes on October 31, 2011 – All Hallow’s Eve

With the Moon in Capricorn all day, we had to be practical and organized. Pallas in Aquarius’ semi-sextile to retrograde Chiron in Pisces required a strategic adjustment, whereby we had to apply wise foresight as we handled a sensitive issue that has been a source of recurring emotional wounding. As Venus in Scorpio squared retrograde Neptune in Aquarius, we had to share our feelings in this regard in order to overcome the disappointment and also to remove uncertainties of the future. Tarot card of the day is “The Chariot”, which asks of us to take control and move forward with care. There is a need to remain focused and to keep the emotions in check. We need to harness our energy and apply it wisely.

In the news today: Kim Kardashian filing for divorce from Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage – it somehow resembles my own case as I’m in the process to quit a job I’ve only started 19 days ago. So, I shouldn’t be too hard on her. Here’s her chart – it speaks volumes:

Of particular interest is her 5th house Chiron in Taurus – the wound of being a ‘material girl’, a wound that is related to her assets – financial, substantial and physical – as well as the things attached to her personality. Her Chiron is currently receiving a sextile from retrograde Ceres in Pisces, traveling her 3rd house, thereby offering an opportunity to become aware of her ‘natal Chiron theme’ and thus to rethink the whole romance. Ceres will be stationing on this degree (and believe me, I KNOW about this as I have her transiting in opposition to my natal Pluto and in square to my natal Juno, which is as nasty as it gets, making me crying out for support). Well, with Venus in square to Neptune, the masks have come off – very ironic on a day where others put the masks on to have some fun. However, the VEILS have become thinner (between the worlds). It is SAMHAIN, which symbolizes a very important threshold in the Celtic wheel of the year as it marks the end of the old year and the beginning of the new and corresponds to the stirring of the seeds below ground. It’s time to wrap things up and to prepare for the new. 🙂 

I’ve called my previous employer this morning to find out if they were willing to rehire me. Unfortunately though, neither the personnel manager nor the store manager were available. So, I’ll have to try tomorrow morning again when transiting Mercury will square Neptune and thus also square my 6th house Saturn. However, I also called a friend of mine who works there and we had a long talk. She really helped me to uplift my spirits in this regard and provided suggestions how to best approach this matter. It made me feel so loved and appreciated – something I haven’t felt once  since I started working this new job. On the contrary, it got me more depressed and devastated with every day that passed. In the afternoon, I went to the Center for Employment and Learning here in town, where I had a chance to talk to Krystal. Later at night, I also heard from my sister and then I called my former mother-in-law in ‘wise foresight’.

Astro-Notes on October 30, 2011 – the seeds of the Scorpio New Moon

The Scorpio New Moon was indeed powerful, which was aptly portrayed in the tense aspects in the chart for this lunation. For me, it set off the Pluto-North Node conjunction in Capricorn in the 6th house of service in my Solar Return chart with a sextile coming from the 4th house, representing my private life. And since then, I’ve hardly had time for anything, because I had to stay late at work to be able to complete my day end procedures, thereby “carrying my lighted candle” in commitment to my job for which I won’t even get ‘honored’. Anyway, things have only gotten worse and not better, while I was more drained and frustrated by day. Thus, I couldn’t be productive; neither could I devote myself to the tasks I wanted to accomplish – whether at work or at home. Meanwhile, the situation has reached a point, where I have to make a drastic and radical change as we’re slowly approaching the First Quarter Phase of this lunation cycle. The seeds were planted in the opposition between Saturn in Libra and retrograde Eris in Aries, an aspect and interpersonal conflict that was accompanied by the Venus-Mars square and Pallas’ and Mercury’s semi-squares to the NN and Pluto, respectively, with the latter two suggesting that no matter what we thought or attempted, the issue was just more complex and far-reaching, but in a way, if we think back to where it all began, it could’ve been foreseen (Pallas transitioned from the 29th degree of Capricorn to the 1st degree of Aquarius). Accordingly, on Thursday, October 27th, the day after the Scorpio New Moon, Juno in Scorpio formed a trine to retrograde Chiron in Pisces, signifying a wounding issue that would come back full circle to ‘haunt us’ as a result of power dynamics that have been abused. Saturn, transiting the relationship sign Libra, completed his opposition to the goddess of strife on that day and Mercury in Scorpio lined up with both of them via adjusting aspects, which is indicative of a shift on a deeper mental level in this regard. I received a call from Head Office that morning, asking me something that put the pressure back on me, making me realize that their controlling ways would never stop at any point. The staff memo that was sent out that day as well really pushed my buttons and had me wanting to quit right away. However, I summoned up my strength, rolled up my sleeves and got to work, even though I felt overwhelmed by the pressure and the demands placed upon me. At day end, my computer started to freeze when I was already late. Thus, it took me even longer to finish everything. At night, when I had a closer look at the Tarot spread for the Scorpio lunation cycle, I got a bad feeling regarding things to come. Tarot card of the day was the “Queen of Pentacles”, a card that is representative of an amazing multi-tasker with an eye for aesthetics and is related to redesigning (I redecorated a store window), financial success with a project or business plan, an increase in awareness and learning to love and accept ourselves.

On Friday, October 28, Mercury in Scorpio moved into a square to Mars in Leo, while retrograde Jupiter in

Taurus perfected his trine to Pluto in Capricorn and the Scorpio Sun aspected both with an opposition and a sextile, respectively, which presented us with complications that not only challenged our approach and modus operanti, but came at the same time as a final blow to struck at our sense of Self, violating our principles or code of ethics and proudly upheld beliefs, a ‘death knell’ that brought us to a harsh realization about the ultimate truth. With Juno in Scorpio engaged in a quincunx to retrograde Uranus in Aries, the shock must have really shaken us up, while relations got more intense. Tarot card of the day was the “4 of Wands”, representing completion and that an important milestone has been reached. A vision is beginning to realize. Moreover, this card reminds us that most things in life don’t come easily. We’re now moving past mistakes and challenges to a place of happiness and acceptance. Already in the morning did I get a call from Head Office that had me upset as it was another annoyance, something that stretched the limits of acceptance even more – the issues were stacking up – and then, in the afternoon, I made a discovery that turned the tables on me. I couldn’t believe that they went so far to accuse me of something they had mismanaged. I could literally feel the ‘sting of the scorpion’. It’s big and it’s getting nasty as I will stand by my truth. As the incident required reporting, I, of course, couldn’t get my paperwork done by the end of the day. Upon arrival at home I called Lucia. We had a long talk.

On Saturday, October 29th, then, Juno in Scorpio cast a sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Ceres in Pisces, demanding commitment to relationship dynamics that have nourished us in order to support the shared vision. Tarot card of the day was “The Hierophant”, which is suggestive of us staying within conventional bounds and following established social structures and traditions. There is need to conform to rules or fixed situations and to go along with the program. We were working as part of a team and were doing the right thing. It was another exhausting day at work for me. I had to redo a project, which cost me even more time I didn’t have to begin with. Customers came toward the end of my shift, which didn’t help either and then I had to find the mistakes in our books for month end, which seemed to take me forever. I was about to give up. When I returned home, I was so drained and depressed that every muscle in my body hurt and I didn’t even eat anything anymore, even though breakfast was my only meal of the day (notice all the Ceres-related issues).

For today, October 30, I drew the “6 of Swords”, which indicates a slight reduction in stress and strain. Things will be better than they were in the recent past. There is travel and a change of scenery, all of which is helpful to get our head above water. The bottom has been reached and the process of healing has begun. There is finality in this journey. The future is not yet visible, but the past is definitely over. We’re moving away from turbulence toward calmer times and will need to make a transition that is better for us in the long-term. Amen to that! Lucia picked me up to do my laundry at her place and go grocery shopping, whereby we had a chance to stop at my former workplace, where I talked to my former colleagues. I miss them. It’s a total different atmosphere. Well, I couldn’t get my pay stubs, because the personnel office was closed, but I’ll call LeAnn tomorrow and we’ll have a talk. There were no major astrological aspects today. The Moon made ingress to Capricorn at 12:38 pm EDT, setting us a more serious, getting-down-to-business mood.

Tarot spread for the Scorpio lunation cycle

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread


 Querent / Significator: Represents the person who’s getting the reading.
Obstacle / Challenge: Represents the problem or challenge that is being read. It may represent issues or perceptions that the querent must overcome before the issue can be resolved.

Influences / Conscious: represents the things that the querent already knows or feels about the issue, in their conscious mind. These things are important because they help “color” the querent’s attitude about the issue; it puts the issue into a personal context.

Root / Subconscious: Represents the things that the querent doesn’t know she knows about the issue. Bringing subconscious factors to light is very important when dealing with an issue.

Past: As it suggests, this card represents what events or actions in the past led to the current situation.

Future: Represents the immediate future of the situation.

Attitude: Shows the attitude of the querent about the issue, how they feel about or are responding to what is happening.

Environment: Also called the “house and home” card, this represents what outside factors are influencing the situation.

Hopes & Fears: What does the querent hope will happen? What is their greatest fear? Some readers will interpret either the positive or negative depending upon the card in this position. Others will see the duality in the card and interpret both hopes and fears from the same. Often the two are mirror images of each other.

Outcome: This is the most likely outcome of the situation, if things continue on the current path.

I copied this spread from Tarottotes. For my interpretation I use Julian de Burgh’s guidelines, whose booklet came with my Tarot deck, which is the Celtic Tarot. So, the description for the positions of the cards in this spread are slightly different and will be added tomorrow. For now, I will only provide the single cards I drew for this spread.
1. position: The Prince of Cups                            6. position: 8 of Pentacles
2. position: 3 of Swords                                          7. position: 3 of Pentacles
3. position: 9 of Pentacles                                     8. position: 5 of Swords
4. position: 6 of Swords                                          9. position: The Devil
5. position: The Moon                                           10. position: Queen of Cups
According to Julian, the 2. card is the Covering Card – it indicates, as stated above, “the challenges or problems” affecting the querent or, if it is a promising card, the main positive forces that work in the querent’s favor.
The 3. card then is the Base Card, indicating the general demeanor or experience of the querent or where the querent is at present, thereby highlighting the underlying influences and emotional undercurrents in the querent’s life.
The 4. card is the Crown Card, showing the influences that affect the thought process, which can also be viewed as a message from the Higher Self.
The 6. card is the Challenge/Obstacle, representing the problems or issues the querent has to overcome in order to reach his or her goal.
The 7. card is pretty similar. She calls it the Psychological Influence, indicating the querent’s psychological state and adopted attitude to the present situation, which can affect the outcome of the matter.
All the other cards’ descriptions are basically the same. So, I’d advise to combine these descriptions to get a better understanding of the whole picture.

Astro-Notes on October 26, 2011 – Scorpio New Moon

Today, prior to perfecting a square, Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo connected to Saturn in Libra, who is opposing retrograde Eris in Aries. Whereas Venus made aspects of adjustment, indicating that we had to let go of intense emotions and compulsive responses, which were welling up from the depth and the ‘dark’ inside of us and could’ve had us struggling to maintain our composure, whereby we might have felt close to surrendering or capitulating in the face of all the demands placed upon us, Mars formed constructive aspects, assisting us in a way that brought out integrity and structure together with the will to self-preserve. This trial may truly have tested us to the core, thereby challenging us to persist and overcome feelings of defeat, even though we may have thought we can take no more or go no farther with this, as suggested by Pallas in Capricorn’s semi-square to the North Node in Sagittarius that is aided by Mercury in Scorpio’s semi-square to Pluto in Capricorn, which insists that we must indeed transform our attitude from cannot to can and take a creative approach, meaning to get rid of all negative, dark thoughts, down to business and ready to rule. This has been the prelude to the New Moon in Scorpio, which transpired at 3:55 pm EDT and is highlighting the following Sabian Symbol:

“A youth carries a lighted candle in a devotional ritual. Keynote: The educative power of ceremonies, which impress the great images of a culture upon its gathered participants – THE POWER OF SYMBOLS.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases”, Pages 193-194)

Accordingly, Pallas, representing creative intelligence and the ability to recognize patterns, will make ingress to Aquarius at 11:30 pm EDT, where she will be traversing until February 12, 2012, which corresponds to a phase of original and inventive thinking as well as clever maneuvering, when we have a chance to reform our mental strategy, while using unusual and never before tried politics.

Tarot card of the day is “The Fool”, referring to unlimited potential, new beginnings, a sense of innocence and naivety. Anything can happen as we start on this journey. We could be taken into unchartered territory and thus need to be aware of the risks and dangers we could encounter, but also ready to take on the opportunities presented to us. This card encourages us to have faith and calls upon us to trust and believe in our spirit and to follow our heart.

Astro-Notes on October 25, 2011 – the dark of the Moon

With the Sun in Scorpio in quincunx aspect to retrograde Uranus in Aries today, unexpected events and actions would interfere with our performance and could’ve cast us in a ‘strange’ light. Juno in Scorpio’s semi-square to the North Node in Sagittarius together with Venus in Scorpio’s semi-square to Pluto in Capricorn added considerable tensions to relationship dynamics, which could’ve affected our future prospects for better or for worse, depending upon how well we managed shared values and emotional or financial affairs. The Sun in Scorpio’s sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Ceres in Pisces indicates that we could’ve experienced our share of stress in this regard due to feeling overwhelmed and confused by these developments that were draining our power and depleting our personal reserves, leaving us in a state of exhaustion.

Tarot card of the day is the “7 of Cups”, representing a multiplicity of possibilities and choices; a limitless diversity that could’ve been irritating and distracting, leading to disorganization and a lack of focus. Nothing was seen clearly. Therefore, we needed to adopt a wait-and-see policy until the mists had dissipated, be a little more practical and grounded in order to concentrate on everyday life. We had to stop looking for perfection in everything. There was just too much going on.

Well, I knew this was going to be another difficult day for me as I also have transiting Ceres in Pisces opposing my natal Pluto in the 1st house and squaring my Juno in Sagittarius. No matter how hard I try, I’m not yet knowledgeable enough to manage perfectly on my own. Besides, I cannot retain and memorize every single thing that has been taught to me in those few days in between job changing, working additional shifts, moving and getting used to my new surroundings. Not to mention the many things I have to catch up with. I realize that new beginnings are times of struggle, when we have to apply extra effort until we get used to the routines and procedures, but I hate the pressure on top of that. A bit more understanding and sympathy would be appreciated. However, it’s the end of a lunar cycle. Tomorrow’s New Moon will fall into my 3rd house, which I take as a good omen, because it allows me to plant new seeds in this area, which has become so important to me lately (the Shipping Store falls in this house too). I would also like to use my blog (another 3rd house topic) more interactively as a sharing tool (Scorpio) for interested readers, subscribers and friends to engage in lively discussions about current transits, progressions and returns and the corresponding events in our lives or at the world stage. Terms and conditions I will still have to work out over the next few days.

Astro-Notes – the weekend

On Saturday, October 22, did Venus in Scorpio cast a sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Uranus in Aries and then a trine to retrograde Ceres in Pisces, which is suggestive of considerable emotional distress we could’ve experienced, preceding an act of liberation from ties that have kept us in a kind of symbiotic relationship, which had to be ended. As the Sun formed a conjunction with Juno in the last degree of Libra, the old cycle of interdependency closed and a new cycle of assessing relationship dynamics began with the emphasis on all the sophistication we have achieved in the meantime via our interactions with others. With the conjunction squared by Pallas in Capricorn, we were forced to overcome our fears and limits in this regard and had to manage by ourselves. After the Moon’s ingress to Virgo at 10:40 am EDT, we may have felt more rational and level-headed to deal with whatever was sent our way. Tarot card of the day was the “9 of Cups”, indicating consummation of a relationship and fulfillment after the initial challenges have been overcome. On the downside, we might have been suffering the consequences of having enjoyed too much of a good time. I had tried to reach C. at the time of closing the night before to clarify a problem I had encountered, but she didn’t call back as she had said to me. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to think of it. So, I was awaiting her call that morning, but when I didn’t hear from her, I struggled with myself for a while and then decided to leave her alone and just did what I thought was right. Shipments that day brought a few more challenges, all of which didn’t make me feel any better. On the contrary, it’ll only stress me out until I’ll be sure what I’m doing. When I arrived at home, I got down on my knees and scrubbed the floor – not just because it was necessary, but also in order to regain a sense of control, I guess.

For Sunday, October 23, I drew the “Page of Cups”, a progression from the 9, which is representing a state of being, where we begin to explore our creativity and emotions after creative energy is bursting forth into our consciousness and our childlike side is coming forward or we received inspiration from a young person. This card encourages us to take a fresh perspective on a difficult issue and to renew our emotional and creative Self so that a sense of freedom will reappear in our life. It’s time to play and have fun. Accordingly, Mercury in Scorpio cast a semi-sextile to the North Node in Sagittarius, requiring that our joint plans were aligning with our life’s direction and concepts we have regarding our future prospects, whereby a channel for mutual understanding was opened. Mars in Leo’s sesqui-quadrate to Pluto in Capricorn demanded a creative approach toward limiting circumstances, right in time with the Sun’s ingress to Scorpio at 2:30 pm EDT, which began a period of Self-regeneration and transformation, when we’re becoming more powerful, resourceful and influential, while discarding a part of our personality we’ve outgrown. The Sun in Scorpio’s follow-up semi-square to the North Node in Sagittarius indicated a critical time on our path that was meant to guide us toward our true purpose in life. My daughter came over to pick me up so that I could do my laundry in her place and go grocery shopping at stores where I can get the things I need. It’s a bit stressful for her, because she usually cleans her house on Sundays and washes all her blankets and cushions. Now, she had to wait for my laundry to get done, before she could start hers. In the meantime, we also looked for a few pieces of furniture I’d like to buy for my apartment. Unfortunately though, I haven’t found anything yet that would meet my needs and fit into the spaces, which are left free. Lucia is a wonderful daughter, who supports me greatly and helps where she can, but she has her own life and friends and doesn’t want to spend as much time with me as I’d like to spend with her. The time has come for me to build up my own life and circle of friends. Therefore, in the afternoon I went on a walk through town to explore my surroundings. The weather was just perfect – nice and sunny and warm – a sense of emotional and creative renewal was indeed present. However, later at night I lost the Internet connection again and wasn’t able to reconnect. Thus, I finished up the letter to my mother and send it to Lucia for printout.

As expected after this event, Monday, October 24, was under the influence of the “reversed 4 of Wands”, which is suggesting that any kind of completion or conclusion is likely to be delayed. No matter how hard we strive for a particular goal, we are unsure whether or not we’re going to succeed and sometimes may find ourselves unable to move forward. This card can denote anxiety and nervous energy, which is unnecessary and may be causing difficulties. Mercury in Scorpio formed a sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Uranus in Aries and a trine to retrograde Ceres in Pisces, emphasizing unexpected difficulties we had to take care of. Another trine between the Sun in Scorpio and retrograde Chiron in Pisces signaled success and relieve as the result of personal empowerment. After the Moon’s ingress to Libra at 11:49 am EDT, we could’ve felt more balanced and at peace, which would’ve enabled us to deal with issues in a smooth and cultured manner. Juno will make ingress to Scorpio at 9:57 pm tonight, where she will be traversing until January 29, 2012, which corresponds to a period of intensified relationship involvement, whereby we have a chance to assume a more powerful role as well as gain greater influence in our relationship affairs. Since my landlord hasn’t dropped off a blue recycle bin for me yet as he had promised (delays), I put only the bagged garbage out on the street this morning. Then I went to the bank, where I had an appointment to get my financial affairs in order. After that I walked to the Canada Service bureau to change the address on my driver’s license and health card. On my way back, I browsed through a couple of stores, which gave me a few more ideas. Back at home I called the cable company to fix the computer problem. The first attempt failed (delays). Therefore, I had to go through the procedure again and then ended up with a switched connection. But at least the Internet is working for now. In the afternoon I responded to almost all of my mails, which was quite an undertaking. In between, I went on another walk through the surroundings as it had cleared up outside and the Sun had come out from behind the clouds – literally and figuratively. Meanwhile, I had realized that nobody had picked up my garbage bag (delays). So, now I need to find out the reason for that and can only hope it won’t stink out the whole house. I placed it of course in the hallway. Well, I was going to write about tomorrow’s aspects (delays), but when I looked at them, it just made me anxious, knowing that I have to go to work again. Thus, I’ve been investigating my transits and progressions closer, all of which distracted my focus.

Astro-Notes from my daily diary – the ‘lost’ days continued


For Monday, October 17, I drew the Tarot card of “The Empress”, which is suggestive of a strong sense of being at home with our inner Self, in touch with what’s going on around us and at peace with the world. This card has a caring, nurturing quality. The time is right to expand and grow. We are fertile and might be brimming over with creativity. Sensuality is lingering and it could just be a lazy day when we know that we’ll be provided for materially and that our basic needs will be met. Mars in Leo formed a sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Uranus in Aries and Mercury in Scorpio opposed retrograde Jupiter in Taurus, which kept us energetic, in high spirits and on top of our game, but also prone to accidents and open for the unexpected. Because I’m off work on Mondays I’d liked to sleep in, but since I was awaiting the cable guy I jumped out of bed before 8 am and then started to clean up my big, old cabinet my daughter and I had assembled the day before. Now I had enough space to store away the contents of my boxes. Thus, after a lavish breakfast and me breaking my coffee pot because I had to move stuff around in the kitchen due to the outlets not working, I opened all the boxes they had stacked up against the wall in the living room and which were for the most part filled with books. I emptied the large wooden chest underneath the kitchen window and put them in there. The other stuff went straight into the cabinet. Like the Empress, I gained control over my realm, where I will be reigning. Then I organized my kitchen and my bathroom and after that I sat down on my computer and began to type a letter to my mom – something that has long been overdue. As I was on the 5th page I realized that the cable guy wouldn’t show up anymore. Lucia stopped by after work with bad news. These guys hadn’t even left a message at her answer machine, meaning that this issue was still up for resolve and rescheduling (Mercury-Jupiter opposition) and that if I’d known I could’ve gone outside and explore my new surroundings and this could’ve been especially enjoyable on this sunny day. Oh well! Even worse, I was supposed to call the cable company, because they wouldn’t deal with Lucia due to the privacy of my personal account information, but I didn’t have access to a phone and in my employee manual it states that private calls from the phone in the store are strictly forbidden, as is texting and mailing etc. So, what’s a girl going to do? There’s a pay phone across the street I can see from my window. I hoped it would be working. Moreover, after I had unpacked so much stuff, the garbage was piling up in the kitchen (Mercury-Jupiter) and therefore I was asking Lucia if she could take the garbage with her, which I must admit I had kind of expected, but she wanted me to put it out on the street here. Too bad that garbage collection here is scheduled for Monday mornings. Bummer.

On Tuesday, October 18, I got the Tarot card “The Chariot”, which is always a reminder to move carefully, remain focused and calm and keep the emotions in check. We need to take control, harness our energy and apply it wisely, discipline ourselves and reconcile the light and shadow aspects of our personality. Although there was only one major aspect in the sky – a quincunx between Mars in Leo and retrograde Ceres in Pisces – it was a hell of a day for me! Besides, my chart is heavily aspected. Transiting Jupiter had meanwhile moved into a semi-square aspect to my natal Moon in Pisces in the 7th house and I couldn’t believe that the company basically let me alone that day, handling the ‘heavy’ traffic coming my way, because the other store was closed. But first things first. I left home early to be able to call the cable company from the phone booth across the apartment building I’m living in. They would only do an installation with someone present and the earliest Monday (the business day I’m off) they could come by would be October 31. I was shocked. This grew into a bigger problem than I could’ve imagined. With Mars in quincunx to retrograde Ceres, we were left to our own devices and creativity – no support would be coming our way. So, I called up Tiffany to find out if she would be around on Wednesday (the next day), for which an installation with this company was still scheduled. When Lucia had called them on Saturday to set this installation up for Monday, they simply scheduled it for Wednesday without giving us notice of their plans. Tiffany was rather short and rude. Thus, this option was ‘off the table’. As soon as I opened the store, the first customer showed up and while I was still trying to complete my opening procedures, the old Lady with the large shipment came in. I helped her to unload and then I unpacked everything and inspected it for cracks and hairlines etc. in her presence and in between I had to serve other customers. As K. came by, I was really happy and relieved to see her, but she couldn’t stay long and was actually send over to teach me making balloon bouquets. Thus, I didn’t have a chance to have something to eat or to at least nipple on something and then it got busy again and I made a major mistake I had to pay for, because I was drained and overwhelmed. In my desperation, I sent a mail to Head Office asking for assistance, and then waited for C. to come to get started on wrapping the pieces of the large shipment. However, the phone kept ringing and a few issues needed to be taking care of, all of which took away from C.’s time and then, toward the end of the day, when time was running out, she began going through the whole shipping procedure with me again, while I had still all my paperwork to do. Of course, I had to stay very late in order to catch up with everything and it didn’t help that my boss kept calling and putting me under additional pressure. Every muscle in my body was aching, my feet were sore and I was starving. Lucia came in the store to let me know that she had contacted Bell Canada to set me up with them (as service provider). She was going to cancel the scheduled installation with Eastlink. When I finally got home, I was just hurting and wasn’t hungry anymore.

On Wednesday morning, October, the 19th, I got up early to read through the shipping procedures. Tarot cardof the

day was the “9 of Swords”, which is suggestive of worries, concerns and negative thoughts that can be overwhelming. We could be in a dark place, full of fear and suffering and might put ourselves down without justification. This may be the sum total of an extremely difficult time, when we are dealing with an accumulation of stress and worry. In any case, the situation is complex and complicated. Well, that hit the nail on the head. Mercury in Scorpio squared Vesta in Aquarius and Juno in Libra formed a trine to retrograde Neptune in Aquarius. The Third Quarter Moon and thus, “the crisis in consciousness”, was approaching. Evidently, the challenge for us was to overcome this mental state and testing time by focusing on our cause and committing us toward progress. Relationship conditions had aligned in a way that helped us to smooth things over and remain on good terms with everybody involved. On my way out the door I met my landlord. He was asking if he could go into the apartment to fix the outlets for which I gave him the permission. Later that morning, he came in the store and offered to let the cable guy in. Ha! That moment I knew that Lucia hadn’t been able to cancel the installation, but since I couldn’t reach her and she had said she was going to set everything up with Bell, I said to Dennis that I have to cancel the order, even though, intuitively I knew that this was most likely wrong and that something unexpected might still happen. I worked on the multi-piece shipment all day and K. kept calling and guiding me. Toward the end of my shift I was out of packaging supplies. So, I had to call K. and she said she would be coming in the next morning with the supplies and help me finishing this up. Lucia stopped by and told me that the deal with Bell Canada hadn’t worked out, which made me laugh out loud, even though I could’ve cried out of desperation. The poor girl had risked trouble at work by remaining on the phone with Bell for 40 minutes only to find out at the end of the conversation that they couldn’t live up to their offer. However, she got the issue sorted out with Eastlink, which resulted in me getting a slightly different phone number from them that adds up to 23, a number that resonates very well with me. In the meantime had Dennis gotten rid of the garbage for me and then we had a nice talk, where he revealed that his 21-year-old son had been recently killed in an accident. How horrible and tragic! Tiffany had quit that day. I wondered how he managed, but I guess he just needs to keep himself busy. What myself concerned, I was overly tired and my back hurt badly.

Thursday, October 20, was ‘blessed’ with the “Ace of Cups”, which is representing a new beginning that could bring a period of fulfillment or an extremely productive phase. This new opportunity has the potential to be build upon and developed. Our heart opens and we’re about to be inspired. There is emotional rapport and joy. And right so after the Moon’s ingress to Leo that morning. When I arrived at work in good spirits, I noticed that the shipment was gone. Bummer. Although I knew that my boss or K. might have come by and took it with them, I didn’t know what to think of it and whether this was a positive or a negative development. But lo and behold – K. called later and cleared it all up for me. She said it was unfair from them to give me such a task when I had just started working there. Well, I was happy to hear that. My day went well and I saw Dennis at night again, who was just letting me know that he’d be doing another ‘fix’ in the bathroom the next morning.  

On Friday, October 21, the cable guy showed up shortly after 8 am. Lucia had scheduled that appointment and had taken a day off work, my wonderful girl. But the cable guy hurried up and got everything installed and up running before

I had to leave for work – not without some ‘trouble’ though. So, there was no need for her to come over anymore. For this day, I had drawn the “Princess of Swords”, a card that is all about communication, information and ideas and represents the ability to rise above emotional confusion. There is clarity of vision and the conquering of fear due to a cutting away of past inner conflicts. We seek to align ourselves with people who will nurture our ideas and will help us to manifest them in an organized manner. It’s a day filled with talking, sharing and conversing when we focus on learning, exploring and researching. Venus in Scorpio was in semi-sextile aspect to the North Node in Sagittarius (quincunx SN in Gemini) and the Sun in Libra in trine to retrograde Neptune in Aquarius. Consequently, the emotional or value adjustment we made for our long-term future prospects reconnected and reunited us. I could resume my interactions on the web. In my mailbox I had 143 new mails, but none of them really important. At night I published a blog post again. There’s a good chance that I’ll be catching up slowly with everything in the near future. I’ve been on the phone with K. all day long, inquiring about shipments and re-delegating customer’s questions to her. With every new inquiry, estimate or shipment I learn more. Back at home I removed the traces and ‘chaos’ the cable guy had left behind. He had moved rather carelessly through my living room with total disregard for my belongings. Lucia called at night and let me know about messages for me that were left on her answer machine (mine is not set up yet). A letter from the dental office where I had my problem crown fashioned has arrived in response to the claim I have submitted. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?