Astro-Notes on November 20, 2011 – redemption

The Sun in Scorpio’s square to Neptune in Aquarius challenges us to overcome uncertainties about the future and about our social purpose as our sense of Self transforms and the awareness deepens that we can trust in a higher power and thus into redeeming ourselves. At 8:16 pm EST will the Moon make ingress to Libra and follow right up with a quincunx to Chiron in Pisces and an opposition to retrograde Uranus in Aries. This not only the shifts the mood from practical concerns toward sociability and balance, but also demands an emotional adjustment in order to reconcile the contradictions within ourselves before we can feel at peace and relax.  

Tarot card of the day is “The World”, coming with the message ‘what goes around comes around’. Something has come full circle and we’re feeling a sense of closure. Everything is starting to fall into place and we can understand our place and function within this system or process.

This is very true for me, because I’ve experienced my Mars Return this morning – the first of three actually. Due to his retrograde through Virgo will Mars pass 3 times over this degree, which means issues will have to be worked out, reviewed and improved and then worked on again and resolved.


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