Astro-Notes on January 16, 2012 – adeptness

As the waning Libra Moon squared the Capricorn Sun at 4:07 am EST for the Third Quarter Moon event,

the accompanying “crisis in consciousness” is testing our sophistication and adeptness in regard to “the strong desire to prove ourselves” (keynote of the Capricorn New Moon), now that “our accelerated growth has been sanctioned” (combined keynotes of the Cancer Full Moon and Capricorn Sun). Venus’ conjunction to Chiron in Pisces marks the start of a new cycle during which we can become aware of as well as receptive toward the values, relationships and emotions, which are at the source of our wounding and healing principle and shape the human condition based on how humane, sane and wholesome we are.  After the Moon’s ingress to Scorpio at 11:33 am EST, things will get more intense, deep, complex and complicated. Therefore, Ceres in Pisces’ quincunx to Saturn in Libra demands that we make this cyclical adjustment and end a phase of confusion and uncertainty in order to restore our authority and assume control over a relationship situation. Pallas in Aquarius’ sextile to Eris in Aries provides us with an opportunity that allows us to act in our Self-interests if we employ our social intelligence and focus on our progress.  

Tarot card of the day is the “8 of Cups”, suggesting that we’re leaving a situation that is no longer working for us. It is important to know though that good times lie ahead. By realizing that the current cycle is over, we’re disentangling ourselves and moving on. We’re starting on a journey of discovery and seek deeper meaning.  This is a card of change and transition.


2 thoughts on “Astro-Notes on January 16, 2012 – adeptness

  1. So many recently are about change!

    I am feeling this, it’s like a few more steps each day, but nothing has been finalized…

    Thank you!

  2. Yes, it’s a time of transition and change and it certainly feels as you so aptly stated – a few more steps each day or just one step at a time, but we aren’t ‘there’ yet. Thank you for your comment! )

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