Astro-Notes on June 30, 2012 – assessing our future

Mercury in Leo’s trine to the North Node in Sagittarius (sextile South Node in Gemini) marks the completion of a mental process that brings us in harmony with our life’s direction and as the result sees us increasingly focusing on ourselves, whereby we have a chance to take advantage of past records we can be proud of or to concentrate on a creative idea or plan for we had in the past that could lead to the recognition of our inherent talents in the future. This could be a decision that affects us and our future prospects personally. As the Sun in Cancer squares Pallas in Aries and forms a trine with retrograde Chiron in Pisces, we have to take the initiative and start acting on our behalf in order to end a situation or to deal successfully with a closure or ending that has been a recurring source of wounding or healing, especially what our safety and sense of Self concerns. Venus in Gemini’s semi-square to Eris in Aries urges us to put our Self-interests first and think about our needs and wants. The Moon will make ingress to Sagittarius at 6:03 pm EDT, raising our enthusiasm and optimism and setting us in an enterprising mood.

Tarot card of the day is the “7 of Pentacles”, suggesting slow growth. The seeds have been sown, but there is no sign yet that they have germinated. Some things are moving along well and we feel hopeful about the future, while others seem to be pointless. Consequently, we are applying a long-term view and focus on sustainability of results. It’s time now to assess which of our energy investments are worth it and where we might have to change direction. Thus, we are taking stock, reflecting on our progress, questioning our choices and find out where we stand.

In the news: Germans bid GI’s goodbye in Heidelberg as the US military downsizes after over 60 years, which has a deep impact for many Germans living there.

Astro-Notes on June 29, 2012 – a new way of thinking

The Sun in Cancer opposes retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus in Aries, forcing us to

confront a conflict that involves our habitual or familiar way of expressing ourselves and the manner in which we seek to regain influence over our life’s circumstances that is at cross-purpose with us making progress and advancing our personal cause. Therefore, new trends push us out of our shell and compel us to use our resourcefulness to support ourselves. As Mercury in Leo forms a sextile with Jupiter in Gemini, we’re provided with an opportunity to think creatively about the various options presented to us by addressing our Self-interests and speaking up for ourselves.

Tarot card of the day is the “Ace of Swords”, indicating a new way of thinking or the conception of an idea or the start of a new project. Our mental powers have been awakened and we’re seeing through illusions, cutting through the confusion, dispelling doubts, finding out the facts, thinking our way through or championing a cause. It’s a time of great insight and mental clarity, which could result in a break-through or aha-moment as well as a greater understanding. 

In the news: U.S. military wives are exposing their emotions as well as their bodies in an effort to speak out about their husbands’ struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Astro-Notes on June 28, 2012 – re-attunement

The Sun in Cancer forms a sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Juno in Scorpio and a semi-sextile to Venus in Gemini, urging us to re-intensify our relationships with others in order to support our sense of Self, which requires that we adapt our values or priorities. With Mercury in Leo engaged in a quincunx to retrograde Neptune in Pisces, we have to adjust our Self-focus in a way that permits us to re-attune to our ideals and re-envision. After the Moon’s ingress to Scorpio at 4:32 pm EDT will we get more involved with our environment and thus, emotions will deepen and feelings will get more complex.

Tarot card of the day is the “2 of Wands reversed”, suggesting a lack of a new direction or stimuli. We need to have more patience. Anxiousness will only cause us to spoil things. It is important that we remain balanced and in harmony with the energy that surrounds us. This card is reminding us to put our emotions in perspective, to pursue our visions with a discerning eye, to clarify things, to organize and order as we may not really ‘get’ the entirety of the situation and therefore have to weigh things carefully before we make any major changes.

Astro-Notes on June 27, 2012 – attuning ourselves to the natural flow

Today, Venus, who has been in retrograde motion since May 15, is stationing direct at 7:29 Gemini at 11:06 am

EDT. Her shadow period though stretches from April 12 to July 31. Only on that later date will she enter new territory. Thus, all Venus-related issues will slowly, but certainly, begin to move forward again and the values, attachments, needs, desires, priorities and preferences, talents and relationships as well as the emotional security and material situation we have reviewed during this time will be getting looked at and thought about from the other side of the coin. As a result, we will be more flexible in this regard and learn to adapt these Venus-ruled themes in our life, which will especially noticeable in the areas (houses) of our chart over which Venus rules (houses with the signs Taurus and Libra on the cusp).

Per example, Venus rules houses 3 and 10 in my natal chart and stationed retrograde on my North Node back in May. My future prospects (NN) have been a source of major concern for a long time, constantly ‘bugging’ me to make progress one way or the other (Gemini) in my career and public standing (10th house). Now that the issue of mobility (3rd house and Gemini) is resolved, there is still the question about “the right locality” (3rd house and Gemini) and also which career path to follow. Twice already over the course of the last half year did I apply for a full-time job in the company I work for (which would at the same time have been a job promotion = 10th house) and both times was I unsuccessful. Since I cannot afford to remain loyal to the company for however long it might take for me to make some progress in this regard, which is also against my own interests, I will go to the Employment Centre later this morning and print out a few copies of my updated resume to hand out here in town – even if that means that I’ll have to work 2 jobs. Fact is, my own preferences in this matter haven’t worked out. This is also true about several attempts I made to promote my ‘astrology business’. So, the time has come for me to put my own interests first and to be objective and logical in this context.

Tarot card of the day is “The High Priestess”, a card that indicates that as a consequence of this introspective time, we’re now ready and willing to open our mind and expand our consciousness. We’re bestowed with wisdom and insight and this will help us to become more authentically powerful. Our perception is heightened, we listen to our inner voice, let us be inspired by our imagination and aren’t afraid to explore the Unknown. Moreover, we attune ourselves to the natural flow and rhythm, allowing for the feminine principle to guide us and for change to happen.

Astro-Notes on June 26, 2012 – setbacks

After the Moon’s ingress to Libra at 1:15 pm EDT will we feel more evenly balanced, smooth things over, cooperate and accommodate. Mercury in Leo’s sextile to Ceres in Gemini offers us a chance to concentrate on several avenues for Self-unfoldment and also for creating support. As the waxing Libra Moon squares the Cancer Sun at 11:30 pm EDT, marking the First Quarter Moon phase, the accompanying crisis in action challenges our ‘virtuosity’ (keyword of the Sabian Symbol for the Gemini New Moon) in evaluating and assessing how to care for and nurture ourselves, knowing that we cannot depend on our traditional or familiar relationships and bonds.

Tarot card of the day is the “9 of Wands”, suggesting renewed determination and perseverance as the result of dealing with yet another challenge or setback. Knowing that we have the inner resources necessary to overcome any difficulties we may encounter, we’re far from being defeated. We’ve been down this road before, there’s not retreating now. By realizing that we’re in a position of strength, we can build up resilience and prevail. Today we’re purpose-driven, draw on hidden reserves, persist, show true grit and maintain control of our personal interests.

Astro-Notes on June 25, 2012 – ambitious burdens

Life situations and developments are reaching a state of acuity as another square between stage-setting planets

perfects. Today, the waxing square between Jupiter in Gemini and retrograde Neptune in Pisces completes together with Pallas in Aries’ conjunction to Uranus, which accentuates the Uranus-Pluto square even starker. This happens as Pluto’s dispositor Saturn, another major planetary influence, stationed direct at 22:45 Libra at 4:00 am EDT this morning, concentrating the structuring potential in social and relationship situations that affects established power mechanisms and systems. In this regard, we’re challenged to overcome disillusionment, apathy, a loss of faith, direction or ‘innocence’ and a sense of desperation and futility by recognizing opportune moments and occasions, adapting diverse viewpoints and concepts, learning about different cultures and religions or, in other words, open-mindedness and tolerance, exchanging knowledge, seeing the bigger picture and connecting globally. Consequently, a new cycle begins that combines personal politics and the path of individualization, or in the larger context of our society and civilization, mental strategies and tactics and the process of collectivization (growing together as a global community) in the daring, fierce, conquering and pioneering sign Aries. Thus, we could see individuals self-determinedly pushing their agenda for change or personal advancement forward as well as making smart, intelligent and courageous choices to instigate progress and reform, the initiation of new intellectual, ideological and technological trends and individuals and groups of people willfully and brave fighting for individual rights, ideologies and political systems, such as democracy, social equality, women’s rights etc.  With the square to Pluto in Capricorn 7 times repeated, this is a make-or-break challenge not only for every single person, but for humanity at large and involves our most important structure – the Earth herself – and our dependence on natural resources or energy to the point of survival of our species – it is indeed fated (number 7) in the sense of “evolve or degenerate/perish”. As the Sun in Cancer casts a quincunx to the North Node in Sagittarius (semi-sextile South Node in Gemini), an adjustment in our life’s direction has to be made from past, habitual or traditional ways of living toward the fulfillment of our destined purpose, whereby we have to rely on education, on what we’ve learnt from past experiences and the support of connections we’ve nourished. Moreover, Saturn in Libra’s opposition to Eris in Aries that is playing in the background calls for integration into and reconciliation of unstable, unfair and unbalanced social and relationship situations with our Self-interests and emerging authenticity through harmonization of discordant mentalities, which requires that we balance our social or relationship realities with mindfulness and resolve a state of divisiveness and separation.  Mercury will make ingress to Leo at 10:23 pm EDT, where he will traverse until September 1 due to an impending retrograde, which corresponds to a period when we focus on creativity, children and our Self-expression, when we center our mind and have self-centered thoughts, and also when we seek admiration, recognition and attention through communication and connections.

Tarot card of the day is the “10 of Wands”, suggesting that we’ve reached the end of a cycle after a period of struggle, where we now have to deal with the consequences of our achievement. This completion comes with great responsibilities and commitments though in order to ensure our ongoing success. Thus, we could be overextending ourselves as we carry our ambitious burdens by trying to do too much or because we have taken on too much. Therefore, it’s time to rebalance, to gather up our lessons and to recollect ourselves for the next phase life has to offer. As we press onwards, we need to pace ourselves, manage efficiently and prioritize or we could be ending up fighting uphill.

Astro-Notes on June 24, 2012 – resourcefulness

Today, the first in the series of waxing squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto (retrograde at this time) in Capricorn we’ll be experiencing until 2015 perfects, pressuring and pushing us to initiate change and progress through restructuring and reconstructing of our circumstances and economic conditions. After the Moon made ingress to Virgo at 7:42 am EDT, we’re feeling a need for scrutiny, critic and improvement. Eris in Aries receives a semi-square from retrograde Venus in Gemini and a quincunx from retrograde Juno in Scorpio, urging us to act in our Self-interests, which requires that we review our values and rethink our attachments and then adjust our relationship principle accordingly.  

Tarot card of the day is the “9 of Wands”, suggesting renewed determination and perseverance as the result of dealing with yet another challenge. Knowing that we have the inner resources necessary to overcome any difficulties we may encounter, we’re far from being defeated. We’ve been down this road before, there’s no retreating now. By realizing that we’re in a position of strength, we can build up resilience and prevail. Today we’re purpose-driven, draw on hidden reserves, persist, show true grit and maintain control of our personal interests.