Astro-Notes on July 7, 2012 – learning to cope with the situation


The Moon made ingress to Pisces at 00:29 am EDT, attuning us to our imagination and making us receptive toward all kinds of influences and vibrations. With Venus in Gemini in square aspect to retrograde Chiron in Pisces we’re challenged to reflect on a situation that’s been a recurrent source of wounding, disappointment or even loss in order to overcome the uncertainty or cluelessness and adapt our values, relationships and resources in a way that allows us to deal with this problem successfully.  

Tarot card of the day is the “Ace of Swords”, indicating a new way of thinking or the conception of an idea or the start of a new project. Our mental powers have been awakened and we’re seeing through illusions, cutting through the confusion, dispelling doubts, finding out the facts, thinking our way through or championing a cause. It’s a time of great insight and mental clarity, which could result in a break-through or aha-moment as well as a greater understanding.

In the news: U.S. consumers are now living in a world much like the one the Japanese have been living in for the past 20 years: a world with limited access to credit, little or no appreciation in asset values, slow growth, large government deficits, and a rickety banking system. The headline story about Japan is that the bubble economy of the 1980s was popped by central bank policy, and through bad policy choices the country has remained mired in deflation and low growth ever since. That sounds like something the Americans may experience. The point is, though, that people are adaptable and can learn to cope with a no-growth or slow-growth economy.


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