Astro-Notes on July 27, 2012 – new ventures

A sextile from retrograde Mercury in Leo to Vesta in Gemini provides us with an opportunity to invest our

energy into new channels for the creative expression of our ideas and allows us to refocus on projects or personal plans we have been having in mind and wanted to dedicate us toward since we first conceived them.

Tarot card of the day is the “Ace of Pentacles”, indicating a new beginning that involves the material aspect of our lives. New investments and business ventures are becoming available. We can proceed with trust and take advantage of what works for us, while focusing on concrete results and on the manifestation of our goals. We can make a real-world impact; we’re experiencing growth, a feeling of prosperity and abundance, we flourish and draw to us what we need. Moreover, we operate from a known position, have a support system and can achieve tangible results.

Personal Note: Today is my friend Lee Ann’s birthday and since I will only work a short shift, I’ll be paying her a visit at her store in Grand Bend this afternoon. It’s about time that we reconnect and a have  good time together.


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