Astro-Notes on August 1, 2012 – Lammas and Aquarius Full Moon

The Moon made ingress to Aquarius at 5:55 am EDT this morning, setting us in an excitable, irritable and changeable mood. We may feel agitated and restless, even disturbed, especially in the event of perfection of the Vesta-Uranus sextile and Vesta-Chiron square. As a consequence, a recurring wounding issue and unresolved problem that affects things we hold sacred and has rubbed us the wrong way repeatedly, could finally cause us to turn around and change our attitude, while reviewing and rethinking choices we’ve made. Thus, awareness may strike us that we have to deal with this issue in a new way in order to find relief. This is the lead-up to the Aquarius Full Moon that will transpire at 11:27 pm EDT when the seeds planted at the time of the Cancer New Moon, the violent storm and confrontation with social upheaval and subsequent catharsis (Sabian Symbol for the Cancer New Moon) together with the impulse that sounded forth at the time of the Aquarius New Moon back in January, the individual self-realization through a crucial repudiation of a collective status, which has become unbearable and results in desocialization (Sabian Symbol for the Aquarius New Moon), will peak and culminate in spontaneous activity of the innocent mind, which may change our life.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 10:15 Aquarius states:

“During a silent hour a man receives a new inspiration, which may change his life. Keynote: The need to rely upon inner inspiration and guidance at the start of new developments – OVERSHADOWING.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 10:15 Leo states:

“Children play on a swing, hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree. Keynote: The power of tradition as it shelters the beginnings of individual self-expression – SPONTANEOUS ACTIVITY OF THE INNOCENT MIND.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 255 and 138 respectively)

This Full Moon is involved in dynamic, harmonious aspects with Jupiter in Gemini, but also in tense octile aspects with Venus in Gemini, offering us a chance to adapt our viewpoint and principles through the inspiration and guidance we’ve received, while at the same time demanding flexibility in regard to our evaluation or judgment of the situation.

Tarot card of the day is the “9 of Swords”, suggesting that negative thoughts, worries and concerns are overwhelming. We could be experiencing inner conflicts or mental anguish and consequently find ourselves in a dark place, full of fear and suffering, or might have a tendency to put ourselves down without justification or generally feel low and angry. This may be the sum total of an extremely difficult time, when we are dealing with an accumulation of stress and worry. In any case, the situation is complex, but our misery can be overcome through introspection and the maintaining of faith and trust and that fate will run its course. Inner reflection is necessary in order to overcome debilitating emotions.

The mid-summer festival is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere. Lammas is a cross-quarter day in the wheel of the year that marks the middle of summer and beginning of the harvest season. It is considered a time of thanksgiving and is the first of the three Pagan harvest festivals, also known as Lughnasadh, Lammastide, and First Harvest Festival. The Sun’s strength begins to wane and the plants of spring begin to wither and drop their fruits or seeds for our use as well as to ensure future crops. At this time, we become conscious of the sacrifice the Sun God is preparing to make. We experience a sense of abundance. Simultaneously, we begin to feel an urgency to prepare for the death of winter. First grains and fruits of the Earth are cut and stored for the dark winter months. Canning of fruits and vegetables goes into full swing, jams and jellies made and cabinets are stocked with herbs before the onset of autumn. Lammas also represents the culmination of the marriage between the Goddess and the God that took place on Beltane. The God now becomes the product of that blessed union – the bountiful fruits and grains – and must be sacrificed. He is the personification of the crops that must be harvested for the survival of the people. Underneath the symbolism of sacrifice is the theme of rebirth. The Corn God must die, and He has to do so in order to return. Without the sacrifice, the cycle stops. Although His strength is waning, His essence is still palpable as His energies begin to merge with the harvested crops. It is at this time that the Sun King has reached the autumn of His years, and His rival (or dark self) has just reached puberty. The Sun God has reigned supreme over the ripening grain during the hot summer months. His dedication, perseverance, and action in tending the seeds sown in spring bring a ripe and fruitful bounty. ‘Lammas’ was the medieval Christian name for the holiday that means ‘loaf-mass’. Loaves of bread were baked from the first grain harvest and laid on the church altars as offerings. It was a day representative of ‘first fruits’ and early harvest.


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