Astro-Notes on August 2, 2012 – changing our principles

Together with the Full Moon energy, the Sun in Leo’s sextile to Jupiter in Gemini and his semi-square to

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Venus in Gemini are carried over to this day, suggesting that the inspiration and guidance received is preoccupying our mind, while we’re getting creative about it and exploring our options in this regard. Therefore, this illumination has shone a light on our path that allows us to see and understand the ‘other side of the coin’. At the same time has it opened our mind to new possibilities and opportunities we have to assess and evaluate from different angles. As Vesta in Gemini engages in a tense sesqui-quadrate to Saturn in Libra, balancing or harmonizing of unfair or instable social and relationship situations is stressed through flexibility in our commitments and dealing with the issues that demand our attention and dedication.

Tarot card of the day is the “Knight of Swords”, indicating that we’re taking control over a situation and finding solutions to problems by changing our ideals and beliefs. We’re on a journey of Self-examination and we’re ready to tackle any challenges that stand in our way as we suddenly understand that we can no longer avoid certain issues.

Personal Note: My landlord talked to me yesterday about my young neighbor after I had left a message on his answering machine the night before in which I had made it clear that I want to have the issue with this irresponsible guy resolved who thinks he can ring my door bell at any time of his convenience to let him into the building instead of having a house door key with him. The ball is now in the court of the landlord and it is my hope that he finally deals with this problem successfully. In the early afternoon did my dear friend Diane come over for a visit. We had a wonderful time and the messages she channeled for me helped me to open my mind toward the guidance and direction that was transmitted to me, thereby recognizing the necessity for these changes. After she had left I drove to Grand Bend to join the Full Moon circle. We met at the light house in the harbor and went out sailing. This was such a great idea. While feeling in sync with the elements, we observed the golden sunball turning red as it was setting and ‘dipping’ into the lake. At the same time was the full face of the Moon rising on the opposite horizon. What a sight! I enjoyed this little boat trip very much, but poor Angie got seasick. However, she was able to recover soon once we set foot on land again and Sharon did some Reiki on her. For our circle, we sat down on the lawn by the harbor and were talking about forgiveness. As always, it was a great meeting that brought us all together in spirit, love and light.


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