Astro-Notes on August 10, 2012 – the promise of motion

After the Moon’s ingress to Gemini at 4:10 pm EDT will we feel more at ease and this will facilitate flexibility on our part

together with a willingness or readiness to adapt to our environment. Mercury in Leo’s trine to the North Node in Sagittarius (sextile South Node in Gemini) promises successful dealing with a personal idea, plan and/or schedule as we’re closing a chapter or even a door in order to further our future prospects in this regard, whereby we have a chance to take advantage of past records and connections we made in the recent past, all of which allows us to finally move on.

Tarot card of the day is the “Ace of Wands”, suggesting an upsurge of ideas and imagination and the drive and energy necessary to undertake such projects. There is the promise of motion, direction and positive energy and thus, we could be feeling quite energetic and enthusiastic as well as optimistic and hopeful for the future. Today we’re driven by a strong, creative force, proceed with courage and confidence and expand our potential. 

Personal Note: It has been raining here nonstop since yesterday morning. So, for now the drought is over – literally and figuratively. Because my left ear plugged up a week ago and didn’t get any better, I went to the Emergency Room at the local hospital yesterday afternoon after work, but was send back home due to long waiting hours. However, I didn’t give up with the Knight of Pentacles as Tarot card of the day and therefore persisted with my quest. Turns out I have an ear infection for which I got a Tetanus shot and a presciption I have to get this morning since the local pharmacies were already closed yesterday night when I finally left the hospital. However, it was not the health condition or the Tetanus shot that prevented me from a good night of sleep – my inconsiderate young neighbor rang my door bell yesterday night once again after I had just fallen into sound sleep. I didnt’ get up though – “I’m deaf on that ear now” as we say in Germany. The landlord must have let him into the building. With Mercury in trine to the Sagittarian NN, my conclusion is that this boy doesn’t learn – no matter how many times he’s been told (SN in Gemini) and therefore I decided to go to the Police office later this morning and file a report.


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