Astro-Notes on August 20, 2012 – balancing action

The Moon made ingress to Libra right at the beginning of the new day at 00:45 am EDT, setting us in a balanced,

peaceful state of being. Mercury in Leo’s trine to retrograde Pallas in Aries indicates that our personal strategy has resulted in the successful completion of a creative project or fulfillment of our agenda in regard to fun and play. As Mars in Libra receives a sextile from the Sun in Leo and casts a sesqui-quadrate to Jupiter in Gemini, an opportunity for compensatory or rectifying action in the sense of balancing accounts or personal justice is presented to us that allows us to honor our sense of Self and path in life and set our intentions accordingly. It is critical though that we remain flexible and objective what our options and judgment of a situation concerns in order to be able to assess our next moves or initiatives properly.

Tarot card of the day is the “4 of Cups”, suggesting that we need to re-evaluate our situation and look deep within to find the truth or path we’re searching. It is essential that we examine our feelings and thoughts to gain clarity. An offer has been presented to us that will continue to be there during the time of reflection and contemplation. Moreover, we’re reminded that we cannot take everything for granted and need to count our blessings. We are the only limiting factor to our endless gain. It is up to us to open ourselves and reach out. Awareness of the natural flow of abundance and enhancement is critical. Fresh enthusiasm and a sense of adventure are required.


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