Astro-Notes on September 5, 2012 – reciprocity

As the Pallas-Uranus conjunction in Aries perfects, a new cycle of ‘kick-starting’ personal progress begins,

where we have a chance to initiate changes and make choices aimed at personal advancement and also to further our individuality through innovative strategies, ingenuity or inspiration, unconventionality and original Self-promotion based on politics of reinvention and the joining of personal and collective interests. Mercury in Virgo’s sextile to Mars in Scorpio offers us an opportunity to intensify our efforts through mental preparation and improved ideas or thought processes. With Venus in Cancer in trine to the North Node in Scorpio (sextile South Node in Taurus) our future prospects have been taken care of through reciprocity and agreements, which are in our mutual interest and allow us to rely on as well as to build up continuing support.

Tarot card of the day is the “6 of Swords”, which indicates a slight reduction in stress and strain. Things will be better than they were in the recent past, all of which is helpful to get our head above water. The bottom has been reached and the process of healing has begun. There is finality in this journey. The future is not yet visible, but the past is definitely over. We’re moving away from turbulence toward calmer times and will need to make a transition that is better for us in the long-term.

In the news: First Lady Michelle Obama shines in a powerful defense of her husband, thereby tying the personal and the political.

Personal Notes: I finally received a response from my ex, who has been sick for the last couple of weeks and hope that I can now make progress on several fronts where I need his assistance.


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