Astro-Notes on September 8, 2012 – being in the flow


As the waning Gemini Moon squares off the Virgo Sun at 9:15 am EDT, marking the Third Quarter Phase in the Leo lunation cycle, the accompanying crisis in consciousness is a test of our preparedness and capability to function properly and efficiently as we’re challenged to overcome doubts and worries in regard to the revelation of our worth (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Leo New Moon) and make informed decisions, in particular so with Mercury in Virgo, dispositor of all these energies, engaged in a square to Jupiter in Gemini. Therefore, we have to be unshakable in our faith (linking the above and below) about our options and focus on the details of our plan.

Tarot card of the day is the “3 of Cups”, a card of reunions in the broadest sense of the word, which refers to the wellspring of fertility, whether material or spiritual. Consequently, we could be feeling on top of the world and overflowing with high spirits or at least ‘being in the flow’. We’re putting ourselves out there and helping each other. It’s a card of celebration and accomplishment.

In the news: Singer LeAnn Rimes is feeling “great” and ready to return to the stage since she enrolled in a treatment facility to address anxiety and stress issues.


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