Astro-Notes on September 24, 2012 – headaches and other nightmares

As Mercury in Libra engages in a semi-square to the North Node in Scorpio (sesqui-quadrate South Node in Taurus), the call of destiny is compelling and intense, threatening our peace of mind as the pressure we feel in regard to agreements and other relationship issues, which have accumulated over the last weeks and where the deadline(s) are now ‘looming in the shadows’ or where we need to set matters straight to not get annoyed time and again, is increasing. Consequently, we need to stabilize our focus instead of ‘indulging’ our mind with attachments that keep us stuck what the finalization of our plans concerns. The Sun in Libra’s sextile to Juno in Sagittarius together with his opposition to retrograde Pallas in Aries offer us a way out of this dilemma. There is a chance of others cooperating with us or assisting us in one form or another, if we reach out and are ready to make the necessary compromise(s) or take the appropriate actions. After the Moon’s ingress to Aquarius at 7:32 pm EDT will conditions in our environment change and we become subject to different kinds of excitement, which could cause a stirring up of our feeling life.

Tarot card of the day is the “9 of Swords”, suggesting that negative thoughts, worries and concerns are overwhelming. We could be in a dark place, full of fear and suffering or might have a tendency to put ourselves down without justification. This may be the sum total of an extremely difficult time, when we are dealing with an accumulation of stress and worry. In any case, the situation is complex.  

Personal Note: As I stretched upon waking this morning I got a spasm in my left leg, which is a ‘nightmare’ in itself. What a start in the day. Reminded me right away of this Tarot card I had already drawn before I went to bed. I’m awaiting a call from the accountant I had left my number with on Friday to come to some sort of agreement regarding my immigration documentation and have a feeling it’ll be a long wait and that “I’m gonna be put on hold” or I might have to call him again toward the end of the business day. So much for my plans to go on a walk this afternoon now that the rain has stopped and the Sun is finally coming out. One of the rear tires of my car also needs some air again, which makes me think I should check the oil as well besides filling up the tank again. Although I finally ‘composed’ a summary of a reading I did several days ago, I still haven’t responded to all my emails and can feel the pressure in this regard too. It just seems to be never-ending and I haven’t even started with my fitness routine yet, not the mention with the mopping the floors that needs to be done! WordPress just aggravated me too with its slow response.


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