Astro-Notes on September 26, 2012 – acting in our self-interest

With their square tightening, Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Leo form a quincunx and a trine to retrograde Eris in Aries respectively. This indicates that we want nothing more than to end our struggles, inner as well as outer, by having our worth validated and our needs acknowledged in order to overcome those limiting conditions that stand in the way of what’s personally important to us and is causing us resentment and stirring up our anger as the pressure or even the threat to our personal security needs intensifies. Consequently, we feel strongly compelled to act in our self-interests and assert us powerfully and resourcefully. In the meantime, Ceres made ingress to Cancer at 2:54 am EDT, where she will traverse until December 4 when she will egress to Gemini during her retrogradation, which corresponds to a period when we depend on as well as foster support, take care of our Self-development and nurture the maternal principle. Mercury in Libra forms a sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Neptune in Pisces and a trine to Jupiter in Gemini, urging us to review our expectations and imaginings and to assess if they are realizable in order to be able to see other options we might have been blind toward so far.  

Tarot card of the day is “Death”, marking a time of transition that could bring something to a close or to its completion. We have a chance to put the past behind as we’re shedding an old attitude or going through what cannot be avoided, while accepting the inevitable and riding our fate.

Personal Note: It happened that I connected with my friend Christina via Skype this morning, even though she had sent me a note that she’s too busy this week. Christina has 00 Cancer rising, where Ceres has been ‘arriving’ today and she’s been supportive and helping throughout our conversation and thus came across as the personification of the goddess Ceres. She pointed out how narrow my perception is when I want that things develop the way I want them to develop, which can be ascribed to my natal retrograde Jupiter in Taurus. It is quite possible that I needed this reminder as I seem not to be able to see a way out of my current circumstances – I might be blind to options and possibilities in front of me (Neptune is in my 3rd house opposite Jupiter).


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