Astro-Notes on September 27, 2012 – lighten our inner fire

The Moon made ingress to Pisces early this morning at 1:23 am EDT, attuning us to our dreams and imagination, while letting us resting well, and at the same time making us receptive as well as sensitive to all kinds of influences (and this is for better or worse, especially with the Venus-Mars and Uranus-Pluto squares happening). Venus in Leo perfects her square to Mars in Scorpio (we’ve been feeling for the last couple of days already) and follows up with a sextile to Vesta in Gemini, challenging us to overcome compulsive behavior and excessive or resentful reactions (p. ex. bottled up anger can trigger our temper or even violence – expressed or encountered through others) when our personal wants and desires are not met or our personal preferences and priorities are ‘violated’ and our annoyance about these situations gets the best of us. An opportunity to lighten our inner fire and keep ourselves busy with more enjoyable things is presented to us, which could prevent us from getting too enmeshed with others if we take advantage of this chance and let our heart lead the way.

Tarot card of the day is “The Empress”, suggesting that the situation is ‘pregnant with promise’, but this fruitfulness includes an ‘incubation period’. There is a deep connection to the anima and the feminine, yin principle, especially the maternal, nurturing side of it that calls upon us to get in touch with our sensuality and source of creativity to experience fulfillment. It is an excellent card for the ‘birth’ of a new idea or project we’re encouraged to love and nurture to fruition. Moreover, we need to find ways to support dialogue and open communication.

The news has been filled with many examples of this energy-weather. The protests and mass demonstrations in Spain and Greece have been outstanding in particular and highlighting the generational potential of the major planetary influences playing out on the world stage. Personally, I could feel anger arising easily, especially with the Moon in Aquarius did this behavior seem to come out of the blue and in the blink of an eye. What yesterday almost enraged me instantly I can face today calmly and with more sympathy. I’m also happy to see the Sun out. It’s a gorgeous day and I’m off work, which means I can finally go on this walk to the Woodlands that’s been on my mind for a while now. WordPress doesn’t respond – I can’t add tags or media – so, perhaps later today. Let’s see if this text will get posted at all!


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