Astro-Notes on September 28, 2012 – action and reaction

Quincunx aspects from Mars in Scorpio to Vesta in Gemini and from the Sun in Libra to retrograde Chiron in Pisces indicate that we make necessary adjustments in our intentions and self-expression as we’re forced to face up to inner conflicts or demons we could encounter in outer antagonism and have to deal with the ‘echo’ of or reactions to our actions.   

Tarot card of the day is the “Wheel of Fortune”, indicating that the wheel has turned and we’ve entered a new phase of the cycle. We must accept that things can always turn around; that what goes around comes around. However, in every crisis lies opportunity. It’s not a time to be complacent; instead we have to actively follow this path now and go with the flow.

In the news:  A man in Connecticut killed his own son, thinking it was a burglar. Purported anti-Muslim film producer ordered jailed in probation case. Actor John Travolta and his lawyer are cleared of libel charges. Gay daughter responds to bounty. Etc.

I still cannot add tags or media/images to my posts.


One thought on “Astro-Notes on September 28, 2012 – action and reaction

  1. Just wanted to say I’ve been following you since August 1st and your posts have been resonant every day since. Thank you. I wish i could donate but am struggling at the moment… however I notice you use photos regularly and that’s my gift to the world, so if you’d like to connect with me facebook Graham Edeensounds

    G x

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