Astro-Notes on October 5, 2012 – openings

Early in the morning did Mercury cast a last degree quincunx to retrograde Pallas in Pisces and then formed a conjunction with Saturn in Libra, indicating an adjustment that brings finality to an unfinished or unresolved communication issue from which a new cycle of ‘last chance’ evaluating and equilibrating, balancing and harmonizing contractual and other social or relationship rules and agreements begins. Mercury’s subsequent ingress to Scorpio at 6:35 am EDT, where he will be traversing until October 29 introduces a phase of intensified communication and mobility and deepened as well as more complex connectivity and mental processes, when our focus is on power, regeneration, renewal and also shared or business interests, all of which flows well with a “hidden agenda” we’ve been having on our mind for a while now and ideals or visions we’ve been longing for to realize, implicated by Mercury’s instant trine to retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Following on Mercury’s heels, Saturn will enter Scorpio at 4:34 pm EDT for a prolonged stay that’ll last until December 23, 2014 and then return to this sign again in the summer of 2015 due to a retrograde. During this time will he also be in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn and therefore the period will be marked by the structuring principle working in regenerating, renewing, merging and empowering ways and the transforming principle working in structuring, strengthening, consolidating and systemic ways in a mutually reinforcing manner. Saturn, once in Scorpio, will also engage in a (waning) trine to retrograde Neptune in Pisces for the next few days, allowing for dreams, visions, expectations, ideals or longings we’ve been incubating or that have been ‘simmering’ underneath the surface (been somehow hidden or secretive) to take form. In addition, awareness or illumination in regard to business practices and political systems is possible now. It is moreover important in this context to note that Neptune has triggered the degree of the Solar Eclipse from May 20 since September 22 with a challenging square, which could lead to the long-awaited breakthrough or revelation after all the frustration we’ve experienced.

Tarot card of the day is the “4 of Wands”, a card that deals with openings and gateways we can step through, giving us a chance to get out of an oppressive situation or escape from unhappy circumstances. This card has an uplifting, celebratory quality about it and brings people together. We’re moving from one stage to another.

Personal Note: I changed my routine this morning as I went back to the Employment Centre to copy an important document again, which didn’t turn out ‘right’ the first time (Jupiter retrograded in Gemini) and then to the post office to send the whole package off to the CIC. Now, that this issue has finally (Mercury conjunct Saturn in the last degree of Libra) been dealt with, I just hope that the Jupiter retrograde won’t bring out more problems in this regard. Later today, I will go to Service Canada here in town to find out what to do with the Canada Pension Plan documents I filled out to be able to split our tax credits (Mercury in Scorpio). The weather is getting nicer again. So, I might be able to go on a longer walk too.


2 thoughts on “Astro-Notes on October 5, 2012 – openings

  1. How come there are no monthly aspects for October? Is there another website or a calendar I can buy that includes Juno, Pallas, Cere and the other asteroids?

  2. The reason for this is that WordPress doesn’t support my browser anymore, even though I upgraded to IE 9 as they had recommended, which prevents me from adding tags or media, which is something I have informed my readers about in several of my blog posts. I’ve downloaded an additional browser this morning, which I might have to uninstall again as I’m getting already notice of an infection on my computer. In the meantime, I’ll try to upload this calendar. However, with things as they’re, I cannot promise that I can continue to provide my readers with these personal files, which means you might have to google the information you’re looking for.

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