Astro-Notes on October 6, 2012 – opening ourselves to positiveness

A last degree trine between Mars in Scorpio and retrograde Pallas in Pisces signifies the success of a strategy we employed to deal with a complex problem that required an intensified effort on our part, especially since our emotions were quite overwhelming in this regard and we could have felt confused or lost in this situation. As a result, we may have regained control over compulsive reactions based on ‘dark’ or negative thoughts. Mercury in Scorpio’s sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Jupiter in Gemini in addition to his trine to Ceres in Cancer urge us to review our principles or convictions in order to be able to be more objective as we’re struggling with these complications. Focusing on shared interests will aid us in supporting one another as well as in getting the most out of this day. Per example, the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada provides us with an opportunity to gather and celebrate the harvest. After the Moon’s ingress to Cancer at 8:45 pm EDT will we seek out caring, nurturing and the warmth of familiar environs. Later in the night, at 11:20 pm EDT, will Mars make ingress to Sagittarius, where he will be traversing until November 17, which corresponds to a period of increased activity and extended self-assertion, when we are motivated by expansion, growth, adventure and enterprise and intent on reaching for the sky or at least for greener pastures.

Tarot card of the day is the “Page of Cups”, representing some sort of beginning or renewal, which could herald a positive message we respond to in an emotional manner. Our intuition is sharp today and creative energy is trying to burst forth into our consciousness. Therefore, we need to be open to receive, express our emotions and let our heart lead the way. This card encourages us to take a fresh perspective on a difficult issue and to allow our creative Self to come to the fore so that a sense of freedom may reappear in our life.

Personal Note: After downloading an additional browser yesterday morning my computer got infected with a virus I was finally able to catch and delete (the quarantine failed) in the early morning hours of this day. So, for now I have uninstalled the browser and therefore can’t add tags or media to my posts. Also, at work I got cheated on hours again and have to somehow find a way to supplement for that lost income. For today though, I will focus on the gathering in my daughter’s place to which I’m really looking forward.


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