Astro-Notes on October 8, 2012 – a time of decision

As the waning Cancer Moon squared the Libra Sun at 3:33 am EDT, marking the Third Quarter Phase of the Virgo lunation cycle, and both of them cast tense octile aspects to retrograde Neptune in Pisces, the accompanying crisis in consciousness is testing the “innocence” (or naivety – keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Virgo New Moon) through the support we’ve been receiving via our close relationships (“Mary and her little lamb” was the Sabian Symbol) or the lack thereof and thus urging us to shine a light on (enlighten us) ideals, which have been disappointed and consequently left us disillusioned, causing us to lose our composure and ‘sanity’ and which even might has thrown us off balance. With Venus in Virgo engaged in a quincunx aspect to retrograde Uranus in Aries, we have to make the necessary value adjustment based on these changes and the personal awakenings and insights that came with it. Modesty, pragmatism and submissiveness don’t serve us any longer. We have to take risks and bring forth our unconventional, inventive side.

Tarot card of the day is the “2 of Wands”, representing the urge to move on, be bold and daring as well as original and proactive. This card indicates that we have come to a time of decision, where we must decide whether we want to build on what we have or perhaps expand in a new direction. It also suggests that we might be in the planning stages of developing a business. Therefore, it is imperative that we bring forward the patience and focus of our intent and maximize on these opportunities, which are coming our way now. We need to confront the situation head-on, leave familiar grounds behind, step out into a new world and explore our options. Moreover, this card can also refer to the productive meeting of minds, from which partnerships can prosper and be successful.


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