Astro-Notes on October 16, 2012 – growing wings

The triangular aspect configuration that links Mercury in Scorpio to Venus in Virgo via a sextile and to

retrograde Jupiter in Gemini via a quincunx, while the latter receives also a square from Venus, reaches perfection today and is aided by Mars in Sagittariussesqui-quadrate to retrograde Eris in Aries. Thus, we’re presented with an opportunity to improve our ‘approval ratings’ or the amount of appreciation, validation and recognition we receive together with our sense of wellbeing if we show us from our best side in every sense of the word as well as virtuous, witty, clever and enthusiastic in order to appear believable and convincing, while swaying opinions through the power of words and messages, which are a testament of our knowledge and social skills. It’s a day when we’re carried by the spirit of competition that energizes us from within and without and therefore, we’ll have to be conscious of our appearance and how we come across as we speak our truth. Choosing our words wisely will help us to overcome any bias or ‘quick’ judgment on our part as well as from others. Meanwhile, the Moon, having made ingress to Scorpio yesterday evening at 8:06 pm EDT, is well progressed into the sign, igniting passions and intensifying emotions, while allowing for depth of feeling and a sense of empowerment. Therefore, self-motivation is at an all-time high and so is self-righteousness. Although this could lend us wings, we have to be mindful to not go into ‘overdrive’.  

Tarot card of the day is the “4 of Cups”, suggesting that we need to re-evaluate our situation and look deep within to find the truth or path we’re searching. It is essential that we examine our feelings and thoughts to gain clarity. An offer has been presented to us that will continue to be there during the time of reflection and contemplation. Moreover, we’re reminded that we cannot take everything for granted and need to count our blessings. We are the only limiting factor to our endless gain. It is up to us to open ourselves and reach out. Awareness of the natural flow of abundance and enhancement is critical. Fresh enthusiasm and a sense of adventure are required.

In the news: The presidential debate in the U.S. tonight is an excellent example for that energy-weather and also the ‘big jump of the daredevil’ that’s making the ‘rounds’.

Personal Notes: It’s my friend Sharon’s birthday today and since she’ll be meeting with a friend for lunch already, she’ll be coming over to my place after that for a visit, instead of me driving to hers. We’ll have lots to share and to talk about and I’ll look at her Solar Return chart and her transits and progressions. Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking back to this date a year ago. On October 15 last year I moved into this apartment and my divorce got finalized and now I’m standing at a point in my life, where I’m considering to move on again – just waiting for the right opportunity to come along. My mind is made up already. I don’t want to stay in this place for much longer and my young neighbor really ‘helped’ me to come to this decision easily. Hopefully, an offer will be presented before the winter begins.


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