Astro-Notes on October 20, 2012 – impulsive judgments

The Mars-Juno conjunction in Sagittarius signifies the beginning of a new synodic cycle that combines the urge

for action and the relationship principle in the sign of expansion, which could lead to increased relationship activity and extended involvement with others, whereby we could be aiming to convince others of the greatness of our intentions and to grow through relationship opportunities, while asserting ourselves more enthusiastically, upbeat, adventurous and enterprising. Consequently, we could be driven to motivate and energize others. Moreover, we know that our actions are being judged on a larger scale and that our ethics and morals will be questioned. Therefore, the more we’ll be motivated by honesty and sportsmanship the higher will the level of tolerance and understanding for our aspirations be. Mercury in Scorpio’s sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Uranus in Aries urges us to react to new trends and also to twists and turns with an ‘evolved’ attitude to be able to ‘see’ issues in their complexity before we share our thoughts as self-righteousness p. ex. could ‘violate’ shared interests.  

Tarot card of the day is the “Queen of Swords”, suggesting that we’re finding mental clarity, apply logic and objectivity to a situation, work on problem-solving and detachment from emotions in order to be able to judge and discern impartially. We’re cutting to the chase and getting straight to the point. The situation demands that we come into our own by finding independence and autonomy and having the courage of our convictions.

In the news we have a few disconcerting examples of this energy-weather: A bride in Afghanistan who refused to be a prostitute was beheaded by her in-laws. – The body of the young Oregon woman who vanished earlier this week on her way to work was found and her neighbor has already been arrested. – An U.S. attorney talks about the terror suspect they were able to detain as one of the most dangerous terrorists since 9/11. A Nevade judge is looking into O.J.’s freedom bid, while Spears’ mom wins the court order etc. etc.