Astro-Notes on December 4, 2012 – opening our eyes to the possibilities

Ceres made egress to Gemini at 4:13 am EST this morning, where she will be traversing until April 4, 2013 – first

in retrograde motion until she reaches 19:44 Gemini on February 4, where she will be turning around and from then on traveling in direct motion again. During this time we’ll be retracing our steps over territory we covered from mid August toward the end of September in regard to how we see, think about, deal and address the maternal principle in our life and thus how our perception and attitude supports our growth. Because the retrograde period is a phase of reviewing and introspecting and the sign Gemini is associated with duality, we’ll be learning more flexibility and adaptability, while opening our mind to other options or possibilities (especially with Jupiter retrograding through Gemini as well) we might not even have thought of so far.    

Tarot card of the day is the “8 of Swords”, suggesting that we need to look at a difficult situation from a new angle and with a different perspective. Because our thinking is limited and we’re struggling to see a way out of our dilemma, it is imperative that we open our eyes to the options that lay in front of us. There are choices available, but in order to recognize them, we have to get into the right mindset first.

Personal Note: Yesterday, late in the afternoon, before I had to leave for work, I was thinking I might be able to quickly respond to my friend’s mail and then I thought I’d rather be talking to her, because there’s so much I could say in response and suddenly, out of the blue (well t Venus in Scorpio, currently transiting my 3rd house, was in sextile aspect to my Uranus in Virgo in the 1st house and in trine to my Chiron in Pisces in the 7th), it “hit” me. ‘I’m actually able to send her a video message using the Skype application Pamela.’ So, I recorded 2 short messages for her and it was lots of fun and saved me lots of time. However, the question is ‘why, for crying out loud, did this thought not occur earlier to me?’ In all honesty, I downloaded this application perhaps 1 year ago and for some reason – most likely related to an inability to see the full potential of an option like that – I shoved the thought in the back of mind, where it lay dormant and hidden until Venus came along and ‘pulled the strings’. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun today is: “A widow’s past is brought to light. Keynote: The karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle.” Isn’t that just mind-blowing? Well, in the near future, you might see video clips instead of the daily blog postings on this site.


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