Astro-Notes on December 9, 2012 – self-motivation

An opposition between the Sun in Sagittarius and retrograde Vesta in Gemini, who also receives a quincunx

 from Mars in Capricorn, confronts us with a conflict of interests that concerns the way we deal with several causes or projects and thus with the squandering of our energy by either stretching us too thin or not knowing how to handle all these situations, especially when we have to do things again, because of errors in judgment. Additional quincunxes from Venus in Scorpio to retrograde Eris in Aries and from Mercury in Scorpio to retrograde Ceres in Gemini are indicative of adjustments in prioritizing and planning we have to make in this regard to be able to meet our commitments, while pushing our personal agenda at the same time. After the Moon’s ingress to Scorpio at 4:50 pm EST and instant trine to Neptune in Pisces will we enter a phase of inner replenishment, when we have a chance to release our ‘baggage’ and draw from our inner resources, thereby accessing the power of our will and intensifying our involvement.  

Tarot card of the day is the “Queen of Wands”, suggesting that we’re renewing ourselves as we’re summoning our creative energy and approach our life’s situations energetically and confident.  We are not afraid of challenges and use our tremendous energy constructively as well as within the scope of our capabilities, which means we’re equipped to successful and effectively multi-task.


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