Astro-Notes on December 21, 2012 – Winter Solstice

The Juno-Neptune sextile that has been vibrating in the background for the last couple of days perfected finally on this all important day when supposedly ‘the world is coming to end’ together with Mercury in Sagittarius’ opposition to retrograde Vesta in Gemini. Well, it’s not the end of “the world” – more the end of an era – and refers to ‘one of the worlds’ or cycles in the Mayan long count – the baktun. Anyway, opportunities offered to us through our interchanges with others over these last few days have been helping us to look at the relationship picture realistically and to take advantage of established relationship dynamics for the manifestation of our common vision, which leads to another step today. Yet, confronted by a conflict of interests in regard to the things we hold sacred, we have to open our mind to be able to see the bigger picture as well as alternate points of view and widen our perspective. The Sun’s ingress to Capricorn at 6:11 am EST this morning marks the Winter Solstice, an important power-point and quarter day in the wheel of the year, when the Northern Hemisphere experiences the shortest day and the longest night and the Southern Hemisphere the longest day and the shortest night. Energy-wise, this is a time of relative pause and stillness, giving us a chance to stop and take stock, to assimilate all that has been rapidly developing and to transition into a state of being that could be termed ‘stasis’. Winter is memory, when we lie low and hibernate, perceive the seeds of future growth to make our resolutions for the New Year, gather intent and celebrate our togetherness and reunion. Although Winter Solstice symbolizes relative lifelessness, it represents the light within, the concealed, surviving spark of the life-force in the midst of darkness, which contains the seed potential for rebirth at spring. A Solstice is a gateway of consciousness and the Winter Solstice in particular refers to the ‘birth into Christ consciousness’. The Sun’s yearly passage through Capricorn is also a time when we are consolidating our sense of Self and seek to express ourselves in an organized manner, while working on achieving our goals and managing our time constructively. Upon his entrance into this sign, the Sun has been partaking in the Juno-Neptune sextile, thereby providing us with a chance to manage or master a relationship situation in a way that works for us and brings us closer to the ideal we have envisioned. Venus in Sagittarius’ sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Eris in Aries urges us to act in our own best interest, while promoting our values and looking after our needs.

Tarot card of the day is the “3 of Wands”, suggesting opportunities to expand our horizons as everything is progressing steadily and we’re motivated to make changes and explore options. There is a creative blending of energy as we’ve reached the point where action is now taking place and others are willing to help us make things happen. Consequently, we need to become aware of more potential that exists outside of our current environment and think big. It’s a card of vision and foresight and looking for greater possibilities. Therefore, we need to remain open-minded and adopt a longer-term view.


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