Astro-Notes on December 23, 2012 – the final push

Pallas in Pisces’ square to retrograde Ceres in Gemini reminds us to review all the things on our list and make sure we’ve taken care of everything in order to not forget something or someone as the planned celebrations and get-togethers are getting closer. Meanwhile, Venus in Sagittarius keeps triggering the Yod configuration in the background with semi-sextiles to Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, assisted by another semi-sextile from retrograde Ceres in Gemini to the South Node in Taurus (quincunx to North Node in Scorpio). These aspects are indicative of adjustments on the emotional level, which need to complement our higher values in order for us to be able to manage situations, encounters and conditions that brim with intensity and where we have to be prepared for ‘complications’. Although some circumstances could be taxing to the max, it is important to not get carried away and keep feelings under control. Besides, we want to move past issues where we remain stuck in a rut and instead gain more influence over the course our life takes.  

Tarot card of the day is the “King of Cups”, suggesting that we feel emotionally balanced and in control, because we’re drawing on emotional maturity to navigate life’s challenges. We’re being responsive and not reactive and thus capable of managing strong emotions that may surface. Moreover, a wide range of artistic and cultural activities is emphasized. 

In the news: Retailers are ready for final push by late shoppers

Personal Notes: I’ve been reading for too long into the morning – one of the few indulgences I permit myself – which means I’m pretty tired and listless today. However, that’s just one reason behind my mood. It seems strange to me not to be at work, where all the action is, even though there’s so much I need to do writing-wise. So, I hope a walk through the peaceful and ‘inspiriting’ sacred garden in my surroundings will do the magic.


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