Astro-Notes on January 1, 2013 – New Year’s Day

The New Year began with Mercury in Capricorn moving into sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces, which suggests

that opportunities to work on the realization of long-held dreams and visions will be provided throughout this year and also that there’s a good chance that we eventually succeed with our plans and achieve these ends. Today, ideas will already become more tangible and also take form in some way as we apply concrete steps toward meeting these ideals and expectations, even though we might still need time for reflection. With the Saturn-Pluto sextile and mutual reception in the background, the stage has been set for systematic overhauls, gradual evolving and restructuring efforts. After the Moon’s ingress to Virgo at 12:34 pm EST will we feel more inclined to roll up our sleeves, clean up and create order or go on with our routines.

Tarot card of the day is “Judgment”, suggesting that we’re having a day of reckoning, when we can find absolution or are heeding a call. Therefore, it’s important that we use good judgment, release all sorrows and lift ourselves up. We might have experienced an epiphany that opens ourselves up to a new possibility, which is like an awakening to new life that can lead to renewal and change.

Personal Note: I made a couple of phone calls this morning to wish my mom and ex-mother-in-law a happy and healthy New Year. They would have kept me on the phone forever if there weren’t those time limitations that remind us to keep things short and simple. Everybody is going through struggles of one kind or another. Meanwhile, mail came in from my daughter, wishing me all the best and letting me know that they had to put their sick dog to sleep yesterday. I had a ‘feeling’ about this since I hadn’t heard from her (not to mention what the transits of their charts reveal). She apologized for not being able to talk, because it’s too hard for her (the Lunar Eclipse was in quincunx aspect to her natal Pluto-SN conjunction in Scorpio), but I wrote her not to worry as I completely understand and feel with her. Please send her some healing, loving vibes. Later this morning I also connected with my girlfriend and we talked about our business plans. We too could go on forever. So, it was pretty convenient that she had other plans as well. Happy New Year to all of you!


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