Astro-Notes on January 4, 2013 – walking our talk

As Mercury forms a conjunction with Juno in Capricorn on which both follow up with a sextile to Chiron in

Pisces, a new cycle begins during which we will be working on organizing, structuring and managing our interactions with others, especially in matters of communication, and also on our role within established contacts and connections (it is no coincidence that a “Speaker of the House” has been elected in the U.S. – in this case it is a re-election that truly opens the door wide for more ‘wounding’, defeating messages, whining, blaming and really getting nothing done or in other words ‘same old, same old’). At the onset of this new chapter we have a chance to realize dreams and ideals associated with the wounding and healing principle and thus to take the necessary steps to unify behind a common cause and sympathize with the human condition, while effectively building bridges or to gradually take measures to harden the lot of others and resist any notions of solidarity, compassion or empathy and thus cutting bridges off (per example, in my place of work Head Office is cutting hours to the absolute minimum regardless of the consequences for the associates – only corporate interests count). Mars in Aquarius’ trine to retrograde Jupiter in Gemini together with his sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Ceres in Gemini show that after reviewing our options we’ve come up with a concept that is the result of our inspired intentions. In order to make progress with our approach though, it is critical to reconnect with our supporters and to upgrade our modus operanti. With Venus in Sagittarius casting a semi-sextile to the North Node in Scorpio (quincunx South Node in Taurus) and a semi-square to Saturn in Scorpio, we’re adjusting our values and priorities in such a way that we gain increasing influence over our life’s direction through accessing our resources, making the best use of our assets and talents as well as through persistence and perseverance, whereby it is essential that we give each other space and show mutual respect, while appreciating others’ contributions to shared responsibilities. The crisis in consciousness that accompanies the Third Quarter Moon at 10:57 pm EST is a test of our emotional stability and control as our “self-containment” (keyword of the Sabian Symbol for the Sagittarius New Moon) is challenged by unbalanced ‘accounts’ we try to juggle, while feeling the pressure as we’re putting things together for which we seem neither ready nor prepared under these conditions. Therefore, the more important is it that we get into the right mindset and attempt to master our life’s circumstances with resoluteness, instead of having them ‘boxing us in’. It’s time to walk our talk.

Tarot card of the day is the “9 of Swords”, suggesting that negative thoughts, worries and concerns are overwhelming. We could be in a dark place, full of fear and suffering or might have a tendency to put ourselves down without justification. This may be the sum total of an extremely difficult time, when we are dealing with an accumulation of stress and worry. In any case, the situation is complex.

Personal Note: My girlfriend C and I are working on the realization of a creative project for which we seem not to get our stuff together as each of us is struggling to restore order in our personal lives first.


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