Astro-Notes on January 18, 2013 – narrowing our focus

Today, the Sun and Mercury meet for their superior conjunction in Capricorn, marking the culmination of their synodic cycle that started out on November 17 in the sign Scorpio, when a new creative idea or personal plan for self-realization was imprinted upon our mental faculties, which should now receive the light of meaning. This concerns the issue of transformation and empowerment, in particular in regard to us taking charge of our life and beginning to control our circumstances and the environment we live in, where the situation now reached a climax. Consequently, as the waxing Aries Moon squares the Capricorn Sun at 6:45 pm EST in the last degrees of their respective signs for the First Quarter Moon event, the defeat we’ve experienced and have to accept (Sabian Symbol for the Capricorn New Moon) challenges us into a form of last chance action to set things ‘right’, following this realization that forces us to take the necessary steps in order to be able to survive this ordeal and move on with our life. After the Moon’s ingress to Taurus at 8:36 pm EST will we focus on our personal needs and seek to fulfill them.  

Tarot card of the day is the “7 of Cups”, representing a multiplicity of possibilities and choices that need to be looked at for their potential – real or imagined – as well as for their basis in reality, whereby we need to be aware that not all that glisters is gold and that less enticing options might turn out to be great opportunities. Therefore, it’s important now to narrow our focus.


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