Astro-Notes on January 21, 2013 – reaffirming our commitments to bonds

A semi-sextile from the Sun in Aquarius to Neptune in Pisces indicates that our individual ambitions have to

complement a higher ideal, even if this requires some form of sacrifice. Since the Moon’s ingress to Gemini at 9:04 am EST we’ve been feeling the ‘busyness in the air’, which is mobilizing us and assisting us in being flexible and adaptable. With the Sun following Mercury, U.S. President Obama’s follows up on his rather private inauguration ceremony yesterday by taking the oath of office publicly today. For me personally, the daily routine changed as well as I had to take Monika to her appointment with the Chiropractor, then to the bakery and later on did a grocery run for her. Meanwhile, my laundry is done and I started packing, preparing myself for my departure tomorrow.   

Tarot card of the day is the “10 of Cups”, suggesting that we’re calling a truce and restoring harmony where it is needed. We’re working for peace and reaffirming our commitment to bonds. Thus, we create an atmosphere where we can relax, while reducing stress and tensions, and consequently have a chance to experience serenity and contentment. Generally, we can be more at ease. This card is reflective of our personal value system and what we believe will bring us the ultimate fulfillment and happiness in life.


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