Astro-Notes on January 23, 2013 – living our life with intent and vision

A semi-sextile from Mercury in Aquarius to Chiron in Pisces indicates that we adjust our thought process in a way that complements the wounding and healing principle, which requires that we focus on our unfinished business. For me personally it’s a bit awkward to switch life-styles, because they’re so different. Whereas Monika’s life is subject to a firm routine, mine is rather chaotic, mostly because of the ever-changing shifts I work. So, it takes a while to get back into that mentality. During the time I was away, I was busy cleaning up her place, keeping her company and helping her out as far as this was possible for me. Now, that I’ve returned to my home and life-style, there’s a lot I have to catch up to. Yesterday I tried already to respond to the messages on my answering machine and to get back in touch with the important close others in my life here. Not to mention that I have to go back to work tonight after a week of ‘holidays’. As the Sun in Aquarius casts a sextile to Pallas in Aries, we can take advantage of the opportunity presented to make choices that help us to move our individual causes forward. My landlord shoveled the snow that has fallen overnight in front of the apartment building and also wiped it off my car. What a nice surprise. I guess I don’t need to use my dustpan for cleanup today! Anyway, after the Moon’s ingress to Cancer at 9:59 pm EST will we seek nurturance in familiar and habitual patterns to feel safe and supported.

Tarot card of the day is the “King of Wands”, a card that represents increasing belief in ourselves and rising self-confidence. We’re focusing our intent and learn to act in the moment. Strongly motivated and engaged, we know we will succeed. This is a day to be courageous, entrepreneurial and to reach for our goals. Moreover, we have the ability to control our environment and live our life with intent and vision. It’s important to remain focused on our long-term goals. Opportunities coming our way today have to be navigated with a clear sense of direction and the understanding that we’re the determining factor in this situation and can tackle any challenge.

Today is my oldest aunt’s 88. birthday. She was a big influence in my life and often took on the role of a grandmother.  Happy Birthday aunt Hanni!


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