Astro-Notes on February 2, 2013 – Groundhog Day

Today is Candlemas, the feast of purification that marks the end of the Christmas season, or in other words, the passing of the 40 days after Jesus’ birth (the birth of Jesus symbolizes the seeding of the Christ consciousness and 40 is a number related to Pluto – as in the 40 years of wandering through the desert to reach the holy land). Astrology-wise, since the Moon’s ingress to Scorpio at 7:01 am EST our passions have been stirred. Thus, we’re experiencing a deepening of our feelings as well as profound longings and desires. For me personally, it’s rather a 6th sense, a kind of ‘suspiciousness’ (especially with Venus new in Aquarius) that I could be called in to work that keeps me on my toes (as much as I’d need the extra hours, driving in this weather would be frightening – it’s -10 degrees Celsius at the time of the writing and still snowing – the roads are not in good conditions). With Pallas in Aries engaged in a sesqui-quadrate to the North Node in Scorpio (semi-square SN in Taurus) in addition to Mercury in Aquariussemi-square to Pluto in Capricorn, it is critical that we focus on mastering our circumstances through the introduction of new, bold strategies, carried out with directness, initiative and self-determination, which will enable us to influence our future prospects with renewed inspiration as we see them unfolding in front of our eyes. This includes that we pay attention to the forebodings or plan ahead in order to manage the situation from a point of control.

Tarot card of the day is the “Knight of Cups”, symbolizing that we’re full of zeal as we serve our desires. We’re on a journey of imagination and creativity, where our idealism and love principle will be put to a test. Therefore, we’ll have to follow our heart in order to find our path.

In the new: Punxsutawney Phil annual appearance out of Gobbler’s Knob in west-central Pennsylvania ended in a proclamation of an early spring with not a shadow in sight.


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