Astro-Notes on February 5, 2013 – supporting dialogue

A semi-square between Mars in Pisces and Juno in Capricorn urges us to consolidate our role in established

relationship dynamics to be able to receive sympathetic reactions with our approach. Mercury makes ingress to Pisces at 9:55 am EDT, where he will be traversing for a prolonged time until April 14 due to a retrograde, which corresponds to a period when we focus on our vision and dreams, communicate and connect with our ideals and expectations in mind, when our thinking process and perception are shaped by our imagination, higher values and sensitivities and when we listen to our intuition as well as to all kinds of influences. With Venus in Aquarius engaged in a tense sesqui-quadrate to Ceres in Gemini, it is critical that we address issues of support and growth with an upgraded or changed evaluation of the situation and what we can contribute to it or have to offer in this regard.

Tarot card of the day is “The Empress”, suggesting that the situation is ‘pregnant with promise’, but this fruitfulness includes an ‘incubation period’. There is a deep connection to the anima and the feminine, yin principle, especially the maternal, nurturing side of it that calls upon us to get in touch with our sensuality and source of creativity to experience fulfillment. It is an excellent card for the ‘birth’ of a new idea or project we’re encouraged to love and nurture to fruition. Moreover, we need to find ways to support dialogue and open communication.


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