Astro-Notes on February 27, 2013 – seeing wound spots clearly

Since the Moon’s ingress to Libra at 8:01 am EST this morning have we been striving for inner harmony and peace, while seeking to even things out and to keep our feelings stable and balanced. As the Sun meets Chiron in conjunction in Pisces, a new cycle begins that combines our sense of Self with the wounding and healing principle in the sensitizing, transcending and attuning sign Pisces. Consequently, today we might be particularly aware of our wound spots and with the Sun shining a light on them we could receive revelations, which could lead to release and thus we could take on the role of the one who wounds or the one who heals. In the Piscean triad this refers to the perpetrator, the redeemer/savior or the victim. So typical for the Mercury retrograde cycle, I woke this night again from the water drops dripping through the leak in the ceiling of my bedroom, which apparently hasn’t been sealed properly. Therefore, I left a message on the landlord’s answer machine, well aware of my higher ideals, but secretly cursing him and this building. The wound spot for me is that I cannot get a whole night’s sleep here. Also typical for a Mercury retrograde, my keyboard is frozen. I can barely type. Everything takes forever (such a Piscean word). The Sun-Chiron conjunction squares my natal Mercury in Sagittarius in house 4. Restarting the computer didn’t help. I guess I just have to wait it out as always during those times.

Tarot card of the day is “The Sun”, which represents positive energy, enthusiasm and vitality. This card gives us strength and puts us in a position where we can share our highest qualities. It bodes well for the fruition of our ambitions and is an auspicious time to take care of the inner child. We know where we are heading; our path is illuminated based on the clarity of our vision. Moreover, we reflect on the value of simplicity and get back to the simple pleasures.


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