Astro-Notes on February 28, 2013 – evaluation of dreams

Venus’ conjunction to Neptune in Pisces marks the beginning of a new cycle that combines the personal with the

universal love principle and thus personal values with higher values in the receptive, supersensitive and unifying sign Pisces. As a consequence, today is one of those days when we actually can touch and feel the world soul and also attune our inner life to other higher spheres or let our senses be impressed and colored by all kinds of influences and relationships, especially what the evaluation of our dreams, ideals, visions and expectations concerns.

Tarot card of the day is the “7 of Pentacles”, suggesting slow growth. The seeds have been sown, but there is no sign yet that they have germinated. Some things are moving along well and we feel hopeful about the future, while others seem to be pointless. Consequently, we are applying a long-term view and focus on sustainability of results. It’s time now to assess which of our energy investments are worth it and where we might have to change direction. Thus, we are taking stock, reflecting on our progress, questioning our choices and find out where we stand.

Personal Note: I’m awaiting responses to requests I sent out to several friends in order to find out where I’m standing creative-wise and to be able to orient myself as I’m envisioning my next steps.

A headline in the news reads: “Want to honeymoon on Mars?” Let a wacky Russian millionaire offer you to opportunity of a lifetime. – And in other news it says: “The future Pope is among you!”


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